Mary Cleveland Bridgham Upham photo album

Photos of Mary Cleveland Bridgham Upham

Birth: 11/6/1866 in W. Minot Androscoggin County, ME
Death: 8/9/51 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA
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Early photo
taken in
Mechanics Falls, ME
Perhaps age 25-30?
With husband
Charles Amos Upham
In Indian costume
taken in Fairlawn, NJ after 1920.

There was a family rumor that she was an
Indian princess of the Penobscot tribe.
We have not been able to verify this, and doubt it is true.
There was apparently an "Indian Movement" in the 20's
where white people would dress up as Indians,
which may explain this picture.

Posted by her great-grandaughter, Carol Livingstone
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