Abergavenny Chronicle

June 1902
CORONATION DAY: Owing to the serious news respecting the King the Coronation festivities were somewhat altered in this parish. Much sympathy was manifested towards the royal sufferer throughout the day. Nevertheless, the children were thoroughly entertained, and made happy by the large number of parishioners and friends who were present. A substantial tea was given in the schoolroom, commencing with the children at three o'clock. Mr. J.B. Walford and Mrs. Walford joined the parishioners at the tables at four o'clock, and afterwards distrbuted, on behalf of Mrs. Curre and Mrs. Gordon Canning, to each child, a box of chocolates, with the pictures on the lid of the King and Queen, and also a large box of delicious sweets. These ladies also contributed handsomely to the funds. Hearty cheers were given to the donors and to Mr. and Mrs. Walford. The schoolroom was made very attractive by Mrs. Griffiths, the Schoolhouse. The tables were superintended by Mrs. Griffiths, Schoolhouse; Miss [Hannah? Sarah?] Jones, late of [Lower] Kellea; Miss [Caroline] Jones, The Tump; and Miss Davies, and the help given by these ladies added much to the success of the undertaking. A field for the sports was kindly provided by Mrs. [Eleanor] Jones, [Lower] Kathlea, and they were carried through under the direction of Mr. Jestyn Griffiths [teacher at James Davies school], Mr. A[lbert] Husbands, Mr. Albert Davies [Upper Kathlea], and Mr. Thomas Henry Davies, Old Court. After the sports the Rev. G[eorge] B[eynon] Jones and Mrs. [Jane Frances] Jones, the Rectory, presented, at their own cost, a beautiful medal to each of the schoolchildren. Mr. W[arren?] Davies presented the annual prizes of books, which ranged in value from 1s. to 2s.6d. Afterwards, coronation mugs, oranges, &c., were distributed, and, after singing the National Anthem, the company dispersed.

[Note: the coronation of Edward VII was originally scheduled for 26 June, but Edward had to undergo an emergency appendectomy operation, so the coronation was postponed until 9 August.]

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