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Willie CHANDLER "Bill" was born in the September quarter 1867 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, England
to George CHANDLER and Lydia GEEVES

He left England on 29 September 1874, aged 7 years
He arrived in New Zealand on 10 January 1875 on the Carnatic

He married Mary Matilda RANSOM "Tilly"
on 2 Jan 1892 in New Zealand

1917: Living in Te Horo, Wellington, New Zealand
1926: Living in Otaki, New Zealand
1937: Living in Auckland, New Zealand

They had the following children:

1. Lydia Irene CHANDLER "Rene" (1892-1978)

2. George Thomas CHANDLER (1894-1945)

3. Doris Anne CHANDLER (1896-unknown)

4. Arthur Philip Cluney CHANDLER (1903-1949)


1. Lydia Irene CHANDLER "Rene" was born on 30 July 1892

Rene married William Daniel PRATT in 1913

She died in 1978 in New Zealand


3. Doris Anne CHANDLER was born 23 Apr 1896 in New Zealand

Doris married Frederick Brinton RICH in 1921

She also married Ted KNAPP
Doris and Ted were living in Masterton in 1952

She also married ? SUTTER


4. Arthur Philip Cluney CHANDLER was born in 1903

He married Ada May WARD (his brother's widow)

He died in 1949 in New Zealand, aged 46 years

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