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Descendants of Shirley Margaret Lomas

Shirley Margaret LOMAS was born on 4 March 1927 in Auckland, New Zealand
to William Henry LOMAS and Laura Margaret Unsworth HEYWOOD

She died on 2 July 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand

Shirley married Geoffrey Keith GUBB on 2 July 1945 at Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Geoffrey was born on 6 August 1915 in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
He died on 31 may 1983

They had the following children:

1. Christine GUBB

2. Gaylene GUBB

3. Wendy GUBB

4. Charmaine GUBB

5. Terrance GUBB


1. Christine GUBB married Peter ROBERTS


2. Gaylene GUBB married Simon INNES


3. Wendy GUBB married George WECH


4. Charmaine GUBB married Danny LEWIS


5. Terrance GUBB married Dianne WHISTLER

Terrance also married Maggie PASCOE

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