Boggy Hill Cemetery Rte 124 2.6 miles N. of W. Minot, ME

Boggy Hill Cemetery

Rt. 124, 2.6 mi north of

W. Minot, ME

This cemetary had one Bridgham stone obelisk with many descendents of Samuel Bridgham, son of Capt. John Jr. It is difficult to find. Just past a bridge over a stream, there is a small dirt road leading to a camp; the cemetery is just off this road. The cemetery is barely visible from the main road.

View of the cemetery entrance from Rt. 124.

This is looking back towards the road from the top of the cemetery. To the right in the trees is the Bridgham stone, marked by the red arrow.
Here are the three carved sides of the stone:

Details for Thomas Lucy Alexander A. Hammond Thomas J. Allen F.

Details for Samuel Lucy Sopha Alexander Mercy Samuel Derrick

Details for Samuel Marsena Derrick Hattie