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John James CHANDLER "Jim" was born 9 Oct 1877 in Grovetown, Marlborough, New Zealand
to George CHANDLER and Lydia GEEVES

Jim died 19 Dec 1956 in Matamata, New Zealand of a heart attack.

Jim married Mabel PAUL
Mabel was born in 1883 to Samuel PAUL and Mary Ann RITCHIE
She died on 17 November 1918
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They had the following children:

1. Myrtle Isabella CHANDLER (1903-1992)

2. Rita Mary CHANDLER (1906-1928)

3. Joyce Mabel CHANDLER (1908-1976)

Jim also married Rose Eveline HOOPER on 30 May 1922

They had the following children:

4. Esma Patricia CHANDLER

5. Ian Hamish CHANDLER (1924-1998)

6. Lois Thalia CHANDLER


2. Rita Mary CHANDLER was born in 1906

She died in October 1928 in New Zealand

Rita married Morton Adalbert SCHWASS
(son of Christopher Frederick SCHWASS and Emma Elizabeth GOEBEL)
in 1927

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