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Hi! My name is Lisa Bradford Martin and I am originally from Georgetown, Louisiana. I graduated from LaSalle High School in Olla, Louisiana in 1981. I received my bachelors and masters degree from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, Louisiana. I have been teaching on and off for the past 16 years. I am currently working on my computer science certification and plus thirty at University of Louisiana at Monroe. I now teach the high school GED class at Crowville High School in Crowville, Louisiana.

On a more personal note. I live in Crowville, Louisiana with my husband Scottie. We have been married 17 years and have two children, Dakota who is thirteen and Dani, nine. We also have a collie named Lady and 3 cats named Gus, Call, and B.J. And a stray beagle who's been hanging around for a while, we call him Beagle.
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These pages represent my current family data. It should always be considered a work in progress. Many folks have generously donated information. I only hope I am able to give them the credit they deserve. I do not consider myself to be a genealogist, but an enthusiast and collector of family information. Much of the information displayed here is well documented by the sources from which it came. Other information is based on speculation, I must admit. Please do not consider any of the information displayed here to be authoritative in any way. I have made every attempt to document where the information came from, and I will gladly share with you via Email whatever else I can, but folks must decide for themselves what they consider to be true, and what they consider to be proof enough. I welcome suggestions, corrections, and additions to my family files. Please contact me.
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A Allen, Anglin, Autrey
B Baily, Barlow, Bence, Benet, Blackshare, Blackshaw, Blackshear, Blackwell, Booker, Boyd, Bradford, Byrd, Bush
C Clopton, Cotton, Crawford, Custer
D Davenport, Davis, Deese
G Garrison
H Hales, Hand, Hargrave, Hobbs, Holmes, Hudspeth
K Kearny, Keene, Kenrick, King
L Long, Livingston
M Mann, Martin, Messer, Moore
P Pace
R Reynolds, Roles
S Shackleford, Shray, Sikes, Smith, Stout, Sweat
T Taylor
W Ward, Watson, White, Woodruff

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David & Maureen Larson of St. Charles, Missouri without their help and allowing my generous usage of documents the Bradford Family Tree would be missing many limbs. Visit their website for more Bradford documentation at
This is my SPECULATIVE TREE. Most of the information in this tree is unverified by me - it's been traded freely on the internet. All corrections and additions would be greatfully accepted.
May 1, 2002