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HANDIBOE'S-LEWIS' b. DC. I have some info. on some HANDIBOE'S & LEWIS' & their ancestors, mostly in the DC/MD/NC/VA/NY/OH/CA/TX area's as well as Germany, Ireland & Finland etc.


I have been doing some research mostly on the LEWIS'S & other "surnames"- as the HANDIBOE'S up till @1995 had been pretty much researched and there was already a GEDCOM from which to obtain information. The GEDCOM I have been using was done by a Sister Margaret HOFFMAN, OSF- who was in Columbus, Ohio. The GEDCOM was "dedicated to the Descendants of James & Mary WALSH-HANDIBOE who were both born in Ireland. James & Mary left Ireland in 1832-& came to Ohio via Canada.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

HANDIBOE-LEWIS' DC/MD/VA mostly (http://www.handiboe-lewis.com)
HANDIBOE-LEWIS' (http://www.lmhandiboe.com)
HANDIBOE-LEWIS' (http://www.swamp-vines.com)

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