Dom Polski - North Tonawanda, NY

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Dom Polski (Polish Home) - North Tonawanda, NY

1919-1969 Golden Anniversary booklet of the Dom Polski club building


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The land the club now stands on was obtained March 28, 1917 by the POLISH FALCON GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. by purchase from the late STANLEY and JULIA GOSCINSKI. This organization was originally formed under the title of INDEPENDENT POLISH FALCONS June 20, 1913. The change of title to HARMONIA SINGING CIRCLE, INC. came June 11, 1914 by the merger of POLISH FALCONS and IM TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO. The construction of the building was undertaken June 6, 1919 when the HARMONIA SINGING SOCIETY signed a contract with W. M. MILLER, the contractor, to erect a building on the present site at a cost of $12,350.00. It was signed by Joseph Oleksak, president and John Wieloszynski, secretary.

On December 5, 1921, the Board of Directors of THE HARMONIA SINGING SOCIETY voted a merger with THE KNIGHTS OF ST. CASIMER to form one organization to be known as STOW. OBYWATELI DOMU POLSKIEGO,INC.

The following is a list of the officers of each respective group:


Knights of St. Casimer

Dom Polski in North Tonawanda became a true "home" for many of us during those younger years of our adult life. It was a place to gather, socialize, and become familiar with many who were sometimes 50 years older than we were. We all shared in our heritage and this gave younger members the opportunity to learn from the veterans of the organization. It was a true "Polish Home."

1969 Dom Polski Officers

Board of Directors

1969 Officers 1969 photo - Officers of Dom Polski, Inc. of North Tonawanda, NY. (L -R) Bottom Row: Albin Brzezinski, Eugene Olszowka. Top Row: Jan Klis, Jacob Czarnecki, Lawrence March.

Ladies' Auxiliary1969 photo - Dom Polski Ladies Auxiliary. Standing : (L -R) Dorothy Slowinski, Rose Napiorska, Theresa Lachut, Sitting: (L-R) Sophie Olszowka, Martha Borycki, Jane Kukucka.

Nicholas Tomaszewski1969 photo - Nicholas Tomaszewski, 78 years old, was the oldest living past President of Dom Polski, in 1969. He served as President from 1927-1930. Nicholas Tomaszewski was the father-in-law of Michael W. Kisiel.

Michael W. Kisiel1969 photo - Michael W. Kisiel served as President of Dom Polski 1948, 1949, 1953 and 1954 and was a life member.

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Dom Polski 1947    This photo was taken in 1947 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dom Polski, Inc. Names are listed on the larger photo page.   (click small photo for full-size photo)

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Lachut Brothers    The Lachut Brothers' Orchestra of North Tonawanda on the Dom Polski Float during a parade in the 1960s Chet on drums, John on trumpet, Steve on accordion and Stan "Stas" Lachut on sax.   Note: Albin Brzezinski of Georgian Bay Lumber standing behind the band.  A big "Thank you" to Stan Lachut, a long-time friend, for the use of this photo.  (click small photo for full-size photo)

Dom Polski 1968       The bar at Dom Polski in North Tonawanda was a popular and populated place, especially on weekend nights. Here is Gino Olszowska behind the bar and in the back you can see Mama "O" Olszowka on the other side of the bar with friends and family. (click small photo for full-size photo)

Winter Hotdog Roast       Back in the 1960s, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Steve Litwin, came up with an idea to "bring in the crowd" during one of those cold, snowy Winter weekend nights by holding a Winter Hot Dog Roast, . It was more of a success than anyone expected. Here is Steve roasting Shelly's Hotdogs just out the back door, of Dom Polski's in 1968.  (click small photo for full-size photo)



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