Abdy of Felix Hall and Chobham Place

Arms of Abdy

RICHARD ABDY of Abdy in Yorkshire married JOAN MUSGRAVE and had a son

ROBERT ABDY of Abdy. He married ELEANOR METCALFE and was father of

ROBERT ABDY of Abdy, who married JOAN NORREYS and had a son

THOMAS ABDY of Abdy. Born about 1483. He mar. CECILY dau. of WILLIAM TYAS of York and had issue

ROGER ABDY of Tickhill in Yorkshire, born about 1510. He married a daughter of JOHN FITZWILLIAM of Bentley in Yorkshire and had

1. Christopher Abdy, of Tickhill in Yorkshire, afterwards of East Maling in Kent. He married Margaret FitzRichard (or FitzWarin) and probably died in 1583. His will was pr. 26th June 1583 (P.C.C. 35 Rowe). He had issue

i. Thomas Abdy, baptized at Addington in Kent on 23rd September 1566. He died s.p.
i. Jane Abdy. She married John Adie of Kent on 23rd May 1586.
ii. Anne Abdy, baptized at Addington on 22nd August 1565.
iii. Mary Abdy, baptized at Addington on 27th May 1571. She married John Shaw of Alsford in Kent.

2. ROGER ABDY, of whom presently.
3. Michael Abdy, a Merchant Taylor of St.Mary Woolchurch in London. On 9th April 1570 at St.Marys, Woolchurch Haw, London he married Joyce Cater. He probably died in 1578. His will was pr. 18th November 1578 (P.C.C. 43 Langley) and the following June his widow married James Pemberton, Alderman of London. Michael left a son

Christopher Abdy, of Kingston-upon-Thames, temp. James I. Living in 1623. He married Mary widow of Peter Sothill, their marriage lic. was dated 29th May 1583. He apparently died s.p.

1. Elizabeth (or Mary) Abdy, wife of John Reve of London.
2. Ursula Abdy, wife of Edward Copstake of Yorkshire.

The 2nd son,
ROGER ABDY, was a Citizen and Merchant Taylor of St.Thomas the Apostle in London. He purchased Belger in Kent. He mar. MARY dau. of RICHARD WHITE of Hutton in Essex by his wife MARGARET (possibly a member of the Strelley family), and had issue

1. Edmund Abdy, born about 1561. He became a Barrister of Lincoln's Inn. He mar. Judith dau. of Sir Christopher Yelverton, Justice of the Court of the King's Bench, by Mary dau. of Thomas Catesby of Whiston in Northamptonshire, and was living in 1623. He had a son

Christopher Abdy (Sir), of Belger in Kent and Streatham in Surrey. Baptized at Allhallows, Bread Street on 27th December 1600. Educated at Merchant Taylors School and Matriculated a Fellow Commoner at Pembroke College Cambridge at Michaelmas 1614. Admitted to Grays Inn in 1614. Overseas in 1623. Knighted 16th October 1629. On 13th December 1629 at Little Saxham in Suffolk he married Mary, 5th dau. of Sir John Crofts of Saxham by Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Shirley of Sussex. Sir Christopher was living at Uxbridge when his will was pr. 14th May 1678 (P.C.C. 56 Reeve). He had issue

(1). Christopher Abdy, baptized at Streatham on 3rd April 1632. Matric. at Merton College Oxford 22 Nov 1650. B.A. 2 Mar 1652. Admitted to the Inner Temple on 16th November 1654, being Called to the Bar on 26 May 1661. Around 29th July 1663 (lic. Vicar General) he married Dorothy, eldest daughter of Sir John Halsey of Great Gaddesden in Hertfordshire, Master of the Court of Chancery, by his wife Judith daughter of James Necton. Christopher died on 21st August 1664 and was buried with an inscription in Great Gaddesden. Dorothy died on 16th April 1686 and was also buried in Great Gaddesden. It is not known if they left any issue.
(2). George Abdy, baptized at Streatham on 25th July 1633. Admitted Fellow Commoner at Queens College Cambridge at Michaelmas 1649. Transferred to Merton College Oxford (Matric. 27 Jul 1652). B.A. 6 Jul 1652. It is not known if he had any issue.

2. Humphrey Abdy. He was living in 1623 and was probably the Humphrey Abdy of Streatham in Surrey whose will was pr. on 4th May 1626 (P.C.C. 61 Hele).
3. Roger Abdy, baptized at Allhallows, Bread Street on 4th August 1577.
4. ANTHONY ABDY, of whom presently.
1. Mary Abdy, baptized at Allhallows, Bread Street on 2nd January 1575. She married Thomas Bostock, a Merchant of London and had at least two sons.
2. Jane Abdy, wife of Thomas Burdett of Iver in Middlesex.

The 4th son,
 ● ANTHONY ABDY was baptized at Allhallows in Bread Street on 18th October 1579. On 14th August 1610 (lic. Faculty Office) he mar. (at St.Mary's in Aldermary, London) ABIGAIL, youngest dau. of Sir THOMAS CAMBELL, Ironmonger, Governor of the East India Company, Alderman, Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London 1609-10 by his 1st wife ALICE dau. of EDWARD BRIGHT, Ironmonger of St.Martins Outwich in London. Anthony resided in the parishes of St.Andrew Undershaft, St.Dionis Backchurch and latterly St.Botolph without Aldermary in London. He was appointed a Director of the East India Company in 1617. An Alderman and sometime Sheriff of London 1630-1. Deputy Governor of the East India Company in 1639. He died on 10th September 1640 and was buried on the same day as his wife at St.Andrews Undershaft on 1st October 1640. His will pr. 4th December 1640 (P.C.C. 117 Coventry). They had issue

1. THOMAS ABDY (Sir), his heir, of whom presently.
2. Anthony Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 16th March 1615. He died young and was buried on the 16th January 1622.
3. Robert Abdy (Sir), baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 23rd January 1616. He was of Albyns in Stapleford Abbots, Essex. Created a Baronet on 9th January 1660. He mar. Catherine dau. of Sir John Gayer, Alderman and Lord Mayor of London 1647-8 by his wife Catherine daughter of Sampson Hopkins of Coventry. Sir Robert died in 1670. His will pr. 10th November 1670 (P.C.C. 129 Penn), leaving issue,

i. John Abdy (Sir), 2nd Baronet of Albyns. He lived in Covent Garden in Westminster. On 10th May 1687 he mar. Jane, only dau. of George Nicholas (youngest son of the Secretary of State Sir Edward Nicholas), and died in 1691 leaving issue

(1) Robert Abdy (Sir), 3rd Baronet of Albyns. M.P. and Knight of tine shire of Essex in 1727. He mar. Theodosia, only dau. and heir of George Bramston and died in 1748 leaving issue

{1} John Abdy (Sir), 4th and last Baronet of Albyns of this creation. M.P. for Essex. He died unmarried on 1st April 1759, and left his estates to his aunt Mrs. Crank for life, with remainder to his kinsman Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, 5th Baronet of Felix Hall, and his brother-in-law the Rev. Stotherd Abdy, and eventually, on failure of the issue of both, to the Rev. Thomas Rutherford Abdy, son of the Ven. Dr. Thomas Rutherford by Charlotte Abdy, whose grandson Sir Thomas Neville Abdy of Albyns was created a Baronet in 1850 (see below).
{2} Robert Abdy, who died in 1735.
{1} Jane Abdy, who died young.
{2} Theodosia Abdy, who in 1752 mar. her 3rd cousin the Rev. Stotherd Abdy (see below) and died s.p in 1758.

(1) Anne Abdy.
(2) Jane Abdy, baptized on 19th March 1690. On 18th February 1732 she married the Rev. Edward Crank, Rector of Halford in Bucks.

ii. Anthony Abdy, baptized on 16th August 1653.
iii. Robert Abdy, baptized on 29th April 1656.
iv. Roger Abdy, baptized on 7th July 1657.
v. Charles Abdy, baptized on 17th March 1658.
vi. Edward Abdy, Rev. Born at Albyns and baptized on 16th September 1660. Educated at Brentwood School. Matric. St.Johns College Oxford 27 Jun 1678 and thence transferred to Magdalene College Cambridge (admitted 6th Jun 1679). B.A. 1681-2, M.A. 1685. Fellow 1684. Rector of Salcot Virley in Essex 1689-90 and of Theydon Garnon in Essex 1684-1701. He died in 1701 s.p.
vii. Roger Abdy, baptized on 1st July 1662.
i. Catherine Abdy, baptized on 29th July 1645.
ii. Mary Abdy, baptized on 27th September 1647.
iii. Sarah Abdy, baptized at St.Andrew Undershaft on 5th June 1649. About 24th November 1669 (Lic. Bishop of London) at Stapleford Abbots she married John Penington of Chigwell in Essex.
iv. Elizabeth Abdy, baptized on 5th September 1650. On 8th February 1676 at Albyns she married (as his 1st wife) Thomas Hall of Kettlethorpe in Lincolnshire. Elizabeth was buried at Kettlethorpe on 3rd January 1678, having had two daughters.
v. Abigail Abdy, baptized on 7th November 1651.

4. John Abdy (Sir), baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 4th June 1617. Later of Moores in Salcot Virley, Essex. Created a Baronet on 22nd June 1660. He died unmarried in 1662, when the Baronetcy became extinct.
5. Nicholas Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 30th August 1618. A Merchant of London. His will was pr. 9th March 1649 (P.C.C. 1 Fairfax).
6. Roger Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 9th May 1620.
1. Alice Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 2nd June 1611. On 19th November 1635 at St.Andrew Undershaft (lic. Bishop of London 16th November 1635) she married Sir John Bramston of Skreens. According to his autobiography, Alice died on 11th February 1647 following childbirth, and was buried in the Chancel at Roxwell having had four daughters and six sons.
2. Abigail Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 21st February 1622.
3. Sarah Abdy, baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 18th October 1624.

The eldest son
THOMAS ABDY was baptized at St.Dionis Backchurch on 18th May 1612. Matric. Fellow-Commoner from Trinity College Cambridge at Easter 1629. Admitted to Lincoln's Inn on 29th January 1632. He may be the Thomas Abdy who travelled through France and Italy 1632-35. He was knighted on 8th July 1641 and was created a Baronet on 14th July 1641. He mar. 1stly on 1st February 1638 at St.Peter le Poor (lic. Bishop of London 30th January 1638) Mary dau. of Lucas Corsellis, Merchant of London by his wife Jacomine Bocard. Mary died on 6th April 1645 and was buried at Kelvedon having had issue

1. James Abdy, baptized 1st January 1639. He died young.
1. Rachel Abdy, baptized 25th May 1640. About 20th June 1679 at St.Botolphs, Aldersgate she married (as his 2nd wife) Philip Gurdon of Assington Hall in Suffolk.
2. Abigail Abdy, who married (as his 2nd wife) Sir Mark Guyon of Dynes Hall in Essex.

Sir Thomas Abdy mar. 2ndly at St.Bartholomews the Less on 16th January 1647, ANNE dau. and co-heir of Sir THOMAS SOAME, M.P., Alderman and Sheriff of London, by JOAN dau. of WILLIAM FREEMAN, Haberdasher of London. Anne died on 19th June 1679 and was buried at Kelvedon in Essex. Sir Thomas died on 14th January 1686 and was also buried at Kelvedon. His will pr. 11th February 1686 (P.C.C. 1 Lloyd). They left issue

2. ANTHONY ABDY (Sir), his heir, of whom presently.
3. Thomas Abdy, admitted Pensioner at Trinity College Cambridge on 24th January 1675. Matric. 1675. He died s.p. on 12th April 1697 and was buried at Kelvedon.
4. William Abdy, who died s.p. on 2nd February 1682 and was buried at Kelvedon.
1. Joanna Abdy, baptized on 28th June 1654. She lived at High Ongar in Essex and died unmarried on 18th September 1710. She was buried in Kelvedon Church on 22nd September 1710. Her will pr. 13th October 1710 (P.C.C. 184 Smith).
2. Mary Abdy, 1st wife of Wentworth Garneys of Boyland Hall in Norfolk. She had no children and was dead by 1679.
3. Alice Abdy, baptized on 30th June 1661. She married William Stane of Foliotts Hall in Essex.
4. Ann Abdy, who resided at Forrest Hall in High Ongar. She died s.p. on 6th April 1692 and was buried at Kelvedon on 11th April 1692.
5. Judith Abdy, who died young.
6. Sarah Abdy. She died young.

The 2nd but eldest surviving son,
Sir ANTHONY ABDY, 2nd Baronet of Felix Hall, was born at Kelvedon on 4th July 1655. He was admitted a Fellow Commoner of Trinity College, Cambridge on 26th May 1672. He mar. on 9th June 1682 (at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey in London) MARY, only dau. and heiress of the Rev. RICHARD MILWARD, Rector of Great Braxted in Essex, Canon of Windsor, and editor of Selden's Table Talk, by his wife MARY dau. of Sir ANTHONY THOMAS of Chobham in Surrey. Sir Anthony succeeded his father in 1686 and died on 2nd April 1704. He was buried at Kelvedon. His will pr. 12th September 1704 (P.C.C. 177 Ash). Mary died on 18th August 1744 and was buried at Chobham. Her will pr. 12th October 1744 (P.C.C. 200 Anstis). They had issue

1. Thomas Abdy, who died young.
2. ANTHONY THOMAS ABDY (Sir), 3rd Baronet, of whom presently.
3. William Abdy (Sir), who succeeded his brother as 4th Baronet as below.
4. Charles Abdy, baptized at Kelvedon on 27th May 1693. He probably died young.
5. Richard Abdy, baptized at Kelvedon on 21st September 1694. He probably died young.
1. Joanna Abdy, baptized on 12th August 1686. She resided at Kelvedon Easterford in Essex and died unmarried on 1st October 1765. Her will pr. 10th April 1767 (P.C.C. 99 Legard).
2. Elizabeth Abdy, baptized on 30th September 1687.
3. Rachel Abdy, baptized on 22nd January 1690. She resided in the parish of St.George the Martyr, London and was dead by 1744, presumably unmarried. Will pr. 7th May 1744 (P.C.C. 98 Anstis).
4. Alice Abdy, baptized on 8th September 1695.
5. Margaret Abdy, baptized on 7th January 1696. She died unmarried on 7th October 1779.
6. Martha Abdy, baptized on 15th January 1700. She resided in Kensington, Middlesex and died unmarried on 31st January 1780. Her will pr. 11th February 1780 (P.C.C. 49 Collins).
7. Mary Abdy. She lived in the parish of St.George the Martyr and probably died unmarried. Her will pr. 2nd May 1737 (P.C.C. 97 Wake).

The 2nd but eldest surviving son,
Sir ANTHONY THOMAS ABDY, 3rd Baronet of Felix Hall, was baptized at Kelvedon on 5th October 1688 and succeeded his father in 1704. Educ. at Trinity Coll., Oxford (matric. 19 April 1707), he was admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1708. He mar. 1stly on 5th May 1717 at St.Mary the Virgin in Colchester, Essex Mary dau. and heiress of Hope Gifford, Councillor-at-Law of Colchester by his wife Martha daughter of James Norfolk, Serjeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons 1660-75. Mary died s.p in 1718. Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy mar. 2ndly in 1720 CHARLOTTE, 3rd dau. and co-heiress of Sir THOMAS BARNARDISTON, 3rd Baronet of Kedington in Suffolk, by ANNE dau. and co-heir of Sir RICHARD ROTHWELL, Baronet of Stapleford in Lincs. Charlotte died on 19th February 1731 leaving issue two daughters,

1. Charlotte Maria Abdy, baptized at Kelvedon on 11th June 1723. She mar. (in 1744) John Williams Onslow, son of Sir John Williams of Tendring Hall in Suffolk, sometime Lord Mayor of London 1735-6 by his wife Mary daughter of Richard 1st Baron Onslow. John Williams Onslow died in 1779 and was buried at Spettisbury in Dorset. His will pr. 23rd November 1779 (P.C.C. 477 Warburton). Charlotte Maria died by 1802 at Poole in Dorset. Her will pr. 10th February 1802 (P.C.C. 113 Kenyon). She had three sons (see WILLIAMS).
2. ELIZABETH ABDY, baptized at Kelvedon on 22nd April 1726. On 17th April 1749 at the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace in Surrey she mar. (as his 1st wife) THOMAS RYVES of Ranston in Dorset. Elizabeth died on 27th January 1755 and was buried at Shroton in Dorset on 8th February 1755 leaving two sons and two daughters.

Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy mar. 3rdly in September 1731 Anne dau. of Thomas Williams of Tendring Hall by Elizabeth dau. of Sir THOMAS BARNARDISTON, 1st Baronet of Kedington. Sir Anthony died s.p.m. on 11th June 1733. His will pr. 19th June 1733 (P.C.C. 140 Price). Anne died s.p. on 21st September 1745 and was buried at Kelvedon. Her will pr. 7th November 1745 (P.C.C. 247 Seymer). The title devolved upon Sir Anthony's brother

● Sir William Abdy, 4th Baronet, of Chobham Place in Surrey. He was baptized on 1st September 1689. In 1714 (lic. 13th May 1714) he mar. Mary, only dau. and heiress of Philip Stotherd of Terling in Essex by his wife Frances. She died on 6th April 1743. Sir William died on 18th January 1750 leaving issue

1. Anthony Thomas Abdy (Sir), 5th Baronet, of whom presently.
2. Stotherd Abdy (Rev.), Educ. Felstead School, Essex. Adm. Pensioner at St.Johns College Cambridge on 15 Jun 1745. Matric. 1745. B.A. 1748-9. M.A. 1752. Ordained Deacon of Ely 22 Dec 1750. Priest at London 24 Dec 1752. Rector of Theydon Gernon in Essex 1752. Rector of Stapleford Tawney. Preb. of St.Pauls 1771. Archdeacon of Essex 1771-3. He mar. 1stly in 1752 (mar. lic. 14th March 1752) his 3rd cousin, Theodosia dau. of Sir Robert Abdy, 3rd Baronet of Albyns (see above). She died s.p. in 1758. In 1759 (mar. lic. 31st July 1759) he mar. 2ndly Harriet dau. of Peyton Altham of Mark Hall in Essex. He died s.p. on 3rd April 1773.
3. William Abdy (Sir), who eventually succeeded as 6th Baronet as below.
1. Mary Abdy, who mar. on 24th September 1748 Ambrose Dickins of Wollaston in Northamptonshire, elder son and heir of Ambrose Dickins, serjeant-surgeon to Queen Anne and Kings George I and II. They had issue

i. Francis Dickins M.P. of Wollaston and Branches Park in Suffolk. Born about 1749, he married on 21st April 1778 Diana daughter of Lord George Manners-Sutton, and died in 1834 leaving issue. Their descendants include the Baron Cornwallis and Sir (Fiennes) Michael Strang Steel, 3rd Baronet of Philiphaugh.
i. Mary Dickins, who died unmarried.

2. Charlotte Elizabeth Abdy, who mar. on 11th April 1752 the Rev. Thomas Rutherford, D.D., Archdeacon of Essex and Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. She died on 5th October 1771 leaving issue an only son,

Thomas Abdy Rutherford (Rev.), of whom presently.

3. Anne Hester Abdy, baptized on 3rd January 1734. In 1770 she married the legal antiquary Charles Nalson Cole (1722-1804) and resided in Edward Street, Cavendish Square. Dying after her husband, her will was pr. 1st February 1806 (P.C.C. 108 Pitts). It is not known if they left issue.

The eldest son,
●  Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, 5th Baronet, of Chobham Place, was born in London in 1720. Educated Felsted in Essex and St.Johns College Cambridge, being admitted a pensioner on 9 Jun 1738. Admitted to Lincolns Inn 1 Jun 1738. Barrister in 1744 ; K.C. Bencher 1758 ; M.P. for Knaresborough 1763-75 ; K.C. 1765. He succeeded his father in 1750 and in 1759 succeeded to the estate of Albyns. On 13th August 1747 he mar. (at St.Paul's Cathedral, London) Catherine dau. and co-heir of William Hamilton of Chancery Lane, London. She died 3rd October 1792 (will pr. 24th October 1792). Sir Anthony had died s.p. on 7th April 1775 (Will pr. 28th April 1775) when the estate at Albyns passed to his nephew the Rev. Thomas Abdy Rutherford (see below), while Sir Anthony was succeeded at Chobham Place and in the Baronetcy by his brother

● Sir William Abdy, born about 1732. A Captain in the Royal Navy, he became 6th Baronet of Chobham Place on the death of his elder brother as above in 1775. On 4th January 1776 at St.Georges, Hanover Square he mar. Mary dau. of James Brebner-Gordon of Moore Place in Hertfordshire by his wife Anne Lavington. Mary died on 4th March 1829. Her will pr. 15th June 1829 (P.C.C. 301 Liverpool). Sir William had died on 21st July 1803 (will pr. 4th August 1803 P.C.C. 672 Marriott) and was buried at Chobham, leaving issue

1. William Abdy (Sir), 7th and last Baronet of this creation, of whom presently.
1. Catherine Mary Abdy, baptized on 27th December 1776, she mar. on 9th November 1813 Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Fellowes, C.B. She died in childbirth on 18th October 1817. Afterwards Sir Thomas Fellowes married Mary Anne Humphreys, said to have been the natural daughter of an Indian nabob, and by her was ancestor of the much-loved actor Julian Kitchener-Fellowes. Catherine Mary Abdy left issue

i. William Abdy Fellowes, born on 11th February 1815. He entered the Navy in March 1827, becoming a Lieutenant on 27th April 1840 and a Captain on 9th January 1856. Ultimately a Rear-Admiral. On 16th June 1857 in Edinburgh he married Hannah Gordon, heiress of Knockespock. William died on 28th March 1878, and Hannah on 2nd September 1897. They had issue.
ii. Thomas Abdy Fellowes, born in Paris on 15th October 1817. He became a Solicitor and resided at Donnington Priory in Berkshire. On 12th September 1844 at Lacock in Wiltshire he married Eliza Sophia daughter of Frederick William Rooke of Lackham House in Wiltshire. She died at Donnington on 17th February 1874 leaving issue including a son, William Gordon Fellowes who was father of Sir Edward Abdy Fellowes, Clerk of the House of Commons. In 1876 Thomas married a second wife Joanna Helen daughter of John Tod of Edinburgh, but had no further issue.
i. Katherine Hariett Fellowes, born at St.Germain-en-Laye in France on 20th February 1816. On 1st December 1835 she married the banker Francis Alexander Sydenham Locke of Rowde Ford House in Wiltshire, High Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1859. He died on 7th January 1885. She died on 30th January 1897 having had issue.

2. Charlotte Anne Abdy, baptized on 27th March 1783. On 1st December 1808 in London she married Charles Andrew Caldwell of New Grange, Co. Meath. She died on 29th March 1858. Charles Andrew Caldwell died on 11th February 1859.
3. Harriott Abdy, baptized on 20th July 1786. On 4th December 1817 she married the Rev. George Caldwell, fellow of Jesus Coll., Cambridge. She died on 15th September 1830 leaving issue.

The only son,
● Sir William Abdy, 7th Baronet, of Chobham Place, was born at Marylebone in 1779. Educated at Eton, he matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford on 22nd January 1796. A Captain in the Royal Navy and a Lieutenant in the South Essex Militia in 1798. He succeeded his father as 7th (and last) Baronet in 1803. On 3rd July 1806 at Hyde Park Corner he had mar. Anne, natural dau. of Richard Marquess Wellesley K.G. (eldest brother of the Duke of Wellington) by his mistress Hyacinthe Gabrielle daughter of Pierre Roland. They divorced on 25th June 1816 and soon afterwards Anne married her lover William Charles Augustus Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd son of the Duke of Portland. Sir William Abdy had sold Chobham Place in 1809. He represented Malmesbury in the House of Commons from 1817-1818. He died at 20 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London on 16th April 1868, leaving no legitimate children and this Baronetcy became extinct. However as has already been noted, the estates of Sir John Abdy, 4th and last baronet of Albyns, devolved in 1775 upon Sir William's cousin,

● The Rev. Thomas Abdy Rutherford, who then assumed the surname and arms of Abdy. On 13th January 1778 he mar. Mary dau. of James Hayes of Holyport in Berkshire, a Bencher of the Middle Temple. She died on 8th December 1820 and was bur. at Bathford in Somerset. The Rev. Thomas Abdy Rutherford had died on 14th October 1798 and was bur. in the family vault at Stapleford Abbots in Essex, leaving issue,

1. John Rutherford Abdy Hatch Abdy, his heir, of whom presently.
2. Anthony Thomas Abdy, Captain in the Royal Navy. He mar. (in 1808) Grace, illegit. dau. of Admiral Sir Thomas Rich, 5th Baronet of Sonning. He died on 9th June 1838 and was bur. at Chelsea, Middlesex, leaving an only son,

Thomas Neville Abdy (Sir), Baronet, of whom later.

3. Charles Boyd Abdy (Rev.), Rector of Coopersale or Theydon Gernon in Essex. He died unmarried on 20th August 1843. His will pr. 30th September 1843.
4. James Nicholas Abdy, born on 18th December 1789. He became a Lieut.-Col. in the Madras Artillery. He mar. Charlotte Georgiana dau. of Thomas King of Eltham in Kent. She died on 8th July 1848. He died on 8th November 1855 leaving issue

i. John Thomas Abdy, LL.D., of Baddow Court near Chelmsford. Born about 1822, he was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Admitted to the Inner Temple on 12th October 1842 and was Called to the Bar on 29th January 1850. Became Judge of County Courts and Recorder of Bedford. He mar. Marian, 2nd dau. of John Hardwick Hollway of Gunby in Lincolnshire, and died at Rottingdean, Brighton. They had issue

(?) Anthony John Abdy, of the Royal Artillery.
(?) Neville James Abdy, who died in 1878.
(?) Robert Burlton Abdy, of the Royal Navy.
(?) Richard Combe Abdy.
(?) Georgiana Barbara Abdy.
(?) Dorothea Abdy.
(?) Katherine Amy Abdy.
(?) Theodosia Abdy.

ii. Charles Hayes Abdy, Colonel Madras Army. He mar. Katherine Armstrong and had issue,

(1) George Williams Abdy.
(?) Amy Abdy, wife of Charles Brereton of the Royal Artillery.
(?) Caroline Mary Abdy.
(?) Ella Georgiana Abdy.

iii. George Burlton Abdy, who died in 1856.
i. Charlotte Mary Abdy.

5. Edward Strutt Abdy, Fellow of Jesus Coll., Cambridge. He died unmarried.
1. Charlotte Anne Abdy, who died unmarried and was buried in the family vault at Stapleford Abbots.
2. Maria Henrietta Abdy, who mar. James Sykes of Arundel Street, Strand, and had issue.
3. Margaret Abdy, who died young.
4. Mary Abdy, who mar. the Rev. James Williams D.L. of Matherne, Monmouthshire. She died on 31st December 1870 leaving issue.
5. Caroline Abdy, wife of the Rev. Henry Middleton of Wanborough near Swindon.

The eldest son,
● John Rutherford Abdy Hatch Abdy of Albyns, was born ca. 1779. He mar. on 17th July 1800 Caroline Elizabeth, eld. dau. of James Hatch of Clayberry Hall in Essex. She died on 5th May 1838. He died s.p. on 1st April 1840 when he was succeeded by his nephew,

● Sir Thomas Neville Abdy of Albyns. He was born on 21st December 1810. M.P. for Lyme Regis 1847-52. Created a Baronet on 8th January 1850. Around 1872 he sold Wrightsbridge to Sir Arundell Neave, Bt. of Dagnam Park. High Sheriff of Essex in 1875. On 19th October 1841 he mar. Hariot, 2nd dau. of Rowland Alston of Pishiobury in Herts. She died on 8th July 1877. He died on 20th July 1877 and had issue,

1. William Neville Abdy (Sir), 2nd Baronet, of whom presently.
2. Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy (Sir), 3rd Baronet, of whom later.
3. Robert John Abdy, Lieut, in 4th Dragoon Guards, born on 13th October 1850. He died unmarried on 3rd June 1893.
4. Henry Beadon Abdy (Sir), 4th Baronet, of whom later.
1. Grace Emma Townshend Abdy, of Berkeley Square, London. On 19th March 1872 in London she mar. Lord Albert Leveson Gower of the 2nd Life Guards.

The eldest son and heir,
● Sir William Neville Abdy, 2nd Baronet of Albyns, was born on 18th June 1844. He served as J.P. for Essex and was High Sheriff in 1884. He mar. 1stly (on 10th July 1883 in London) Marie Theresa Petritzka of Prague. She died on 17th September 1902. In 1901 Sir William was lodging at 23 Ryder Street in Westminster with his Valet, Daniel Evans. Sir William mar. 2ndly (on 6th December 1902) Eliza Sarah dau. of Oscar William Beech. He divorced her in 1905. He mar. 3rdly (on 16th February 1909) Fanny widow of General George Palmer Robinson, and dau. of Lehmann Louis Cohn. Sir William died s.p. on 9th August 1910 and was succeeded by his brother,

● Sir Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy, 3rd Baronet of Albyns, was born on 19th September 1848. He served as Captain in the 2nd Life Guards and in the Egyptian Campaign in 1882. Military Attache at Vienna, 1885. On 11th November 1886 in London he mar. the Hon. Alexandrina Victoria MacDonald, youngest daughter of Godfrey William Wentworth Bosville-MacDonald 4th Baron MacDonald (a great grandson of Frederick Lewis Prince of Wales). She died on 4th March 1953 leaving three daughters

1. Grace Lilian Abdy, born in London on 22nd September 1887. On 6th December 1917 she mar the 8th Earl of Lanesborough, and had issue.
2. Violet Abdy, born in Mayfair, London on 4th January 1892. In 1901 she was lodging with the Ferrari family at 16 Eaton Terrace in Chelsea. On 5th January 1925 in London she mar. Hugh, eld. son of Edward Hugh Godsal of Ruscombe Down, Twyford. She died on 22nd August 1957 leaving issue.
3. Constance Mary Abdy, born in Belgravia, London on 4th June 1895. In 1901 she was lodging with the Ferrari family at 16 Eaton Terrace in Chelsea. On 1st November 1941 she mar. Harold Frederic Andorsen, O.B.E., B.A., Barrister-at-Law, only son of Sir Harald Andorsen, Kt. 1st cl. of the Order of St.Olaf.

Sir Anthony died s.p.m. on 17th May 1921 and was succeeded in the Baronetcy by his brother,

● Sir Henry Beadon Abdy, 4th Baronet of Albyns. Born on 13th July 1853. On 22nd March 1891 he mar. Anna Adele Coronna. She died on 21st March 1920. He died on 1st December 1921 leaving issue

1. William Neville Abdy, born in London on 10th February 1895. He died on 4th November 1911.
2. Robert Henry Edward Abdy (Sir), 5th Baronet, of whom presently.
1. Gladys Erica Abdy, born in London on 23rd May 1892. On 3rd July 1919 she mar. Col. Patrick Campbell Anderson, D.S.O., M.C., Res. of Offrs., Seaforth Highlanders. He died on 12th February 1965.

The 2nd but eldest surviving son,
● Sir Robert Henry Edward Abdy, 5th Baronet of Albyns, was born on 11th September 1896. Educ. Charterhouse and R.M.C. Sandhurst, late Lieut. 15th/19th King's Hus. (Res. of Offrs.), he served in World War I 1915-18. He mar. 1stly on 23rd June 1923 lya, formerly wife of Gerrit Jongeyans and dau. of George de Gay, dramatic author, of St. Petersburg. They divorced in 1928. He mar. 2ndly on 10th February 1930 the Lady (Helen) Diana Bridgeman, eld. dau. of the 5th Earl of Bradford. They divorced in 1962. Dame Abdy died on 7th May 1967 having had an only son,

Valentine Robert Duff Abdy, of whom presently.

Sir Robert mar. 3rdly on 5th September 1962 Jane dau. of Dr. John Noble. They divorced in 1973. Sir Robert died on16th November 1976 and was succeeded by his son,

● Valentine Robert Duff Abdy, the 6th and present Baronet of Albyns.

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