Llangattock Lingoed Geneaology: Tudor Quarter Sessions

Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions and Gaol Deliveries 1576-77

(Ben Howell, Law and Disorder in Tudor Monmouthshire, Merton Priory Press, Cardiff, 1995)

These are the entries for the parish of Llangattock Lingoed (alternatively Clennyg) found in these surviving records. Two of them concern separate accusations of entering the enclosed land of the same individual; the third is what appears to be a case of an unlicensed alehouse.

(Newport) (Entry by force) That Elizabeth Williams, widow, of Llangattock Clennyg, Howell ap Rees, labourer, and Lewis Williams, labourer, of the same place, ejected James John Richards of Llangattock aforesaid, on 3rd January.

(Abergavenny) Record of an indictment at the preceding Epiphany session at Newport that Elizabeth Williams, widow, Howell ap Rees, labourer, and Lewis Williams, labourer, all of Llangattock Clennyg on 3rd January of the present year entered and took possession of an enclosure of land belonging to James John Richards, keeping out the owner in disregard of a statute of 8 Henry VI; the defendants appeared and 'they say that they are in no way guilty thereof and that no one of them is guilty thereof in the form as by the aforesaid indictment . . . And concerning this matter they put themselves severally on the country . . . Accordingly order is made of the Sheriff of the County that he should cause to come before the Justices at the next general session of the peace . . . to be held at Bergavenny . . . on the Tuesday next after the Close of Easter next occurring, 12 etc. . . . The same day is appointed for the aforementioned Elizabeth, Howell, and Lewis, etc.'

On the appointed day (that of the present Session) the Sheriff. Rees Morgan, Esquire,returns his 'writ in order' fully executed in all points with a panel of 24 names attached to the same writ or order. Twelve of these are sworn; Henry Howell of Llangattock, Roger James, Nicholas ap  Richard, James Prichard, William Lawrence, Morgan Philip Jenkins, David Morgan, David Prosser, James Howell ap Howell, William Thomas ap John, William ap Jenkin Rosser, and John Thomas ap Jenkin David. These 'say on their oath that the aforesaid Elizabeth Williams, Howell ap Rees, and Lewis Williams are not guilty of the aforesaid trespass, riot, unlawful assembly and entry by main force . . . Therefore it is granted by the Court that the aforesaid Elizabeth Williams, Howell ap Rees and Lewis Williams . . . should be acquitted.'

(Caerleon) Indictment of one John Rees ap Howell Gronowe of Llangattock Llyngoyed, yeoman, that he on 25th April broke and entered the close of a certain James John Richards at Llangattock and with animals of his, viz. a horse and  a mare, grazed, trampled and consumed grass belonging to the said James and inflicted other enormities on him to the grave hurt of the said James.
Therefore it is granted by the court that the aforesaid John Rees ap Howell Gronowe shall go acquitted of the aforesaid trespass.

(Abergavenny) Henry Phillips, yeoman, Margery ferch John, spinster, and Madock ap Rees, all of Llangattock Clenyg, sold bread, ale, and other victuals without the licence of the Justices, on 6th April.

(Usk) Henry Phillips of Llangattock Clennyg, Margaret ferch John, spinster, and Madoc ap Rees, both also of Llangattock Clennyg, . . . all yeoman except where otherwise stated, required to answer concerning divers trespasses and contempts.

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