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Descendants of Ellen Geeves

Ellen GEEVES was born in Australaia in 1861 to
Alfred GEEVES and Jessie WALLACE

She died in 1939

Ellen married William Mayling KING
William was born 1861. He died 1931

They had the following children:

1. Mabel KING (about 1884-unknown)

2. Margaret KING (1885-unknown)

3. Ernest KING (1886-unknown)

4. Jessie KING (1890-unknown)

5. William Mayling KING (1893-unknown)

6. Bertram KING (1895-1895)

7. Wallace KING (1896-1918)


1. Mabel KING married Arthur CLEMENTS

They had the following children:

1.1 Jessie CLEMENTS


2. Margaret KING was born 1885

Margaret married Alex JOHNSTON

They had the following children:

2.1 Jessie JOHNSTON

2.2 Bertram JOHNSTON "Bertie"


4. Jessie KING was born 1890

Jessie married David Charles DAVIES
David was born about 1885

They had the following children:

4.1 David Charles DAVIES (about 1910-unknown)

4.2 Loris Ellen DAVIES (about 1912-unknown)

4.3 Irma Jessie DAVIES (about 1914-unknown)

4.4 Wallace King DAVIES


5. Wiliam Mayling KING was born in 1893

Wiliam married Irma ?


1.1 Jessie CLEMENTS married William HAUB

They had the following children:

1.1.1 Joan HAUB

1.1.2 Arthur HAUB


2.1 Jessie JOHNSTON married ? WEINWREGHT


4.1 David Charles DAVIES married Myrtle DILLER


4.2 Loris Ellen DAVIES married George Lincoln FIXTER


4.3 Irma Jessie DAVIES married James Lindsay GRINTER

They had the following children:

4.3.1 Jill Rosalie HOBDEN

4.3.2 Davina Kay WALLACE

4.3.3 Raymond Charles GRINTER

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