Casualties from the transport ship Antilles, 1917

Casualties from the transport ship Antilles, 1917

Source: Champaign Daily Gazette, Monday, October 22, 1917

H. H. Cummings
Otto Kleber
Otto Miller
Abraham Swartzberg
Roy Cottrell
Lee W. Nelson
Ernest Egert
Anton Ehrhart
John Bright
Jorgan P. Lock
Carl G. Norsell
Burdett Hamilton
William L. Faust
Edward L. Echel
Cornelius J. McLaughlin
Neptoin Bobin
C. L. Ausburne
H. F. Watson
J. C. McKiney
J. W. Hunt
Melvin C. Bradbury
Guy R. Bosworth
A. Pedersen
L. E.M. Jensen
E. Eriksen
P. Igholm
F. Joly
R. Parks
B. A. Walker
Thomas Boyle
James Finnegan
O. Fearon
M. Bozea
Fidel Gonzales
M. L. Llaret
Antonio Leal
W. Slattery
George Stanley
Casian Maurian
E. Bishofberger
A. Tuohey
J. L. Devine
George Haskle
F. Michiele
W. Pirie
A. Doufer
D. Bayne
Charles Jason
William Bell
V. Ripa
Charles Tunnie

This information was posted in May, 2002. On October, 27,2002, I received an e-mail from a woman in Denmark with the following amazing story:

Dear Carol Livingstone,

I just found your page about: "Casualties from the transport ship Antilles, 1917".

In 1917 my grandmothers (Hilda) brother P. Igholm, Nosco (in Denmark he's town was Nakskov, not Nosco) told the family, that he was on his way home to Denmark from America.

And then my family didn't hear anything from him.

P. Igholms other sister (Grethe) was 11 years old at that time - and until she died 5 years ago 95 years old, she was talking about her brother and what happened to him.

She was asking several organisations, bur they didn't find him.

Today 85 years later, I found him in one and the same time I was very sad and happy.

Sad because Grethe was dead and I could not tell her that her brother was dead and happy, because we now know he is dead.

Kind regards from
Annie Malmgren

See the web site Annie has created to honor her great uncle.

And this email arrived 10/6/17
From: Erik Sommer

Hello Carol Livingstone !

Via I have found your page

The soldier Jorgan P. Lock is Jørgen Petersen Lock, born 27/11-1893 = 27. November 1893. See


Where I have written comments. Mentioning your page. (My comments await approval. Presumably tomorrow).

Kind regards
Erik Sommer

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DK-2880 Bagsvaerd

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