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Welcome to our Home Page of the PEARSON-LAYTON and the MATTLE-O'NEILL Families. The family descendants are a blend of several nationalities. We are all Americans. The countries that we represent are: England, Switzerland and Ireland; with the English ancestry being in the majority.


Layton-Pearson Ancestry Surname List. This is the Master SurnameList of the families with origins in England. It contains over 1826 Surnames with 8007 given names of 2773 family units.  Please feel free to browse the surname index for any connection to your ancestors. Advise me of any family connections so that I may update this List. Click here for the surname list.

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Mattle - O'Neill Ancestry Surname List. This is the Surname List of the Mattle and O'Neill families with origins in Switzerland and Ireland and is under construction at this time.. It contains over xxxxx Surnames with xxx given names of xxx family units.continue2

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LP45 Hello, I'm Lloyd Pearson, living near Sacramento, CA. That's me in the photo when I was 15. I am married 32 years to a wonderful woman, Ellen Marie (MATTLE). We have two beautiful children, Lynn Marie living in Florida, and Charles Lloyd living in Citrus Heights and in college. Lynn and her husband, Michael, presented us with a lovely grandchild, Maxwell Paul, age 5 and a granddaughter, Sydney Marie now 2. Charles is pursuing a college degree in microbiology at the California State University. Lloyd's ancestors, the PEARSON and the LAYTON, came from England. Information on these Family Surnames and Family Crest can be viewed at the Pearsonand Layton pages.


 Ellen is a first generation child of parents born in Switzerland and Ireland.  Her father, Anton  MATTLE, emigrated from  Switzerland to America in 1905 with his parents when he was 3 years old.   The large family settled in southern New Jersey where they earned a living truck farming. Ellen's mother (O'NEILL) emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia, PA. in 1924, where her two sisters and one brother lived.  The Swiss father and Irish mother met and were married in 1934. Ellen is about 9 months old in this photo. Information on the surnames and Coat-of-Arms of these families can be viewed at the Mattle and the O'Neill pages.

My twin brother Floyd, pictured at left with me, lives in Southern Calif. He has been researching the past 15 years our paternal and maternal ancestry of English descent, mainly the PEARSON-LAYTON line. He got my wife and me interested in genealogy about 5 years ago. He is now in the process of finalizing the fourth edition of the Layton Family History. The first being printed in 1913, the second in 1948, and the third in 1985. Documentation for the fourth printing is in the finial editing stage and should be printed in late1998. The second edition of the Layton History can be viewed at Layton, which includes selected photographs.

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Links to Genealogy Sites. I have many links relating mainly to genealogy. These are the links that that I use most often. The links are placed into broad subject categories. As you know, web links come-and-go with some regularity. I will try to keep up with the changes in these Web pages.


Surnames, Origins and Historyand Family Coats of Arms.



  1. Pearson-Layton-- Photographs of Lloyd's family and ancestors.
  2. Mattle-O'Neill-- Photographs of Ellen's family and ancestors.
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My Father's Military Unit History: W.W.I

    Charles was a medical corpsman attached to Base Hospital No. 108, a division of Mesves Hospital Center, Mesves-Bulcey, France.  The unit spent 10 months treating the wounded and sick soldiers evacuated from the battle front of France and Germany. Major H. A. Fiske wrote a brief history of the Base Hospital No. 108 activities from its formation in August 1918 to its termination in July 1919.     The unit's history is divided into four parts for easy reading.  All can be accessed at Base Hospital  which gives a brief synopsis of the unit's history.


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All contents copyright (C) 1997.March 1998, Lloyd Pearson. All rights reserved.


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All contents copyright (C) 1997.March 1998, Lloyd Pearson. All rights reserved.