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This table refers to deeds involving property in Llangattock Lingoed. For deeds involving property elsewhere that refer to residents of the parish, please see the table below.


Deed of feoffment by William ap Philip Penlaw to Howel ap Ievan ap Philip ap John of lands that he had from John ap Ievan ap Willim ap David. Witnesses: Walter Revil, Llewellyn Barry, Robert Hayley, Thomas ap David ap Jankyn, David Turneir (Great House). MORE


Howel ap David ap Howel and Catherine vergh Ieuan ap Griffith his wife grant the same to Richard ap Howel and Maud vergh William his wife. Endorsed: Land of John Llewellin Thomas (Great House). MORE


Richard son of Thomas son of David son of Howel releases his right in three parcels to Howel son of David son of Howel. Witnesses: Richard Barry, Lewis ap Howell, David ap Raulyn and Thomas ap Rosser Weynth (Great House). MORE


Richard son of Howel grants seven acres to John Thomas (Great House). MORE


Roger Thomas and Mawda vergh Thomas his wife grant to John ap Ievan and Richard Trehayine. Witnesses: Richard Howell, John Lewis, John Trehayine and Richard Powell (Great House). MORE


Richard ap Philip Grydol and Catherine vergh John his wife and Walter ap Richard Grydol and Alice vergh John grant to John ap Ievan ap John Thomas. Witnesses: Lewis ap Howell, John Lewis, David ap Meurig, David ap David and Roger Thomas ap Griffith (Great House). MORE

1534 Hoel ap David ap Hoell, Richard ap Hoell, James ap Richard, Thomas ap Richard, Richard ap Richard, Richard ap David ap Hoell grant a messuage and land to Lewis Barry and Rees Philip David ap Hoell. Witnesses: Rees Llewellyn, John ap Ievan, Rees ap Hoell ap Grono, Thomas ap John Llewellyn, Richard ap John Ievan. Refers to the lands of Thomas ap Ievan, David ap David, Richard ap Thomas, David ap Rawlyng, Rees ap Hoell ap Grono and John ap Ievan ap Gronow. MORE
1534 Deed of feoffment by Lewis Barry, Rees ap Philip David Hoell, Reginald Hoell, David Howell, Richard ap Howell, James ap Richard, Thomas ap Richard and Richard ap Richard to James ap Richard and Matilda vergh William ap Howell his wife. Refers to the lands of Thomas ap Ievan, David ap David, Richard ap John, David ap Rawlyn, Rees ap Howell ap Grono, John ap Ievan ap Griffith and Howell David Hoell. MORE
1560 Grant of messuage, lands etc. by Thomas Morgan to John Treharon. MORE
1561 Final Concord: James ap Richard and Anne his wife transfer 2 messuage, 200 acres land etc. to Richard ap Parry and Howell ap Watkin. MORE


Indenture dated 4 Dec.,4 Eliz., between Thomas ap John alias Taylor of Llangattock Kellenyge, yeoman, of the one part, and Thomas ap Rice Howell of the said parish, yeoman, of the other part. The said Thomas, in consideration of ffortye sixtene shillings viijd, releases to the said Thomas ap Rice Howell a parcel of land. (Bradney) (Pool Hall)

1587 Thomas James and Elizabeth vergh John his wife transfer 2 parcels of land to John John David. Also refers to the lands of David Thomas John Lewis, Thomas John Treharne, John Apowell Llewellyn and Jane vergh David. MORE
1594 Final Concord: John Powell Llewellin and Mary his wife transfer 18 acres to Thomas Morice. MORE


Richard John Ievan grants to John ap Richard Treharne 3 parcels of land (Great House). MORE


Deed (in Latin) dated 10 June, 42 Eliz., by which John ap Rees Powell Grono of Llangattock Lingoed, yeoman, in consideration of the marriage lately celebrated between his son and heir-apparent Richard John ap Rees with Mary vz. David, settles land and a water-mill in Llangattock. (Bradney) (Pool Hall)


John ap Richard Treharn grants to Thomas Morris a messuage and also two closes he purchased of Richard ap Richard John Ievan. Also refers to Isabella Philip Tailor, Thomas Tailor and Richard John Wylim and Jane his wife (Great House). MORE

1603 William Powell grants 5 acres land to Thomas Morrice. Also refers to the lands of Richard John Ievan, Thomas John Treherne, Richard Watkin Pye and Walter John Price. MORE


Indenture dated 20 Nov., 1 Jac. 1., by which Mary Powell of Llangattock Lingoed, widow, late wife of John Powell, gent., deceased, and William Powell of Llangattock aforesaid, son and heir of the said John Powell, in consideration of a marriage shortly to be solemnized between the said William Powell and Anne vz. Richard, one of the daughters of Richard Thomas of Tregaer, gent., settle all that messuage wherein the said Mary and William now dwell, and all other lands of John Powell Llewellin, deceased, father of the said John Powell, deceased, and grandfather of the said William Powell, in the parish of Llangattock, and other lands called Trawst-mawr, Tir-nant-y-gwithe [probably for gweydd (land of the weaver's brook)], Gworlod-y-perbren [the pear-tree meadow], Pen-y-lan, and Caeobry, which the said John Powell purchased of John Rees ap Howell Grono. (Bradney) (Pool Hall)


James ap Richard Treharn, brother and heir of John Richard Treharn, grants said premises to Thomas Morris, clerk (Great House). MORE


22 June 1607, William Powell and John Price Phillip grant one yardland to Thomas Morris (Great House). MORE

1608 Lewis John Trehern and Katherine his wife transfer a messuage and land to Thomas Morice. MORE
1608 William Prise and Margarett his wife transfer a mill, messuage and land to Edward Kemys. MORE
1610 Edward Kemys transfers property to John Powell. MORE
1611 William Powell, Thomas Powell and Lewis Morgan transfer a close to John Powell. MORE
1611 William Powell, Anne, his wife, and Mary Powell transfer a parcel to John Powell. MORE
1612 10 September: James Prichard of Langattock Lingoed, co. Monmouth, gent. mortgages for £25 by way of demise for 200 years to Richard David Nycholas of the same parish, yeoman, Elizabeth, his wife, and Jankyn, his reputed base son a house, three gardens, and a close of land in the parish of Langattock Lyingoed (also mentions: parke lyingoed). (Hereford RO: Kentchurch Court Deeds AL40/986 [this document is missing].)
1612 William Powell, Anne, his wife, and Mary Powell transfer a close to John Powell and Elizabeth, his wife. MORE
1616 Richard John ap John releases a messuage to John Powell. MORE
1619 William Powell and Anne, his wife, transfer three closes to Phillip Powell. MORE
1624 30 December 1624, Jenkin David the reputed son of Richard David Niklas of Langattocke Glenicke grants to Elizabeth Phillip. Witnesses: Elizabeth John, Richard Jones, Elizabeth Phillip, Israel Phillip, James Powys, James Richard, John Thomas (Little Campstone?). MORE
1625 Philip Hanbury acquired sixty-three acres of land with a messuage, garden, and orchard in Llanvihangel next Usk, Llangattock, etc. of John Pritchard and Katherine his wife [Feet of Fines, Monmouthshire, 1 Chas. I].
1626 18 September: Marriage settlement between John Powell of Staple Inne, Middlesex, gent. and Thomas Morgan of Maghen, co. Mon., esq. made before the marriage of the said John Powell and Marye Packam of Maghen, single woman, daughter of Reginald Packam of Yorldam, Kent, gent., dec., and in consideration of a marriage-portion of £450, being a covenant to make an estate to the said Thomas Morgan, William Jones of Treowen, co. Mon., esq., and Richard John Powell of Lanvetherin, co. Mon., gent.

[Details as below. Repeated in a Grant in trust of 25 September, a Covenant to levy a fine of 2 February 1627 and a Final Concord in a fine of 21 May 1627:] (NLW Tredegar (8) Deeds Nos. 112/16-19.)
1626 John Powell grants three messuages, a mill and other hereditaments to Thomas Morgan, William Jones and Richard John Powell. Refers to the lands of Justin Stubbes, James Powell, Thomas Morris, James Hughes and Watkin Morgan (Pool Hall). MORE
1628 William John and Mary his wife and Edward Morgan transfer a cottage and land to Thomas Morice. MORE
1628 John Price of Penrose, co. Mon., yeoman, releases a tenement, barn, two gardens and two orchards, and ten parcels to John Powell of Langattocke glenny. MORE


Thomas Morris and Margaret his wife, in pursuance of agreement between them and Philip Hanbury, gent., grant to John Powell senior, James Prichard, William Morris senior, and William Morris junior, a capital messuage in the tenure of John Powell junior (Great House). MORE

1633 James Hughes of Lantilliogreseny, yeoman, and Katheryne, his wife, lease a messuage, mill and lands in llantillio gresenie and langattuge Gelenige to Walter Pye of Lantilliogreseny, gent. MORE


William Powell and Thomas Powell remise to Edward Morgan. Also refers to James William. [According to Bradney, "By this deed it appears that Morrice Griffith and Rose his wife had issue Morrice, Jane, and Catherine (who was married to John Hanbury); Morrice died s.p., Jane married Roger Reignolds". Other evidence suggests that Jane and Catherine were sisters of Morrice, not his children; see below and the will of Thomas Morris.] (Great House) MORE

1640 Thomas Morris of Langattock Lyngoed, clerk, covenants to Lewis William Probert and Arnold Williams, both of Langattock aforesaid, yeomen, to remain seized of property in Langattock Lyngoed. MORE
1647 James Pye of Lantillio Gressenny, gent., releases a messuage and a water mill in Lantilio Gressenny and Langattocke Llingoed to James Hughes of Lantilio aforesaid, yeoman. MORE


Roger Reignolds and Jane his wife grant three parcels of land to Edward Morgan. Also refers to James Prichard, Arnold Davies, Catherine Lacy and Meredith Cattocke (Great House). MORE

1650 Phillip Morgan of Langattock Lyngoed, yeoman, and Marie, his wife, sell the moiety of several parcels to James Prawlinge of Langattock Lyngoed, yeoman. MORE
1651 October. Final Concord between Sir Phillipp Jones, kt, and Mary Powell, widow, plaintiffs, and Roger Reynold and Jane, his wife, David Jones and Jane, his wife, and John Davyes and Maude, his wife, deforciants, concerning property in Langattocke Llyngoed and Dingestowe. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 591)
1652 Roger Reynolds of Langattock llyngoed, gent., and Jane, his wife, release several parcels and a cottage to Mary Powell of Langattock aforesaid, widow. MORE


Roger Reignolds and Jane his wife and John Hanbury and Catherine his wife grant a messuage and several parcels of land to Edward Morgan. Also refers to Mary Powell, Humphrey Taylor, Arnold Davies, Catherine Lacy, Henry Pritchard and William Prichard (Great House). MORE

1654 The same, together with Thomas, son of Roger and Jane Reynolds, settled three messuages, a barn, oxhouse, three curtilages, three gardens, two orchards, sixty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, fifty acres of pasture, and nine of woodland on Humphrey Taylor and Rose his wife. [Feet of Fines, Monmouth., Hilary 1654] This settlement was probably in connection with the marriage of Humphrey Taylor with Rose, since she was the widow of Morris Griffith, brother of Katherine Hanbury and Jane Reynolds.
1655 The morrow of Holy Trinity. Final Concord between Thomas Powell, gent., and Mary Powell, widow, plaintiffs, and Henry Prichard, gent., and Mary, his wife, John Phillip and Anne, his wife, James Morgan and Elizabeth, his wife, and James Prawleinge, deforciants, concerning property in Lanvetherin, Langattock Llyngoed and Lantillio Gressenny. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 1,191)


Indenture of Bargain and Sale, dated 27 January, 13 Car. II., 1661, between John Prichard of Llangattock Llingoed, gent., of the one part, and Sir Thomas Morgan of Llangattock Llingoed, knight and barronett, of the other part . . . the said John Prichard in consideration of £60 grants to Sir Thomas Morgan all that his four or five parcels of land called Gwern-Duw [God’s alders], Cae'r-lan-uchaf [the upper bank field], Cae’r-lan-isaf [the lower bank field], and Gworlod-y-cefn [the ridge meadow], containing 30 acres abutting to the way leading from the house of Wm Prichard towards the lands of Lord Abergavenny called Park Llingoed, lands late of Thomas Watkin, lands of Humphrey Tailor, gent., lands of Pheellipp Cecill, esq., and lands of Anne Powell and John Powell . . . . (Bradney) (Pen-rhos)


Dated 18 Sept. 1661. John Powell of Staples Inn and Thomas Morgan of Machen, esq. The said John Powell to marry Mary Packam of Machen, spr., daughter of Reginald Packham of Yorlden, Kent, deceased . . . . her fortune .£400; and the said John Powell to sell by fine to the said Thomas Morgan, William Jones of Tre-Owen, and Richard John Powell of Llanvetherine, Pool Hall and the Old House, etc. in Llangattock Glennig and Llanvetherine, customary lands purchased of William Powell Llewelyn and Anne his wife and Mary Powell, widow . . . . to the said John and Mary, remainder to James Powell, his brother, remainder to David Powell, another brother. (Bradney) (Pool Hall)


Indr'es dated 10 May, 16 Car. II., 1664, between Humphrey Tailor of the parish of Llangattock Lingoed, gent., and Rose his wife of the one part, and Sir Thomas Morgan of Chenston, co. Hereford, knt. and bart., of the other part . . . . The said Humphrey Tailor and Rose incons’on of £740 grant to Sir Thomas Morgan all that capital messuage, etc., where the said Humphrey Tailor now or lately dwelt, and which heretofore was the land of Lewis Morgan of Llangattock aforesaid, gent., deceased, father of the said Sir Thomas Morgan, . . . . containing 80 acres in Llangattock, bounded by the brook Kimmer [Cymmer] to lands late of Watkin Morgan, gent., lands late of Lewis William Probert, lands late of John Price, lands late of Phillip Cecil, esq., lands late of Thomas Powell, gent., lands of William Prichard, and other lands late of the said Lewis William Probert, to the road leading from the church to the town of Bergavenny and a brook called Nant-y-carw . . . .
Endorsed on the outside:
A deed from Humphrey and Rose Taylor of Llangattock Hous & Land it self wch was ye seat of Lewis Morgan, my grandfather, 10 May 1664. (Bradney) (Old Court)


To all &c. . . . John Powell of Llangattock Clenick, yeom,, son and heir apparent of Thomas Powell of Llangattock Clenick, gent., late deceased; Arnold Powell of the same, smith, one other of the sons of the said Thomas; and Anne Powell of the same, relict of the said Thomas and mother of the said John and Arnold send greeting . . . Know ye that we have released to Sir Thomas Morgan of Llangattock Clenick, knt. and bart., one messuage or mansion house called Cefn-mawr containing 18 acres, a second parcel called Cae-dan-y-ty [the field below the house], a third parcel called Crofft Cydrich [Cydric’s enclosure] containing 5 acres, a fourth parcel called Cae-dan-y-berllan [the field below the orchard] contg 12 acres, a fifth parcel called Cae-hir [the long field] containing 7 acres, a sixth parcel called Cae-ffynnon3 [the well field] contg 10 acres, a seventh parcel called Rhandir-y-groes [the region of the cross] whereupon a cottage now stands contg 4 acres. (Bradney) (Pen-rhos?)


Indenture dated 20 May, 19 Car. II., 1667, between William Lewis of Llangattock Lyngoed, yeom., and Jane his wife; Morgan Lewis of the parish of Lambeder, co. Brecknock, yeom., and Margarett his wife of the one part; and Sir Thomas Morgan of Chenston, co. Hereford, knt. and bart., of the other part . . . . the said William Lewis and Jane his wife in cons’on of £22 bargain and sell to Sir Thomas Morgan all that close called Cae-ffynnon, containing 6 acres, abutting to lands of Sir Thomas Morgan, the brook called Nant-y-carw [the stag's brook], lands of Charles Lloyd and to the glebe lands called Y-cae-bach [the little field]. (Bradney) (Pen-rhos)

1669 Charles Morgan and Edward Morgan lease to John Bayly a messuage 'wherein James Prichard did herefore dwell'. MORE
1681 Marriage agreement between Charles Morgan, Mary Morgan and Thomas Patricke. MORE
1686 31 December: Indenture between James Morgan of Kinnersley, co. Hereford, esq., Sir John Morgan of Kinnersley, bart., his brother, William Mathewes of the Postles in the parish of Kington, co. Hereford, esq., Thomas Geers of Hereford, esq., Serjeant at law, Richard Hopton of Kington, esq., Richard Williams of Cabalver, co. Radnor, esq., John Prise of Wistanston Wisteston, co. Hereford, gent., and Thomas Mathewes of Hereford, apothecary, Being a settlement previous to the marriage of the said James Morgan and Elizabeth Gwyllim, widow, daughter of the said William Mathewes, of a capital messuage and other messuages, lands and premises in Llangattocke Llingoed Llangattock Llingoed, Llangattock Glenicke, co. Monmouth, and Doore Abbey Dore, co. Hereford.  (Birmingham City Archives MS 3375/456297)
1688 Marriage agreement between Charles Morgan, Elizabeth Bayly, John Bayly, William Bayly and Edward Hutton. MORE
1692 Deed to levy a fine between Charles Morgan and Edward Dearmer. MORE
1692 Mortgage of a messuage called Poole hall and of a messuage and various parcels in Llangattocke Llingoed, Llanvetherin and Llantillio Gressoney by William Powell of Poolehall, gent., son and heir of Thomas Powell of the same place, dec., and Rachell, his wife, to Edward Freeman of Bristoll, gent. MORE
1702 9 December: John Prosser of Lantillio Pertholley, co. Monmouth, yeoman, and Jane, his wife leases for one year to Henry Watkins of Longtowne, parish of Clodocke, co. Hereford, yeoman the House by Reedy Marchocke, garden, and two closes of land, and Croft y Llynant, garden, and close, parish of Langattocke Gellinge, co. Monmouth. (Hereford RO: Kentchurch Court Deeds AL40/990.)

1707 Lease and release from Henry Watkins, Hellena Prichard, Rowland Prichard and John Prichard to Richard James. MORE
1725 Lease and release/Bond: Edward Williams and Mary his wife to Charles Morgan. MORE
1725 Final Concord: John Waters and Edward Williams and Mary his wife transfer a messuage etc. to John Nicholls and Charles Morgan. MORE
1731 Recovery of 20 messuage etc.: Mathew Powell, John Howell and James Tudor Morgan. MORE
1733 Release and quitclaim by William Williams, administrator of the will of Dorothy Williams his late wife and James Tudor Morgan, executor of the will of Charles Morgan. MORE
1733 Mortgage to James Tudor Morgan and Martha his wife by John Hanbury. MORE
1733 Release and quitclaim by William Beavan to James Tudor Morgan of a legacy to Mary his wife from the will of Charles Morgan. MORE
1735 Indenture between James Tuder Morgan, named in the will of Charles Morgan, who was brother and heir of Edward Morgan, who was son and heir of Edward Morgan the Elder) and Martha his wife of the one part and Bridget Hanbury (relict and executrix of the will of John Hanbury). Also refers to tenants John Christopher, Robert Christopher and Phillip Kenvin (Great House). PARTIAL TRANSCRIPTION
Final Concord between James Tudor Morgan and Martha his wife and Bridget Hanbury. MORE
1738 Agreements and further mortgage between James Tudor Morgan and Martha his wife and Bridget Hanbury. MORE
1751 Indentures between Elizabeth Charles, widow, and Thomas Palmer, miller, both of Llangattock Lingoed, and between Thomas Palmer and John Prichard Esq. of Campstone, Grosmont. (Refers also to lands of John Arnold and William Watkin James.) (Old Mill?) MORE
1752 Indenture dated 16 and 17 April 1752 by which James Tudor Morgan sold to Thomas Allen (Pentre).
1756 Indenture between John Pritchard of Campstone and Israel Berrington of the parish of Grosmont for the lease of a house and land in Llangattock Lingoed for 21 years. (Mention also of Thomas Palmer and William Lewis.) (Old Mill?) MORE
1764 Release fee Mrs. S. Pritchard to C. Barrow Esq. Conveyance of Little Campstone by the Hon. Capel Tracy to Mrs. S. Pritchard. (See 1839) (Little Campstone)
1768 24 June 1768. In accordance with the will of Sir John Morgan, Old Court was sold to David Lloyd and Pen-Rhos was sold to Henry James, yeoman, described as 'all that messuage, land etc. called Penrose, wherein the said Henry James doth now inhabit'. (Old Court / Pen-rhos)
1780 John Scudamore & Miss Treherne mortgage in fee. John Scudamore & Miss Treherne lease of possession. (See 1839) (Little Campstone)
1781 Release and quit claim by James Tudor Morgan and Martha his wife to John Hanbury of 3 properties occupied by John Lewis, John Williams and Hugh Watkins. MORE
1784 Capel Hanbury & Sarah Pritchard of Little Campston. (See 1839) (Little Campstone)
1804 Assignment of mortgage Miss Ann Rowley & Mr. Walter Jomond by direction of J. Scudamore & Messrs. Barnett & Mathews. Lease for one year Miss A. Rowley transferred by direction of J. Scudamore to Barnett & Mathews. (Little Campstone)
1824 William Price paid land tax (Little Campstone). MORE
1839 Deeds search 13 July 1839 (Little Campstone). MORE
1848 Sale particulars, Pool Hall Estate. [Bradney: the daughters of Mary Jones sold Great House (tenant Samuel Johnson) and Great Pool Hall (tenant Jones, widow) to Colonel John Francis Vaughan.]
1851 Deed, dated 7th October 1851. John Francis Vaughan to the Right Honourable Charles Lord Stourton and Edward Joseph Weld, esquire. Further charge on "The Great House Farm" in the parishes of Llangattock Lingoed and Llantillio Cresseny, Monmouthshire, for securing £1,195 and interest of 4 per cent. (Papers of the Weld Family of Lulworth Castle, Dorset: Dorset Record Office D/WLC: T 291.) (Great House)

Deeds involving residents of Llangattock Lingoed, but not property in the parish.
1587 24 May 1587, John ap Jenkin of Llancillo and William John ap Jenkin of Llangattock Lingoed transfer land in Llancillo to Thomas David William and Watkin David William. (Deeds and Papers for the Kentchurch Court Estate (Scudamore Family of Kentchurch, Herefordshire): Herefordshire Record Office AL40/570.)
1614 Indenture dated 14 January 1613/14 concerning transfer of rights to a messuage in Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, by, among others, "James Pye of Langattock Lyngood gent” (who had inherited them from John Pye of Bradlow, Herefordshire and his wife Anne. (Records of the Rotherwas Estate and the Bodenham Family (Hereford): Herefordshire Record Office AD2/II/113.)
1621 January 17: Assignment of a lease of a messuage and land called the grainge of Coed ythan, except the woods growing in the groves called Coed vgha and Coed yssa, parishes of Langattocke vibon auell and Dingestow between (1) George Milborne of Wonastowe, co. Monmouth, esq., (2) Walter Rumsey of Lanouor, esq. and (3) Walter Mathewe, John Mathew, William John Phillippe, all of Langattocke vibon auell, William Powell of Langattocke glennicke, and Thomas Powell of Gwernesey, gentlemen. (NLW Milborne Mss. No. 965.)
1628 William James, yeoman, Maude, his wife, and Johan vergh David, widow, his mother, all of Grossmont, sell property in Grosmont to John Powell and Edward Morgan of llangattocke llyngoed, gents. MORE
1628 Richard Robnett of St Brydes, gent., and Anne, his wife, sell property in Llantilio crossenny to John Powell of llangattocke llyngoed, gent. MORE
1652 Thomas Powell of Langattock llyngoed, gent., Thomas Cecill of Lanbeder, co. Brec., clerk, and David Jenkins of ffurnivalls Inn, London, gent. and Phillip Cecill of the Differyn, co.? Brec., gent., and Rachell Cecill, his daughter. Settlement on the marriage of Thomas Powell and Rachell Cecill: assignment of a messuage and land in Lantillio Gressenny. MORE
1655 May 1. James Reynolds of Lantrissent, co. Mon., gent., and Theophilus Reynolds, gent., one of his sons, to Thomas Powell of Poole Hall, parish Langattock Llyngoed, co. Mon., gent. Bargain and Sale of a third part of waste or wood land called Severney Hill, parishes Grossmont and Skenfreth, co. Mon. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 659)
1655 Henry Prichard of Newchurch, gent., and Mary, his wife, grant the moiety of a messuage and several parcels to Mary Powell of llangattocke llingoed, widow. MORE
1655 August 30. Elizabeth Morgan of Lanvetherin, widow, and William Morgan of Lanvetherin, her son, to Thomas Powell of Poole Hall, Langattock Llyngoed, gent. ?Mortgage of four parcels in Lanvetherin. MORE
1656 March 20 1655/6. Elizabeth Morgan of lloyndabarry, Lanvetherin, widow of John Watkin Morgan, dec., and William Morgan of Lanvetherin, son and heir of the said Elizabeth and John Watkin, release a messuage called Lloyndabarry to Thomas Powell of Poole Hall, llangattock llyngoed, gent. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 1,233)
1662 January 24 1661/2. John Hughes of Lantillio Gressenny, yeoman, and Sibill, his wife, and Katheryne Hughes, widow, mother of the said John Hughes, grant the moiety of a messuage, etc., in Lantillio Gressenny to Mary Powell of Poole Hall, Langattock Llyngoed, widow. (Torn and Incomplete) (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 1,605)
1662 September 15. John Hughes of Langattock Vibon Avell, yeoman, son of William Hughes of Langattock Vibon Avell, yeoman, dec., assigns the lease of a messuage and lands in Hendre, Langattock Vibon Avell, to Thomas Powell of Poole Hall, Langattock Llyngoed, gent. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 597)
1664 January 21 1663/4. Bond concerning possession of a messuage, etc., in Lanvetherin between Thomas Hughes of Lanvetherin, gent., James Hughes of Lanvetherin, gent., his son and heir apparent, and Charles Hughes of Bergevenny, merchant, another son of the said Thomas Hughes, and Thomas Powell of Poole Hall, Langattock llyngoed, gent. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 587)
1694 April 2. Nicholas Stephens of the Moore, Holmer, Herefordshire, gent., and Mary, his wife, lease, with intent to release, a messuage called Gilberts ffarme, Llanvetherin, to Charity Nicholas of Poole Hall, Llangattock Llingoed, widow. (NLW Cwrtmawr Deeds No. 782)
1706 February 16:Articles of Agreement prior to the marriage of John Stephens and Ann Cragg between John Stephens of p. Llangattock Lingoed, co. Mon., gent. and James Powell of Panty Gecllyn, p. Llantilio Pertholey, co. Mon., gent., and Dorothy his wife, formerly the wife of Joseph Cragg, dec., and mother and guardian of Ann Cragg, niece and heir of John Cragg, late of Usk, concerning premises in the town of Usk and p's Lanlowell, Llantillio Pertholey and Llanbaddock, co. Mon. (NLW Davies Leonard Collection (2) No, 3402.)
1757 March 1:Lease to vest possession in Lower Dock Estate, Skenfrith, co. Mon. between (1) John Harris of Skenfrith, co. Mon., shoemaker, and Mary, his wife, and John Christopher of Llangattock Lingoed, yeoman, and Ann, his wife, and William Carter of Skenfrith aforesaid, carpenter, and Joan, his wife and (2) George Green of Bristol, gent. (NLW Newton Jackson Collection, Blackbrook Deeds No. 264.)
1757 March 2: Release in fee of Lower Dock estate by way of mortgage in Skenfreth, co. Mon. between (1) John Harris of Skenfrith, co. Mon., shoemaker, and Mary, his wife, John Christopher of Llangattock Lingoed, yeoman, and Ann, his wife, and William Carter of Skenfrith aforesaid, carpenter, and Joan, his wife, (2) John Carter of Skenfreth aforesaid, yeoman and (3) George Green of Bristol, gent. (NLW Newton Jackson Collection, Blackbrook Deeds No. 271.)

May 29: Assignment of lease of a messuage called The Tump, p's Monmouth and Dixton, together with the sale of stock, agricultural implements, household utensils, etc. from Thomas Morse of the Tump, p. Monmouth, gent. to Philip Endell of Maidstone's Cross, p. Monmouth, timber merchant. Recites the original lease granted to Thomas Morse by John Burrow of Bristol for 21 years in 1757 at an annual rent of £200, that Burrow sold the property to David Hopkins of Llangattock Lingoed, gent., that Thomas Morse was unable to carry on with farming because of his losses, and that he was to sell his stock for £180. 5. 10½d. (NLW Davies Leonard Collection (2) No. 3433.)


Feoffment: Conveyance of a freehold estate in lands and the associated feudal obligations.
Messuage: A dwelling house together with its outbuildings and the adjacent land.

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