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Liverpool Cemetery covered 130 acres when it was opened in 1863. Over the years, more sections have been added, making it one of the largest cemeteries in the country. The first burial  there was Margaret Place.


Sacred to the memory of Margaret PLACE who died aged 77 years. She was the first person interred in this cemetery. The Revd. A CAMPBELL MA Rector of Liverpool officiating. May 5th 1863

Section 3, large rectangular monument.

 Some of the gravestones have been vandalised, but there are still thousands there to search for.

The different sections in the Cemetery are - CE 1-24,   RC 1-13, GEN 1-12.

There are 2 Chinese Sections  part of C-17 is the largest, and there is a small section on Section 14, containing the monument to the Chinese Martyr.see YOUNG. A Spanish section is on RC 1, and Mohammedan on GEN 11 behind the Crematorium.

Anfield Crematorium was opened in 1896. It is a listed building, and the fourth oldest Crematorium in the country. It is on  the Priory Road side of the Cemetery and is set in a memorial rose garden.