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Descendants of George Millner

George MILLNER was born in 1831 in Maidstone, Kent, England
to Richard MILNER and Sarah GILBERT

He was christened (as George MILLINER) on 28 August 1831 in Stockburn, Kent, England

George came to New Zealand in 1840 aboard the Martha Ridgeway

He died on 11 May 1912 at Hautere, Te Horo, Otaki

He is buried in Otaki Cemetery, Otaki, New Zealand

George married Patience LOVELOCK, on 25 Dec 1854, at the Church of St Peter, Wellington, New Zealand

They had the following children:

1. Alice Patience MILLNER (1856-1868)

2. Arthur MILLNER (1858-1944)

3. Lucy Ada MILLNER (1860-1925)

4. Elizabeth MILLNER (1864-1943)

5. Alfred MILLNER (1866-1872)

6. Annie MILLNER (1868-1871)

7. Percy MILLNER (no details)

8. Edward Lovelock MILLNER (1871-1875)

9. Jacob MILLNER (no details)


1. Alice Patience MILLNER was born in 1856
She died 4 Jan 1868 and was buried in Parewanui Cemetery, Parewanui, New Zealand


2. Arthur MILLNER was born on 27 January 1858 in Wellington, New Zealand

He died in 1944

He married Priscilla Sarah BUNTTON in 1890

They had the following children:

2.1 Patience MILLNER (1890-unknown)

2.2 Lucy Lovelock MILLNER (1892-unknown)

2.3 Priscilla Daisy MILLNER (1896-unknown)


3. Lucy Ada MILLNER was born in 1860 in New Zealand

She died on 2 May 1925 in New Zealand, aged 65 years

She is buried next to her father in the Otaki Cemetery, New Zealand


4. Elizabeth MILLNER was born in 1864
She died on 16 February 1943, aged 78 years
She was buried on 18 February 1943 at Otaki Cemetery, Otaki, New Zealand, Plot 298, Anglican
(Listed as a widow of Hautere)

She married her 1st cousin Joseph GUY


5. Alfred MILLNER was born 1866

He died 1 September 1872 and was buried in Parewanui Cemetery, Parewanui, New Zealand


6. Annie MILLNER was born 1868.
She died 3 Dec 1871 was buried in Parewanui Cemetery, New Zealand


8. Edward Lovelock MILLNER was born 1871 in New Zealand
He died on 12 May 1875 in New Zealand
He was buried on 14 May 1875 in St Peter's, Waipawa, New Zealand

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