Llangattock Lingoed Genealogy: Court of Chancery

Court of Chancery

Parties to the Dispute
1544-1551 Henry Nevell, lord Abergavenny (plaintiff)
Richard ap Hoell and James ap Richard (defendants)
C 1
1651 Roger Reynolds and Jane Reynolds(plaintiffs)
John Prichard (defendant)
C 6
1653 Edward Morgan (plaintiff)
James David and Alice David (defendants)
C 6
1654 James David and Alice David (plaintiffs)
Edward Morgan (defendant)
C 6
1654 James Davides and Alice Davides (plaintiffs)
Humphrey Taylor and Rosamond Taylor (defendants)
C 6

C1/1250/22-23 1544-51 Details to follow.

C6/14/179 Jun - Nov 1651 A property owned by Morris Griffith and Thomas Morris, and then leased to Richard James, had been mortgaged by them to John Pritchard in 1637. The complainants claimed that after the death of Morris Griffith, Thomas Morris redeemed the mortgage in 1640 and sold the property to Lewis William Probert and Arnold Williams, whose heir was William Lewis, but left a life interest to Roger Reynolds and his wife Jane, his granddaughter. They accused John Pritchard of still possessing the mortgage document and deeds and refusing to hand them over. The latter denied this, claiming that he had returned them when the mortgage was redeemed by Morris Griffith (not Thomas Morris). It is possible that this apparent dispute was actually a means of confirming legal ownership after the documents had been lost.   FULL TRANSCRIPTION

C6/10/166 1653 Details to follow.

C6/10/31 1654 This document is in very poor condition and a substantial part is unreadable. It appears to relate to lands called (among others) 'Gwerne gwenllyan isha', 'Caye cronne gonbaynnige' and 'Gworlod dan y bremar'. The first part seems to recite earlier sales by John Powell Llewellin and Mary, his wife (SEE HERE), John Price Phillip and John Price (or Prees), his son, and Water John Price (father of Alice Davides) and Thomas, his son, to Thomas Morris. The deposition is made at the house of John Shepherd, before - - - Morgan and John Prichard.   FULL(!) TRANSCRIPTION

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