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Testator Dated Proved Ref.
Arnold ap Arnold 28 Dec 1732 14 May 1734 LL1734-64
John Arnold 18 Apr 1688 18 Apr 1689 LL 1689-65 (Note)
John Arnold   20 Apr 1738 LL1738-73
John Arnold   15 Oct 1765 LL1765-71
Walter Beavan, Yeoman   1824 LL1824-58
Joseph Browne, Joiner 5 Dec 1789   GWCM
Blanch Christopher, Widow   13 Oct 1772 LL1772-63
Phillip Christopher, Yeoman   16 Oct 1764 LL1764-61
Arnold Davies, Yeoman   27 April 1697  
Elizabeth Davies, Widow   12 Oct 1762 LL1762-70
James Davies 6 Jan 1758 13 Apr 1758  
Thomas Davies (or Davyis)   25 Jun 1649 LL1647-19
William Davies, Farmer   1825 LL1825-55
Joseph Edwards, Skenfrith   1810 LL1810-113
Daniel Elias   5 Jul 1709 LL1709-110
Philip Evans, Labourer   1847 LL1847-105
Thomas Evans, Vicar/Clerk 17 Jul 1704 2 Oct 1711 LL1711-66
Thomas Evans   1818 LL1818-59
David George   26 Apr 1748 LL1748-59
Morris Griffith, Gent. 13 Jun 1640 29 Oct 1640 LL1640-62
John Hughes   1822 LL1822-56
Margaret Hugh(es)   9 May 1674 LL1674-45
Catherine James, Widow   1837 LL1837-74
Edward James   9 May 1693 LL1693-87
Edward James   1804 LL1804-58
Harry James (alias Prichard) 4 Feb 1684 24 Apr 1684 LL1684-87
Henry James   9 May 1750 LL1750-77
James ap James   5 Oct 1685 LL1685-119
John James   1810 LL1810-58
Jane Jenkins   30 Sep 1704 LL1704-79
Moor(e) Jenkins   12 May 1736 LL1736-64
David Jones   1762 LL1762-71
James Jones of Lower Kethlea 8 Oct 1859   GWCM
John Jones, Carpenter   1851 LL1851-108
William Jones of Llantillio Grossenny   1800 LL1800-50
David Lewis   23 ?? 1748/9 LL1748-60
Thomas Lewis, Farmer   1810 LL1810-59
William Lewis   30 Oct 1750 LL1750-78
William Lewis, Farmer   1810 LL1810-60
Charles Lloyd   10 Oct 1727 LL1727-123
Charles Lloyd, Yeoman   6 Apr 1793 LL1793-62
David Lloyd of Old Court, Gent.   1806 LL1806-59
Hestor (or Hector) Lloyd   17 Apr 1722 LL1722-79
Jane Lloyd, Spinster   1808 LL1808-70
Charles Morgan 6 May 1728 6 Sep? 1732 LL1732-89
David Morgan, Farmer   1841 LL1841-66
Edward Morgan 19 Apr 1657 6 May 1658 PROB 11/278
Edward Morgan  


James Morgan, Yeoman, late of Calleyea 30 May 1816 22 Mar 1843 PROB 11/1976
John Morgan   11 Oct 1721 LL1721-97
John Morgan   23 Apr 1757 LL1751-59
Mary Morgan, Widow 10 Jul 1731 24 Dec 1731 PROB 11/648
Phillip Morgan, Gentleman 23 Jan 1653 21 Feb 1654 PROB 11/239
Thomas Morgan, Bart. 16 Oct 1676 7 Jun 1679 PROB 11/360
Thomas Morice or Maurice, Clerk 20 Jul 1640 17 Jun 1650 PROB 11/212
Thomas Mor(r)is   18 Jul 1644 LL1644-30
Henry Phillips, Yeoman 4 Mar 1718 3 Nov 1719 PROB 11/571
James Powell   1641 LL1641-49
Jane Powell   1738 LL1738-74
Rachell Powell, Widow of Llanvetherine 13 Jul 1698 14 Jan 1703 PROB 11/468
Thomas Powell, Gentleman 16 Nov 1656 11 Feb 1657 PROB 11/261
David Price, Labourer   1823 LL1823-58
James Price, Labourer   1830 LL1830-58
John Price of The Henllys, Tregaer 20 Jul 1697 21 Oct 1698  
Ann Prichard 4 Oct 1669 9 Nov 1669 LL1669-93
Elizabeth Prichard 5 May 1742 6 May 1742 LL1742-97
Elizabeth Prichard, Widow 20 Sep 1756 12 Feb 1757 LL1757-62
Elizon Prichard 1 May 1661 10 Oct 1661 LL1661-70
Harry Prichard (see Harry James) 4 Feb 1684 24 Apr 1684 LL1684-87
James Prichard, Gent. 10 Mar 1777 16 Apr 1777 LL1777-68
John Prichard, Gent 11 May 1668 13 Oct 1670 LL1670-78
John Prichard, yeoman 3 Jan 1708 25 Jan 1709 LL1708-121
John Prichard 7 Jul 1713 3 May 1715 LL1715-63
John Prichard, Yeoman 4 Feb 1793 16 Apr 1793 LL1793-63
Lewis (or Lewys) Prichard, yeoman 10 Jan 1627 15 Jul 1629 LL1629-27
William Prichard 22 Apr 1661 16 Oct 1661 LL1661-71
William Prichard, Abergavenny, Gent. 8 Jul 1735 31 Mar 1737 LL1737-10
William Prichard 30 Jan 1806? 2 Nov 1810 LL1806-60/1809-56
William Pritchard, Grosmont, labourer   19 Feb 1856 PROB 11/2227/269
William Probert   20 Jan 1616 LL1606-7
Thomas John Richards   29 Apr 1707 LL1707-91
Margaret(t) Smallman   21 Feb 1716 LL1716-72
Humfrey Tayler, Gentleman of Panteague 4 Jan 1667 12 Nov 1670 PROB 11/334
John Tate, Gentleman of Poole Hall 30 Apr 1714 25 Nov 1718 PROB 11/566
John Thomas   25 Jan 1708/9 LL1708-121
Thomas Tuder 13 Jul 1742 14 Jun 1743 PROB 11/727
William Vaughan, Farmer   1807 LL1807-70
James Waters (or Walter)   24 Apr 1691 LL1691-56
Margaret(t) Waters   25 Apr 1694 LL1694-116
John Watkins, Yeoman 1 Jun 1777 7 Oct 1777 LL1777-69
John Watkins, Gentleman of Poolhall 8 Dec 1779 9 Mar 1780
PROB 11/1063
John Watkins of The Cwm, Yeoman 4 Mar 1817 13 Oct 1818 LL1818-60
Samuel Watkins of Pool-hall, gent. 14 Nov 1772 27 Apr 1773 LL1773-70
William Watkins, Cordwainer 11 Feb 1836 17 Sep 1836 PROB 11/1867
Abraham Williams of Llantillio Crossenny   1803 LL1803-65
Griffith Williams, Clerk, Canon of Hereford Cathedral 12 Jul 1571 17 Jan 1574 PROB 11/56
James Williams, Gentleman 27 Oct 1677 11 Feb 1678 PROB 11/356
Thomas William, Gentleman 30 Sep 1650 7 Jun 1651 PROB 11/217
James John Williams   22 Jan 1640 LL1640-63
William Williams, Blacksmith   1838 LL1838-68

Note: Damaged and not digitised

Wills with a PROB reference were proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and copies are available online from the National Archives. Those with an LL reference were proved at Llandaff and digital copies can be viewed online at the National Library of Wales.

Griffith Williams 1571/74 Refers to Richard Bourchier (step-son-in-law), Emanuell Crouche, John Crouche (nephew), Howell Fletcher (cousin), Margarett Fletcher (cousin's daughter), Maude Fletcher (cousin's daughter), John Ap Howell (nephew), William James, William Jenkyne (cousin), Watkyn ap John (cousin's father), Richarde Thomas Lewes, Katherine Warren (step-daughter), Richard Warren (son-in-law), Thomas Warren (wife's former husband), John Watkyn (cousin), Agnes Williams (wife), Alice Williams (niece), James Williams (nephew), Johan Williams (wife of John), John Williams (brother, nephew) (Witnesses: John Angell, Thomas Pyrrye, John Browne.)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Lewis Prichard 1627 Refers to David Lewis and David Lewis's children: Elizabeth (eldest daughter), Margaret verch David, Elizon (eldest son), George, Thomas, Rosser, Mauld verch David (youingest daughter), William (youngest son) and Ann; also to a reputed daughter Joan. (Witnesses: John Price, Elizon David, Daniell Price. Inventory: John Prosser, Thomas William, John Prichard.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Morris Griffith 1640 Refers to wife Rose, grandfather Thomas Morris, sister Katherine, her husband John Hanbury and their daughter Rose. Also to James Powell, John Powell, Walter Pye and Edward Morgan. (Witnesses: William Evans Clerke, Rich[ard] James, James Prichard, William Powell, Lewis Williams.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Thomas Maurice 1640/50 Refers to: Katherine Hanbury (grandchild), Rose Hanbury (grandchild), Margaret Lewis, Daniell Marrice (reputed son), Margarett Morrice (wife), Elizabeth Price, Lewis William Probert, Alice Reynolds (great-grandchild), Hester Reynolds (great-grandchild), Jane Reynolds (grandchild/great-grandchild), John Reynolds (great-grandchild), Roger Reynolds, Thomas Reynolds (great-grandchild), William Reynolds (great-grandchild), Henry Richards, Thomas William. (Witnesses: William Evans, James Hughes, Edward Morgan, John Prichard, Lewis William Probert.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Thomas William 1650/51 Refers to: John Gomond, Giles Griffith, Walter James (cousin), William David John, William Jones, James William (son), Jayne, Johan William (daughter), Katherine William (wife), Mary William, Walter William. (Witnesses: John Arnold, John James, Walter James, William David John.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Phillip Morgan 1653/4 Refers to: Henry Delahay, Charles Morgan (son), Thomas Morgan (son), John Powell, Thomas Powell, John William. (Witnesses: William Lewis, John Parry, John Powell, James Prawling.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Thomas Powell 1656/7 Refers to: Anne Powell (wife/daughter), Arnold Powell (son), Frances Powell (daughter), John Powell (son), Griffis Powell (son), Mavis Powell (daughter), Rose Powell (daughter), John Thomas, John Watkin. (Witnesses: Lewis Morgan, Thomas Powell, John Thomas.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Edward Morgan 1658 Refers to: John Martin Corbish, Edward Davies, John Hughes, Charles Morgan (son/grandchild), Edward Morgan (grandchild), Elizabeth Morgan, Jane Morgan (grandchild), Mary Morgan (grandchild), Thomas Morgan (grandchild), William Morgan, Anne Powell (grandchild), Bridgett Powell (grandchild), Elizabeth Powell (grandchild), James ap John William Powell, John Powell (grandchild), Mary Powell (grandchild), Sheldon Powell (son-in-law), Thomas Powell, Watkin John Price, James Pritchard, John Pritchard, William Pritchard, Andrew Probert, Roger Reignallds, Morgan Watkin. (Witnesses: John Hughes, John Jones, William Lawford, Sheldon Powell, Walter Powell.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

William Prichard 1661 Refers to his wife Anne, daughter Mary and sister Mary; also to Harry Prichard and godchild Anne. (Witnesses: Anne Powell, John Watkin, James Price, William Howell, Margarett Watkin. Inventory: Thomas John Prichard, James Morgan, Phillip Jones - also overseer.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Elizon Prichard 1661 Refers to his wife Johan and children James, William, Mary, Anne and Jane. (Witnesses: John Prichard, John Price, William Prichard, David Jones, William Price.)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Humfrey Tayler 1667/70 According to Bradney (I:252n), the will mentions: "Ann, daughter of Mr. Richard Hanbury; John, son of Mr. Capel Hanbury; Rosamond, my wife; my cousin Anthony Taylor; my brother Richard Taylor of Gloucester, mercer; my cousin Hester Biggs of Bath; my cousin Elinor Ford of Bath".  BACK TO TABLE

John Prichard 1668/70 Refers to: Thomas Prichard (brother) and his daughters and grandchildren. (Witnesses: John Arnold, James Prichard, James Davies, Arnold Davies, John Prichard.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Ann Prichard 1668/69 Refers to: Phillip James (son-in-law), Thomas (brother) and his daughters Margarett and Jane, Catherine and Magdelen (sisters), Mary the daughter of William Lewis and Bennett (servant). (Witnesses: Henry James, Morgan James.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

James Williams 1677/8 Refers to: Samuell Griffyth, John Hughes (brother-in-law), Charles Morgan, Henry Phillipp, Charles Powell, Elizabeth Powell, Walter Powell, William Powell, Charles Price, widdow Price, William Pritchard, William Thomas, Mary Waters, Thomas William, James Williams (son), Walter Williams (son). (Witnesses: John Greenhaugh, Cirill Hayles, John Hughes, William Morgan, Thomas Powell.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION    BACK TO TABLE

Thomas Morgan 1676/9 Refers to: John Baynes, James Cooxye, Richard Cholmely (brother[in-law]), Peter Griffith, Griffith Gwillham, William James, - Lingen (sister), John Lingen (brother-in-law/nephew), Delariviere Morgan (wife/daughter), Charles Morgan (son), Cholmley Morgan (son), James Morgan (son/cousin), John Morgan (son), Lewis Morgan, Howard Nicholls, John Parry (cousin), Richard Parry (cousin), James Penoyr, Francis Reece, John Reece, David Smith, John Smith. (Witnesses: H. Hatsell, Edward Norris, Margaret Moore, Sister Norris, Thomas Norris.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Harry James (alias Prichard) 1684 Refers to Ann (wife), Richard (son), Ann (daughter), James Roberts and Charles Lloyd. (Witnesses: Arnold Powell, Walter Roberts. Inventory: William Prichard, Thomas Powell, Thomas John Richard, Thomas Robert.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

John Arnold 1688/9 Bradney (I:259) gives no details of this will, other than that he left his land to his nephew Arnold ap Arnold.  BACK TO TABLE

Arnold Davies 1697 According to Bradney (I:225) the will refers to his wife Margaret and son JohnBACK TO TABLE

John Price 1698 According to Bradney (II:72) his will refers to his niece Jane Prichard, daughter of Wm. Prichard of Llangattock Clennig, gent.; a codicil refers to William Prichard of Kellye.  BACK TO TABLE

Rachel Powell 1698/1703 Refers to: Charity Audley (granddaughter), Walter Cecill (brother), Elizabeth Nicholas (granddaughter), Francis Powell (daughter), Rachel Powell (daughter), William Powell (son), Elizabeth Sheares (daughter), Mary Stevens (granddaughter), John William. (Witnesses: Francis Hoskins, James Powell.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Thomas Evans 1704/11 Refers to Blanche Evans (wife), Rachael Jones, Elizabeth Jones and Mary Jones ( nieces), Evan Jones, Francis Jones, Anthony Jones and Thomas Jones (nephews) and Richard Prichard (servant). (Witnesses: John Morgan, Lawrence Cecill, Richard James.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

John Prichard 1708 Refers to sister Joan James, brother Richard, nephew Morgan Pritchard, niece Mary Pritchard. (Witnesses: James Springett, Arnold ap Arnold, Richard James. Appraisors: Charles Powell, William Watkins, John Morgan.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

John Prichard 1713/15 Refers to wife Elizabeth, son John, daughters Elizabeth, Susan and Mary, brothers James and William. (Witnesses: Michael Morgan (servant). Appraisors: Charles Powell, Thomas Davies.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

John Tate 1714/18 Refers to: Elizabeth Powell (neice), James Powell (nephew), John Powell (nephew), Katherine Powell (neice), Rachel Powell (neice), William Powell (brother-in-law), Zouch Powell (nephew). (Witnesses: Andrew James, Thomas Powell, Mary Price.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Henry Phillips 1718/19 Refers to: George George, Catherine Phillips (wife), John Phillips (son), Mary Phillips (sister), James Price, Henry Watkins, Sibill Watkins (mother). (Witnesses: Thomas Gwillim, Samuel Rawlins, Catherine Watkins.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Charles Morgan 1728/32 According to Bradney (I:257), in the will his estate is left to his cousin Richard Tudor. He also left "£4 per annum charged on his fee-farm lands in the said parish, of which 40s. was to be for the poor not receiving alms and 40s. for four poor housekeepers living in the said parish, to be distributed every Easter Eve or Easter Monday in the church porch".   BACK TO TABLE

Mary Morgan 1731 Refers to: Sarah Andrew, Walter Andrew, Judith Bevan (niece), William Bevan (brother), Henry David, Mary David, Charles Edwards, Judith Edwards (niece), Jane Lewis, Morgan Lewis, Anne Mills (sister), Charles Mills (nephew), Joseph Mills (nephew), Judith Mills (niece), Thomas Mills (brother-in-law), William Mills (nephew), James Morgan Tudor, Howell Powell, Howell Thomas. (Witnesses:James David, John Price, Elizabeth Townsend.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Eizabeth Prichard 1742 Bond, refers to: James Prichard (son), Thomas Powel of Bergavenny    FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Thomas Tuder 1742/3 Refers to: Anna Joanna Hales, Stephen Hales, James Tudor Morgan (brother), Katherine Morgan (neice), Martha Morgan (neice/wife of James), Richard Tudor (brother). (Deponents: Joshua Barras, Mary Cooper.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Elizabeth Prichard 1757 Late of Calea [Kellea], now Abergavenny. Refers to her kinsman Samuel Saunders.Witnesses Ann Mark, Theos. Morgan   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

James Davies 1758 According to Bradney (II:47) James Davies of Penbiddle in his will left “The moiety of mess. and lands in Llangattock Lingoed, called Thomas John Richard's farm, late in the possession of William Thomas of the yearly value of 5l. now in mortgage to David Wilton of London, plasterer, by assignment from James Grundy of London, deceased, for the sum of three score and eleven pounds, to my brother Edward Davies of Chepstow and my son James Davies of the same”.  BACK TO TABLE

David Hopkins 1769/71 Refers to: Elizabeth Hopkins (neice-in-law), Hopkins, Nicholas Hopkins (nephew), <Lesle T?> Morgan, W. Philip Price, Ann Taylor, Mary Taylor (neice), John Hopkins (nephew). (Witnesses: Bethinia Davies, John Hughes, Sara Morgan.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

James Prichard 1777 Refers to Sarah Prichard (wife), Ann Howells (neice), her husband John Howells and their son James Howells, Elizabeth Jones and William Jones (cousins), his wife Mary Jones, Ann Prichard (servant) and Thomas Jones. (Witnesses: Roger Phillips, William Morgan, B. Gabb.)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

John Watkins 1777 Refers to Sibbil Watkins (wife), John Watkins and William Watkins (sons) and Sibbil Nicholas, Mary Thomas, Margaret Watkins, Blanch Watkins and Elizabeth Gunter (daughters). (Witnesses: William Watkins, Henry James, B. Gabb.)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

John Watkins 1779 Refers to John Firby and John Forkner (both attorneys of Pensacola, Florida), Richard Forman, Elizabeth Watkins (mother), Hugh Watkins (brother), James Watkins (brother), Richard Watkins (brother) and Samuel Watkins (nephew, son of James). (Witnesses: David Lloyd and Baker Gabb.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION   BACK TO TABLE

Joseph Browne 1783 Refers to his wife Mary and her sisters Mary Howell and Sarah Ford.   BACK TO TABLE

John Prichard 1793 Refers to John Prichard (son), Mary Watkins (daughter) and her son John Watkins and daughter Ann Wakins, and Catherine Prichard (wife). (Witnesses: Hugh Watkins, Edward Davies and David Evans.)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

William Prichard 1806 Refers to Thomas Prichard, David Prichard, William Prichard and John Prichard (sons), John Prichard (father) and Samuel Prichard. (Witnesses: Thomas Evans, Thomas Prichard, John Prichard.) It appears that the will was at first lost and sons David and John signed bonds as joint administrators.   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

John Watkins 1817 Refers to Sarah Watkins (wife), Sarah Taylor (daughter), Ann Watkins (granddaughter), John Watkins (son-in-law), Elizabeth Gunter (sister, wife of William Gunter), Samuel Phillips, Thomas Grafton, Peter Jones. (Witnesses: Thomas Price, Thomas Jones, John Williams)   FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

William Watkins 1836 Refers to: Thomas Davis, John Taylor (cousin), Elizabeth Watkins (wife). (Witnesses: James Lloyd, James Saunders, William Smith.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

James Jones 1833/8 Refers to: Ann Jones (wife/granddaughter), Eleanor Jones (daughter), George Jones (son), James Jones (son), Thomas Jones (son), Ann Millet (daughter), Sarah Tailor (daughter). (Witnesses: John Gwillim, Samuel Gwillim, Elizabeth Powell.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

Elenor Jones 1838/9 Refers to: James Jones (brother), John Price (son-in-law), Mary Ann Price (daughter). (Witnesses: John Gwillim, Edward James.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

James Morgan 1816/43 Refers to: Ann Morgan (daughter), James Morgan (son), Lesley Morgan (son), Philip Morgan (son-in-law), Margaret Watkins (daughter), Thomas Watkins (son-in-law). (Witnesses: William Hughes, Thomas Jones, John Williams.)  FULL TRANSCRIPTION  BACK TO TABLE

William Pritchard 1856 Refers to daughter Margaret Browne, wife to William Browne publican in the parish of Langattock Lingoed  BACK TO TABLE

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