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Descendants of William Grinstead

William GRINSTEAD was born on 26 December 1837 in Hawarden, Flint, Wales
to James GRINSTEAD and Jane WRIGHT

He married Sarah RYLAH on 1 December 1856 in Batley, England
Sarah was born in 1836

They had the following children:

1. John James GRINSTEAD (1857-unknown)

2.George GRINSTEAD (1859-unknown)

3. Jane Hannah GRINSTEAD (1861-unknown)

4. Mary GRINSTEAD (1863-1876)

5. Matthew GRINSTEAD (1865-unknown)


1. John James GRINSTEAD was born in 1857 in Batley, York, England

He married Emily BATES (daughter of John and Ann BATES) in 1877

In 1881 census John was a Stone Mason

They had the following children:

1.1 Ratcliffe GRINSTEAD (1877-unknown)

1.2 John William GRINSTEAD (1879-unknown)

1.3 Mary GRINSTEAD (1882-unknown)

1.4 Jane Hannah GRINSTEAD (1888-unknown)


2. George GRINSTEAD was born on 19 May 1859 in Batley, York, England


3. Jane Hannah GRINSTEAD was born on 28 October 1851


5. Matthew GRINSTEAD was born on 24 June 1865


1.1 Ratcliffe GRINSTEAD was born on 19 September 1877 in Batley, York, England


1.2 John William GRINSTEAD was born in 1879 in Batley, York, England

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