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July 6 1786 (Hereford Journal)
To be sold by auction, to the best bidder, at the Angel Inn, Abergavenny … Llangattock Lingoed and Llanvihangel Crucorney. A MESSUAGE and LANDS, in the possession of William Watkins, tenant at will, at the rent of £16 16s 0d

August 26 1801 (Hereford Journal)
TO BE LET And Entered upon immediately, or at Christmas next, A Compact FARM and LANDS, called THE CHURCH FARM, containing by admeasurement One Hundred and Sixty-two Acres (more or less), of good Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land. The above Farm is situate in the parish of Llangattock Lingoed. … William Lewis, resides on the Premisses, and will shew the same.

March 23 1833 (Hereford Times)
To be Sold by Auction,... at Old Court … In the Parish of Llangattock Lingoed, By Mr. Isaac Prosser, All the FARMIMG STOCK, IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, DAIRY and BREWING UTENSILS, and other Effects, The Property of Mr, THOMAS DAVIES, who is retiring from business, consisting of 10 cows (excellent milkers) and calves; 3 heifers in calf; 1 barren cow; 4 three-years-old bullocks; 3 two-years-old Heifers; 3 two-years-old spayed heifers; 4 yearling steers; 3 yearling heifers; 32 couples of good ewes and lambs; 30 yearling ewes and Wethers; and 1 Two-year-old ram; (the sheep are a cross of Ryland and Leicester) cart horses and mares; 2 cart mares in foal; 1 nag mare in foal by Constitution; 2 nag horses; 1 three-year-old nag colt by Cleveland; 1 yearling nag colt, and 1 two-year-old cart filley; 2 sows in farrow; 3 store pigs; 1 boar; a lot of geese; 7 sets of horse gearing; ox-yokes, chains, and gearing; 1 narrow-wheel road waggon, nearly new; 1 broad-wheel harvest waggon; 2 narrow-wheel ditto; 2 broad-wheel carts; 2 ground cars; 1 large cast-iron roller; 2 wood rollers; 3 short ploughs; 3 sowing ditto; w pairs of harrows; 1 chaff engine, with two knives; 1 chaff box; several corn bins; 2 corn stampers; 2 corn tryers; 1 clover riddle;, and 9 other riddles and sieves; 6 ladders; waggon ropes; cattl e tube; scythes, pikes, rakes, and small implements; 1 saddle and bridle; 1 side saddle and bridle; a quantity of hurdles; a lot of potatoes; double cheese press; 2 square milk leads; 2 milk tins; 4 milk trins; 2 cheese cowls; 1 barrel churn; 2 upright ditto; 8 milk pails; a lot of cheese vats; butter scales and weights; several wood bottles; large pickiling tub, with cover; hogsheads, small casks,and a variety of other brewing utensils. About Fifty tons of well-ended HAY, Thirty-six Hogsheads of Prime CIDER, Two Hogsheads of Prime BARLAND PERRY: and Four Sides of each, Old and New Home cured BACON. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of one carved mahogany 4-post bedstead with chintz furniture, one oak 4-post ditto with white furniture, one beech ditto ditto with chintz furniture, 4 servants' oak bedsteads, 2 down beds, bolsters and pillows, 8 excellent feather beds, bolsters and pillows, 1 straw mattrass, mahogany, oak, and walnut tree dressing tables, oak night-table, mahogany wash hand stands, basons, jugs and ewers, mahogany , oak, walnut and cherry tree dining, card, and occasional tables, mahogany escritoire, mahogany Bureau, mahogany chest with drawers, 12 and 2 elbow mahogany chairs, hair-bottoms and brass-nailed, sofa, pier and swing glasses, handsome mahogany corner cupboard with glass top, weather glass, eight-day clock and case, large oak kitchen table and bench, oak dresser and shelves with drawers, 1 large oak corner cupboard, 1 small ditto, oak settle, 6 oak chairs, set of tea china, a quantity of blue and other earthenware, brass, iron, and tin candlesticks, fire irons and fenders, large steelyards that will weigh 355lbs., a quantity of pewter plates and dishes, with many other kitchen and culinary requisites.

April 18 1846 (Hereford Times)
TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ...the undermentioned FREEHOLD PROPERTY, viz.:- Lot 1. The Cwm Farm, … consisting of a good Farm House, with Barn, Stable, Mill-house, Granary, and Workman's Cottage, and several closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land thereunto belonging and adjoining, containing by a recent admeasurement, 10A- 0R- 23P, now in the occupation of Mr. John Richards, as tenant from year to year. Lot 2. A FARM, commonly called “SMALL MAN'S LAND” adjoining Lot 1, also in the occupation of Mr John Richards, and consisting of a Barn, Beast-house, Calves'-cot, Shed, &c., and seven closes, pieces, or parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the Parish of Llangattock Lingoed aforesaid, and containing in the whole, by recent admeasurement, 19A-0R-21P. Lot 3. A FARM, called “KEVENGOLEY”, distant about half a mile from Lot 2, … consisting of a Farm House, Barn, Beast-house, Calves'-cot, Shed, &c., with the several closes, pieces, or parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land adjoining, containing together 20A-1R-18P sitaute in the Parishes of Llanvetherine and Llangattock Lingoed, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Millet, as Tenant. Lot 4.---A WORKMAN'S HOUSE and two GARDENS, adjoining Lot 1, containing, by admeasurement, 27 Perches, in the occupation of James Farr. The respective Tenants will shew the Lots, and further particulars may be had of the proprietor, Mr. John Watkins Taylor, of the Cwm Llangattock Lingoed.

13 February 1847 (Hereford Times)
Old Court Farm for sale by auction by Mrs Eleanor Morgan

January 18 1851 (Hereford Times)
To be let and entered upon immediately, A desirable farm called Old-Court, situated in the Parish of Llangattock Lingoed, … containing 175 Acres, namely 105 Acres of excellent Meadow and Pasture LAND, 57 good sound Arable, and 13 of prime Orcharding, capable of producing a large quantity of Fruit, through the whole of which a never-failing stream of water runs.

March 22 1851 (Hereford Times)
Awful Death and Frightful Mutilation of the Corpse.—The remains of an old half-witted man, named James Powell, who had for some years wandered about this part of the country, sometimes travelling as pedlar, and at others following the avocation of mole-catcher, were, on Wednesday sevennight, discovered lying in a ditch, in a field upon Old Courtfarm, situate in the above parish. The corpse, appeared as though it had lain there some weeks, was horribly torn either by dogs or carrion birds. An inquest was held, at Llangattock on the same day, before William Morgan, Esq., deputy-coroner, at which the following evidence was adduced. —Samuel Morris, the first witness, stated, I live at Little Pwll-hall, with my aunt ; yesterday evening, on my way home, my cousin, who is only eight years old, told me that he had seen something lying on the ground near the hedge, in a meadow called the Lower Vorlan, belonging to Old Court-farm, that morning, as he was taking short way across the hedges, instead of following the path ; he said that he thought it was a sheep in a bag ; on my way to school, this morning, he showed me the spot, and there I found part of the body of a man with part of his clothes torn off him ; I directly went to Old Court, and told Mr. Price, who then sent for the constable ; there is no path in that meadow, nor within two hundred yards of the spot.—Elizabeth Jones, wife of John Jones, of the Pant, was next examined, and stated : The remains of the body, which were this morning shown to me in the Vorlan meadow, are, to the best of my belief, those of James Powell, who used occasionally to lodge at our house ; I recognised it chiefly from a piece of flannel, which I had sewn on the wristband of his smock, about fortnight or three weeks before he last left our house; the face and limbs were so entirely destroyed by dogs or carrion birds that it would be quite impossible to recognize the body but by the dress; I saw him alive five weeks tomorrow, just before a heavy fall of snow; he left our house about mid-day, but did not say where he was going; his occupation was that of mole-catcher, which took him good deal about the country ; he has been in the habit of occasionally lodging with us for several years, but he was more with us this winter than usual ; I had frequently heard him say that, whilst he was about the country, he was in the habit of sleeping in any barn or hovel that was at hand; he was in receipt of parish relief ; he owed me two shillings when he left, but he said he had no money by him; he was of exceedingly penurious habits, but I have heard that a man, named Edward Jones, found five shillings and a penny upon him this morning ; in my opinion, he was of weak intellect, but quite harmless; can only account for his death in the place in which he was found by supposing that he either lost his way in the nighttime, or lay in the ditch from having been taken ill.— The Edward Jones referred to by the last witness, who was one of the jury, confirmed the statement as to his finding the five shillings and penny in the pocket of the corpse, as also a tobacco-box.—Thomas Lewis, another juryman, stated that he had known the deceased for some years about the neighbourhood of Llanartli, and that he was in the habit of sleeping in barns.—Ann, the wife of James Saunders, having been sworn, stated: On examining the clothes of the deceased to-day, I found his waistcoat pockets filled with wheat, which was growing; I also found a chestnut in another pocket bursting into growth showing that the body must have lain in the ditch some weeks. —This being the whole of the evidence, the Coroner summed up, and a verdict of "Found Dead" was returned.


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