New Yard Cemetery, W. Minot ME

New Yard Cemetery

Going south on 124, 0.5 mi west of

W. Minot, ME

This is a medium size cemetery with many stones. There are some Crookers (Joshua, d. 5/3/1820 and wife Ruth, d. 5/18/1845, Alexander, d. 10/10/1875, wife Roana, d. 12/30/1834) and Greenwoods (Rodolph d. 9/22/1880 & wife). There are three large plots with Bridghams, as follows:

View of the cemetery entrance from Rt. 124.

Bridgham Plot #1

There is a large obelisk at the center of a square family plot; on one side is carved Garish Bridgham's ephithat. The top of the obelisk is broken off, but probably said Bridgham. In the background is a plot of Merrills, possibly related through Mehitable and Lt. Thomas Merrill.

The following seven stones are on the side away from the cemetery entrance facing away from the obelisk, in order. The first two stones are large and tall, the others less impressive. Some of the inscriptions were hard to read. Luther, Elizabeth, Luther, and Calvin are children of Capt. John Bridgham Jr. and Sibilla Shaw. The "brother" is either John (d.1831) or Sullivan (d. 1805). I suspect Sullivan because the style of the stone is so different as would be expected from one so much earlier than the others.

Captain John Bridgham
Died July 31, 1840
Aet. 86 yrs
An officer in the Revolutionary War
Lived (?) with his wife who
lies beside him 57 years

When the hours of life are past
And death's dark shade arrives at last
It is not sleep, it is not rest
Tis glory opening to the West.

Sibilla S.
wife of Capt. John Bridgham
Sept 30, 1835
Aet. 79 yrs
Possessing a mind superior to vanity she
The sunshine and the shade, the pains and the
Pleasures of this life with humble resignation
I(?) time flies on the dearest lies -
This earth can afford, must sever,
Till we reach yon world above the skies
And meet to part no more forever.

Garish Bridgham
July 30, 1870
Aet 69 ys 7 ms
The memory of the just is blessed
Capt. Luther Bridgham
Feb 28, 1851
Aet. 62

Elizabeth Bridgham
Oct 1, 1850
Aet. 64 yrs 6 ms

Eliza D.
wife of Calvin Bridgham
Nov 13, 1865
Aet. 66 yrs 10 ms 13 ds.

Calvin Bridgham
Mar 5, 1856
Aet. 63 yrs 5 ms
Though he were dead, yet shall he live

Bridgham Plot #2

These stones are lined up along a stretch of the cemetery lane that starts at the large maple (?) tree. There are edge markers on either side of the plot, square stones about 4 inches high with an embellished B on each. The inscriptions on the stones are:
William A. Bridgham
6.1 or GI
1 ME inf
Sp Am War

Sister Anna C.
[Hannah Crocker]
dau of Cyrus H and
Emily S. Bridgham
Died Nov. 19, 1883
Aet. 23 ys 10 ms
At rest

Emily S.
wife of Cyrus H. Bridgham
Jan 25, 1875
Aet. 41 ys 10 ms 12 ds
Dearest Mother thou has left us
But thy loss we deeply feel
Yet, tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
Cyrus H. Bridgham

May 13, 1850
Aet. 26 years
Yet not to the grave victory
She called on the master to receive her
and breathed out her spirit
to her redeemer.

Our mother
[we think this is
Marinda Greenwood]
Jan 29 1846
Aet. 43 yrs
Though dead she liveth

Cyrus Bridgham
May 11, 1863
Aet 67 ys 7 ms 18 ds

Bridgham Plot #3

This is a plot right near the entrance of the cemetery -- we spotted it as we were leaving. Next to is a plot of Greenwoods, who also are related. We did not realize George Bridgham was closely related until later, so we did not mark the exact placement of each of the five individual stones. There is a large stone with two sides of carving in the center, and smaller flat markers at the edge. George is a son of Cyrus Henry Bridgham and Maranda (Marinda) Greenwood. (George named a daugher Maranda and there was a son George mentioned in Cyrus's will) and this is apparently his family. The "mother Sarah D." [Sarah D. Adams] and the "father Oscar W" [Oscar W. Bridgham] are married, as were Erland and Marjorie [Marjorie Adams] (Maine Marriage Records). The baby is Beaula, dau. of Oscar and Sarah, who died in infancy.

(side facing street)

George Bridgham
Eunice C.
his wife
Charles C.
George W.
Maranda G.

Note: I assume that
Charles, George and Maranda
are their children, probably all
died of a communicable disease in the same year.

(side facing cemetery)

Oscar W. Bridgham
Sarah D.
His wife
Beaula E.
Died 1919
Ina E. Bridgham

Oscar W.
is a son of George (1880 census).
Beaula is Oscar's daughter.
Ina was a sister to Oscar,
daughter of George, died unmarried.

Sarah D. is Sarah D. Adams of Auburn, ME.
Erland A. Bridgham married Marjorie A. Adams (of Bath ME), who is still alive.
Erland is the son of Oscar