Monmouthshire Beacon

November 4 1848
Messrs. Daniel Smith and Son will sell by auction, … the very valuable and remarkably beautiful Estate of Pool Hall, in the parishes of Llanvetherine and Llangattock Lingoed, … amidst the most magnificent and richly wooded scenery, embracing, with other grand and picturesque objects,the Skyrid or Holy Mountain, the Graig Hill and the Black Mountains. THE ESTATE comprises about 1100 acres, divided into four excellent farms, in a ring-fence, with very substantial stone and slated agricultural buildings, and the old Hall or Manor-house, and three other farm houses, in the hands of industrious tenants, at old low rents. The estate stretches from the Ross turnpike-road, close to Llanvetherine Church and Pont Gilbert, to Llangattock Church, is ornamentally timbered, and intersected by little woods and covers for game, and several winding brooks affording good trout.

November 23 1850
TO BE LET AND ENTERED UPON AT CANDLEMAS NEXT, THE “CASHLEA FARM”, Consisting of about Seventy-eight Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Orchard Land, and now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Williams, situate in the parish of Llangattock Lingoed.

January 5 1856
William Hopkin summoned Frances Evans, of Llangattock Lingoed, for non-payment of wages. Ordered to pay £3-19s-7d, and expenses.

July 10 1858
Stealing a Watch.---Thomas James v. Elizabeth James.--- The complainant and prisoner are father and daughter, and we are sorry that we had to sit to hear the charge of a father prosecuting his own child. The prosecutor is a farmer, residing at Penrose, in the parish of Llangattock Lingoed, who deposed that on the 14th ult. the watch was in his possession, hanging over the fireplace in his house. His daughter was present, but he did not see her. The watch was missing on the Monday morning afterwards, and traced to Mr. Isaacs, pawnbroker, Abergavenny, where it was offered for pledge, but was stopped on the May-fair day. Sergeant Lipscombe gave evidence as to finding the watch, and the father swore to it being his property. The girl acknowledged her guilt, and was sentenced to two months' imprisonment in the House of Correction. This is not the first time that this unfortunate girl has been brought before the magistrates for her misconduct; and we trust the punishment she will have to undergo will be the means of bringing her to reason and reformation.


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