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Descendants of Selina Wintle

Selina WINTLE was born in August 1800 to
William WINTLE and Elizabeth WHEELER

She was christened on 17 August 1800 in Ledbury, Herefordshire, England

She died in 1852 at Mortlake, Surrey, England.

She married Samuel BASSETT on 31 March 1817 in North Molton, Devon, England

They had the following children:

1. Priscilla Wheeler BASSETT (1818-1878)

2. Caroline Amelia BASSETT (1820-1879)

3. George Wheeler BASSETT (1822-1840)

4. Thomas Wheeler Wintle BASSETT (1825-1860)

5. Selina Ann Wintle BASSETT (1827-1895)

6. Elizabeth Ann BASSETT (1831-1898)

7. William Wintle BASSETT (1834-1909)

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