On this link is a listing of names dates and section numbers. Thanks to Selina for sending it to me. Also a big Thank you to Scouse for putting the information on in the first place, and apologies as I have not been able to ask his permission to put the link on here. Anfield Cemetery

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints search site FAMILY SEARCH-I.G.I. A fantastic site- as  records of many churches have been transcribed and names are searchable online.

Anfield Cemetery  Dawn's Site

Toxteth Park Cemetery Karen's Site

St James Cemetary http://www.stjamescemetery.co.uk

I am a member of Liverpool mailing list---ENG-LIVERPOOL-L@rootsweb.com


ENG-LIVERPOOL-L@rootsweb.com  ENG-MERSEYSIDE-L@rootsweb.com  LANCSGEN-L@rootsweb.com  And clwyd-l@rootsweb.com


Also Liverpool & South West Lancashire FHS. A mine of information, please consider joining. Well worth the few pounds membership fee. http://www.liverpool-genealogy.org.uk )Wharfedale FHG (http://www.yorksgen.org.uk


Wonderful site, full of information.

 If you are interested in Family History you
may find the edition of Mersey Times (a local history online magazine)
written and produced by the Liverpool Family History Society interesting. You can
access it from the following link:
BBC Liverpool Local History

Thanks to Val for the links below


This is the Scottie Press, Friends of Anfield Cemetery
Site, it also has  other genealogy links.

This site is worth a look to see the Carriage entrance Cherry Lane
,  which I now walk through, with new eyes.