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The St. Paul's Cemetery of Burt County, Nebraska is a very small, less than 20 graves, rural cemetery, with minimal maintenance, located about 1 mile west and 3 miles north of Uehling, NE. This Web-Site contains a record of the people buried in this cemetery. In 1879 Simon Kerl deeded the land for a church and cemetery. The cemetery was established in 1886. Nothing remains of any buildings that had been erected at the site.

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Name on Tombstone = Ellinghausen, Auguste Luisa
Tochter Diedrich & Sophia Ellinghausen

Dates on Tombstone = 9 Tage        08-11-1887

Augusta Luisa Ellinghausen was born on Aug. 2, 1887 to Diedrich &
Sophia (Rehling) Ellinghausen.  Augusta died 9 days later on Aug.
11, 1887 and is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery, Burt County,

Diedrich Ellinghausen and Sophia Rehling were married on Oct. 24,
1881 at St. John's Lutheran Church north of Hooper, NE. Sophia
Rehling had the folowing brothers and sisters: Mrs. Hermine
Munderloh, Mrs. Gesiene Heineman, a brother in Idaho and Fred.  

Diedrich & Sophia were the parents of the following children:
1. Gesina Johanna, born on 9-25-1882
2. Auguste Louise, born on 8-2-1887 died on 8-11-1887 
   buried at St. Paul's cemetery in Burt County, northwest of Uehling, NE.
3. Johann Heinrich, born on 10-16-1889 died on 9-13-1948 at Orange Co., CA.
4. August Karl, born on 2-20-1893 died on 12-4-1947 at Orange Co., CA
5. Ella Katharine, born on 4-19-1896 died on 11-29-1978 at Orange Co., CA.

Diedrich Ellinghausen was born on Dec. 2, 1852 and died on Dec. 28,
1916.  He is buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery north of Hooper,
NE.  His wife, Sophia Rehling Ellinghausen, was born on 9-13-1860 in
Oldenburg, Germany, and died in Orange County, California on Sept.
18, 1945.  She is buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Orange
County, California. She was also survived by the folowing brothers
and sisters: Mrs. Hermine Munderloh, Mrs. Gesiene Heineman, and
Fred, all of California, plus a sister-in-law, Mrs. Anna Rehling 
of Idaho. 

Source: California Death Record
ELLINGHAUSEN ELLA KATHRYN 04/19/1896 F NEBRASKA ORANGE 11/29/1978 82 yrs.    

Obituary for Sophia Ellinghausen
1899 News Extracts Oakland Independent Oakland, Burt Co., Nebraska INJURY: Ellinghausen, August: Feb 3, 1899: p 4: c 3: Summerville Little boy of D. Ellinghausen, chopped his thumb off with a hatchet, and it was sewed on again. INJURY: Ellinghausen, D: Mar 17, 1899: p 8: c 1: Summerville Had fallen from water tank and broke his ribs, is doing nicely again and will soon be around again. Note: Kathie Munderloh sent some of this information to me on 11-24-2003. ELLINGHAUSEN, AUGUSTE LUISA *************************************************************************** Name on Tombstone = Heitshusen J. & K. Dates on Tombstone = 04-03-1892 Biography By Harry H. Wagner An unnamed child of John & Kathrine Heitshusen is buried here. John Gerhardt Heitshusen was born in Oldenburg, Germany on Jan 2, 1853. Kathrine Roth was both born in Germany on Nov. 25, 1855. John emigrated to the USA at the age of 15 and Kathrine emigrated to the USA at the age of 19. John Gerhardt Heitshusen and Kathrine Roth were married at Homestead, IA. They lived in the Sommerville area of Dodge County, NE for about 20 years. John died at the Swedish Hospital in Omaha on Sept. 23, 1903. Kathrine died On Aug. 22, 1925. Both John and Kathrine are buried at the St. John's Lutheran Cemetery north of Hooper, NE.hhw John & Kathrine were the parents of the following children: 1. Anna Marie S. 6-2-1883 > 3-16-1941 Res-Santa Anna, CA (m * Hermann D. Heineman 3-19-1879 > 1-2-1960 Res-Anaheim, CA) 2. Maria W. (Minnie) 11-28-1884 > 11-25-1969 Buried-Hooper (m 1904 Herman Suhr 12-19-1878 > 8-25-1955 Buried-Hooper) 3. Emma M. S. 11-10-1886 > 6-12-1970 Buried-Memorial (m1 # John A. Heyne 4-25-1883 > 9-22-1907 COD=Wild pitch, Buried-St. Paul's, Hooper) (m2 1913 Chris Hoegemeyer 5-2-1878 > 6-7-1958 Buried-Memorial) 4. Johanna G. 3-23-1888 (m 1912 George Meyer) 5. Maria H. 3-6-1890 Res-Uehling (m 1913 Walter Miller 8-9-1883 > 3-?-1966 Res-Uehling) 6. Unnamed b&d 4-3-1892 Buried-St. Paul's Cem., Burt Co., NE 7. Henry Res-Lyons (m 1906 Emma Hoegemeyer Res-Lyons) 8. John 1-6-1894 > 10-31-1979 Buried-West Point (m Theressa) 9. Katherine (m * William D. Brugemann) 10. William 1-22-1896 > 5-4-1980 Res-Scribner (m 1926 Alma Meyer 8-23-1904 > 8-1-1991 Res-Scribner) * Burt County Marriage Book 4 6-11-1897 > 9-28-1903 # Burt County Marriage Book 5 10-9-1903 > 12-10-1910 ******************************************************************* Name on Tombstone = Diedrich G. Kuhlman Dates on Tombstone = 04-10-1816 07-16-1889 Biography by Harry H. Wagner Diedrich Gerhard and Anna (Clayman) Kuhlman are the parents of 4 children: (1) Diedrich may have been born on 11-29-1858 in Germany, and he may have been a witness at his brother's wedding on 2-27-1880. Diedrich is buried at St. Paul's cemetery in Burt County, Nebraska. (2) Anna may have been born on 12-19-1861 in Germany. She is buried near her parents and brother at St. Paul's cemetery in Burt County, Nebraska. (3) John Herman Dietrich Kuhlman born on 9-16-1856 at Oldenburg, Germany, and died on 8-13-1912 at Omaha, Nebraska. John married Gesine Monnich on 2-27-1880. Their marriage license was issued in Dodge County, Nebraska. The marriage was witnessed by Dietr Kuhlman and Dorth Monnich. John & Gesine are buried at St. Paul's Cemetery north of Hooper, Nebraska. (4) Johann Gerhard Heinrich Kuhlman born on 10-23-1853 at Hatten, Oldenburg, Germany. Date and place of death are not known. Diedrich Gerhard Kuhlman was born on 4-10-1816 in Germany, and died on 7- 16-1889 in Nebraska. He is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery, Burt County, Nebraska. Diedrich Gerhard Kuhlman, John D. Kuhlman, Johann Gerhard Kuhlman, Katharine Kuhlman Eggers, Abel Kuhlman, Johann Kuhlman, Heinrich Kuhlman and Anna Kuhlman are the children of Abel Gerhard and Anna Catherine(Tabken) Kuhlman. hhw There was another Diedrich Kuhlman family in the area and I record the following information about them since it might be useful to someone; Diedrich and Catherine Kuhlman had the following children; 1. Sophia born abt 1870 in Gr m John D. G. Rinderhagen 27 on 3-15- 1889 2. Hannah born abt 1872 in Gr m John Dinklage 25 on 3-12-1891 Source: California Death Record READ HELEN M 04/24/1901 KUHLMAN RINDERHAGEN F OKLAHOMA SAN FRANCISCO(38) 03/16/1982 BOETTGER HELEN CATHERINE 03/01/1897 KUHLMAN DINKLAGE F NEBRASKA HUMBOLDT 08/30/1990 93 yrs diedrichgerhardkuhlman1868 KUHLMAN, DIEDRICH GERHARD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Name on Tombstone = Kuhlman Anna C. (Clayman) Dates on Tombsone = 09-19-1878 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Name on Tomstone = Kuhlman Son Diedrich Dates on Tombstone = None - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Name on Tombstone = Kuhlman Daughter Anna Dates on Tombstone = None ***************************************************************** johndkuhlmantombstone Name on Tombstone = John D. Kuhlman Dates on Tombstone = 01-12-1827 11-24-1917 Biography by Harry H.Wagner John D. Kuhlman was born at Oldenburg, Germany on January 12, 1827. He married Catherine Stover in Germany and they emigrated to the USA in 1871. They crossed the ocean on the ship "Rhein" and landed in New York on April 15, 1871. A 6 year old girl named Anna traveled with them and it would appear that she was their daughter. However, this is the only reference to this child that could be found. Three 16 year old youths, from the same village, also appear to have travelled with the Kuhlmans. Their names are; Marie Stoever, Gesine Moennich and Henry Memderloh. John D. and Catherine were the parents of a son, John D. G., born on July 7 1877 in Burt County, Nebraska. It appears that John D. and Catherine were divorced shortly after John H. was born, but documentation has not been found. A Catharine Margrethe Kuhlman died on Mar. 19, 1893 and is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery north of Hooper, NE. I believe that she was John D.'s first wife, but the this has not been verified. John D. married Anna Maria Stover(widow of Henry Stover) on July 9, 1879 at St. John's Lutheran church north of Hooper, NE. Their license was issued in Burt County. John D. and Anna did not have any children, but Anna brought 4 children to the marriage. They are John Henry, John Bernhardt, Kate and Mattie. John D. and Anna lived on a farm in Burt County and later at Hooper, NE and Uehling, NE. John D. died on Nov. 24, 1917 and is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery in Burt County, Nebraska. John D. Kuhlman, Diedrich Gerhard Kuhlman and Johann Gerhard Kuhlman are brothers.hhw EMIGRATED TO USA ON THE SHIP "RHEIN" FROM BREMEN, GERMANY AND ARRIVED IN NEW YORK CITY ON APRIL 15, 1871. Germans to America Volume 25 Page 65 Ship: Rhein From: Bremen To: New York Arrived April 15, 1871 Kuhlman, John 44 m Farmer Catherine 35 f Unknown Anna 6 f Child Stoever, Marie 16 f Unknown (daughter of Dietrich Stover, m Johann Gerhard Meyer on 6-9-1874) Moennich, Gesine 16 f Unknown (m Johann Herman Dietrich Kuhlman on 2-27-1880) Memderloh, Henry 16 m Unknown (m Hermine Rehling on 8-17-1883) All of the abve passengers are from the same village in Germany.hhw Source: California Death List MUNDERLOH HERMINE 01/19/1865 BRUNKEN REHLING F REST (OTHER)ORANGE 12/29/1945 80 yrs St. Paul's Cemetery, Hooper Catharine Margrethe Kuhlman 7 Dec 1837 - 19 Mar 1893 1880 US Census: Nebraska - Burt County John KUHLMAN Self M Male W 54 OLDENBURG Farmer Anna KUHLMAN Wife M Female W 43 OLDENBURG Keeping House (Stover) John KUHLMAN Son Male W 15 OLDENBURG Works On Farm (Stover) Katy KUHLMAN Dau S Female W 13 OLDENBURG (Stover) Martha KUHLMAN Dau S Female W 11 OLDENBURG (Stover) (correct name is Mattie Gesine) John KUHLMAN Son S Male W 3 NE (Kuhlman) 1880 US Census: Nebraska - Dodge County - Cuming Pct. W. Matson Household Henry STOVER Other S Male W 18 OLDENBURG Farm Laborer 1900 US Census: Nebraska - Dodge County - Hooper Village page 14 Kuhlman, John head w m Jan 1827 73 m 40 Germany 1871 31 Na Retired Anna wife w f Apr 1832 68 m 40 4 4 Germany 1870 30 1910 US Census: Nebraska - Dodge County - Logan - Uehling, screen 146a Kuhlman, John D. head m w 83 M2 32 Anna wife f w 78 M2 32 4 4 1899 News Extracts Oakland Independent Oakland, Burt Co., Nebraska M: Munderloh, Lizzie (Miss): May 5, 1899: p 1: c 6: Lyons Groom - John Kuhman. Married Thu. Apr. 27 at brides home west of Lyons. She's dau. of Mr/Mrs. Gerhard Munderloh. He's from south of Oakland. Married by Rev. Kuehnert of the Geman Lutheran church. They'll live on Kuhlman farm in Kerl twp, and the senior Kuhlman moves to Hooper to retire. The Hooper Sentinel May 11, 1899 Mr. and Mrs. John Kuhlman moved from the country, Tuesday, and are now comfortable located in J. F. Buer's house in the north-west part of town. Mr. Kuhlman is a well to to retired farmer who has come here to live. We welcome him in our midst and hope they will be permanently located among us. KUHLMAN, JOHN D. ******************************************************************** annakuhlmanheadstone Name on Tombstone = Anna M. Kuhlman (Gerdsen/Stover) Dates on Tombstone = 04-28-1832 05-25-1918 Obituary - Anna Maria Gerdson Stover Kuhlman The Oakland Independent May 31, 1918 Grandma Kuhlman of Uehling, for many years a resident of Kerl Township died on Monday morning. She was ill four or five days with pneumonia. Mrs. Kuhlman was the mother of banker John Kuhlman.hhw Biography by Harry H.Wagner Anna Maria Gerdsen was born on April 28, 1832 in Oldenburg, Germany. She married Heinrich Stover in Germany and they had 3 children born to them there: 1. John Henry on Nov. 5, 1861 at Dötlingen, Oldenburg 2. John Bernhardt on Dec. 26, 1863 at Sandhatten, Oldenburg and 3. Kate in 1867 at Oldenburg. The family emigrated to the USA in 1868 and settled in Dodge County, Nebraska. A daughter, Mattie Gesina, was born here on March 15, 1870. Heinrich died on July 6, 1875 and is buried at the St. Paul's Cemetery, north of Hooper, NE. Anna then married John D. Kuhlman on July 9, 1879 at St. John's Lutheran Church north of Hooper, NE (Burt County License). John and Anna had no children, however, John had a 2 year old son, John D. G., from his prior marriage. John D. G. Kuhlman was born on July 7, 1877 in Burt County, NE. They farmed and later lived at Hooper, NE and Uehling, NE. Anna died on May 25, 1918 and is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery in Burt County, Nebraska.hhw Shown below are the spouses of the Stover/Kuhlman children; 1. John Henry Stover married Johanna Maas in 1887. 2. John Bernhardt Stover married Anna Marie Wieting in 1888. 3. Kate Stover married Edward Pueppka in 1891. 4. Mattie Gesina Stover married Oliver O. Larson in 1893. 5. John D. G. Kuhlman married Louisa Munderloh in 1899. 1870 US Census: Nebraska - Dodge County - Logan, Page 14 Stove, Henry 50 m w farmer Prussia Anna 35 f w Mary 16 f w Henry 15 m w John 12 m w KUHLMAN, ANNA MARIA GERDSEN STOVER ************************************************************************ Name on Tombstone = Meyer Meta Maria Tochter Karl & Meta Meyer Dates on Tombstone = 2 Monate 19 Tagen 07-13-1888 Karl Henrich Meyer married Margaretha Catherine Ellinghausen on Dec. 9, 1885 at St. John's Lutheran Church, Hooper, NE. When and where did Karl and Meta die, and where are they buried?hhw MEYER, META MARIA ************************************************************************ No Tombstone = Edward George Moseman Dates = 6-24- 1894 - 2-18-1896 Edward George Moseman, the 10th child of Henry and Anna (Wendel/Elling) Moseman, was born on June 24, 1894. He died on February 18, 1896 and was buried, without a tombstone, in the St. Paul's Cemetery in Section 22 of Oakland Township of Burt County, Nebraska. I don't know where his parents are buried, but his paternal grandparents, Johann Diedrich and Anna (Behrens) Moseman, are buried at the Logan Cemetery, 2 miles north of Winslow, Nebraska. Note - This information is from the Moseman Family Pioneer History by Dale K. Moseman published in 2000.hhw MOSEMAN, EDWARD GEORGE ************************************************************************ Name on Tombstone = Roggensack Henry Dates on Tombstone = 1860 - 1922 Parents = Joachin H. C. & Sophia (Niehus) Roggensack Obituary - Henry Roggensack The Hooper Sentinel May 4, 1922 Page 4 As mentioned in these columns last week, Henry Roggensack, a pioneer of this community, passed away at his home ten miles north of Hooper on Tuesday, April 25, at the age of 61 years, 3 months and 9 days, following an attack of heart disease. Mr.Roggensack was one of the truly native pioneers of this vicinity having been born on January 16, 1861, two miles north of the present site of Hooper on the farm now occupied by Henry Schmietenknop, and has eversince been a resident of this community. As a result of this life-long residence in these parts he became widely known and enjoyed the rspect of a host of friends who now extend sympathy to his surviving sisters, Mrs. Chris Kroger of Hooper and Mrs. Lena Koehler of Uehling. He was a carpenter by trade, and for a few years was engaged in business in Uehling. He never married and his two sisters are the only close surviving relatives. He was a kind man and ever ready to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate than himself. The funeral services were held at the D. Ellinghausen farm home last Thursday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. Reger of Uehling. Interment took place in the Lutheran Cemetery north of town.hhw ROGGENSACK, HENRY ****************************************************************** Sources: 1. The Hooper Sentinel 2. 1870 US Census M593-828 2. 1880 US Census T9-746 3. 1900 US Census T623-922 4. 1910 US Census T624-842 5. St. John's, Hooper: Book 6. Uehling, NE Centenial Book 7. St. John's Cemetery, Hooper, NE 8.

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