The Colebrooke family


Arms of Colebrooke

JACOB (JAMES) COLEBROOK of Burpham in Sussex was probably born in the early decades of the 17th century. He was father of

THOMAS COLEBROOKE. Before 1656 he had married ANN and was father of

1. John Colebrooke, perhaps born in 1662.
2. THOMAS COLEBROOKE, of whom presently.
1. Ann Colebrooke, perhaps born in 1656.
2. Mary Colebrooke, perhaps born in 1664.

The 2nd son
THOMAS COLEBROOKE was born at Arundel in Sussex on 27th March 1656. About 1679 he married RACHEL GOBLE. He was a Mercer of Arundel and he died on 6th January 1691. His will pr. 7th March 1691 (P.C.C. Vere 48-92). They had 7 known children,

1. JACOB COLEBROOKE, of whom presently.
2. Thomas Colebrooke, born in 1682. He married Penelope and had an eldest daughter

Penelope Colebrooke, baptized on 16th September 1715 at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. On 25th December 1744 at St.Aske Hospital, Hoxton, Middlesex she married John Canton, a schoolmaster whose work in the field of experimental philosophy was to make him one of England's leading scientists of his age, undertaking a wide variety of experiments and investigations. These included work with electricity ; demonstrating that contrary to long-held belief, water could be compressed ; and reporting on planetary observation. There is an account of his life and work in the Dictionary of National Biography online. He died in 1772. Penelope, who resided latterly in Tottenham Court Road, was dead by 27th January 1792 when her will was pr. (P.C.C. Fountain 1-48). They had three sons.

3. John Colebrooke, baptized at Arundel on 3rd May 1685. He served as H.M. Consul at Cadiz and died unmarried, in October 1760.
4. Josiah Colebrooke, born in 1687. He was probably not the Fellow of the Royal Society of that name who was elected in 1755.
5. William Colebrooke, born in 1688. He may be the William Colebrooke of Bishopsgate Street in London who is noted in the Gentleman's Magazine as dying on 23rd June 1768.
6. Rachel Colebrooke, born on 27th November 1679 and baptized in Arundel on 20th November 1679.
7. Mary Colebrooke, born in 1689.

The eldest son,
JACOB (JAMES) COLEBROOKE, born at Arundel on 12th May 1681. On 2nd January 1706 at Mercers Hall in Cheapside, London he married MARY HUDSON. He was a Citizen and Mercer of London. Described as 'a great money scrivener of 13 Threadneedle Street', with Colebrooke and Lightfoot. Afterwards he lived at Arno's Grove in Southgate, Middlesex, and purchased Chilham Castle in Kent from the Digges family in 1724. He died on 18th November 1752 and was reputedly worth £800,000 when he died (a sum equivalent to over £100,000,000 nowadays). He was buried at Chilham with a monumental inscription. His will pr. 4th December 1752 (P.C.C. Bettesworth 272-317). His widow died on 12th March 1753 and her will pr. 31st March 1753 (P.C.C. Searle 48-95). They had 12 known children,

1. Thomas Colebrooke, born on 9th May 1714. He presumably died young.
2. ROBERT COLEBROOKE, born on 24th June 1718 and baptized at St.Benet Fink, London on 3rd July. He served as M.P. for Maldon from 1741-1761. He was described as "a renegade who squandered a fortune" and by others as a "spectacular young man" (even when in his 40's). Consequently his family attempted to curb his excesses by having him sent overseas, and so from 1762-1764 he served as Minister to the Swiss Cantons, where he "exhibited to a frugal people an unprecedented mode of splendour and profusion”. In 1765 he was appointed Ambassador to Turkey, but he never went there. Despite or in spite of these alleged personal faults, by 1756 he was granted a Secret Service pension of £600 per annum. Following a lifetime of extravagance, he sold Chilham Castle to Thomas Heron in 1778, and with his finances remaining in a "deplorable" condition, he "decamped" to France where he died at Soissons on 10th May 1784. He was buried at Chilham on 26th June following, in the grand mausoleum which he had constructed there by Sir Robert Taylor. Robert's will pr. 13th July 1784 (P.C.C. Rockingham 366-416). He had married (on 12th July 1741 at Edington in Wiltshire) Henrietta eldest daughter of Harry Powlett 4th Duke of Bolton by his wife Catherine daughter of Charles Parry, envoy of Portugal. She died childless on 22nd December 1753. On 5th August 1756 at Potterne in Wiltshire Robert married Elizabeth daughter and co-heir of John Thresher of Bradford in Wiltshire by his wife Ellen daughter and heir of Henry Long of Melksham in Wiltshire. She survived Robert many years, having remarried the musician John Crosdill at St.Marys, St.Marylebone Road in London on 31st May 1785, but she died childless in 1807. However, by his mistress MARY WILLIAMS, wife of a Dr Robert Jones, Robert Colebrooke had six known illegitimate children

Robert Hyde Colebrooke

i. ROBERT HYDE COLEBROOKE, born about 1762, perhaps in Switzerland. He sailed to India in 1778, becoming a Lieutenant in the Bengal Infantry later that year, and was subsequently a Lieutenant-Colonel. He was a talented artist, publishing Views of Mysore in 1793-4, and his drawings and paintings of Indian monuments and landscapes, such as the one below, are much sought-after.

East View of Seringapatam on 15th May 1791 by R.H. Colebrooke.

Robert served as Surveyor-General of Bengal from 1794 until his death at Bhagalpur in Bihar on 21st September 1808. There is a full account of his life spanning volumes 1 and 2 of the Biographical Notes in "Historical Records of the Survey of India". On 31st July 1795 at Fort William (Calcutta) he married CHARLOTTE, a daughter of the President of the Calcutta Board of Trade JOHN BRISTOW by MAHONDY KHANUM, a native woman who resided at Patna. They had eight known children

(a) Richard Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 30th December 1800 and baptized there on 9th February following. He was educated at Stephen Mallet Grammar School and became a Captain in the E.I.C.S. on 26th May 1825. According to the 1851 census he was a boarder at Glenamachrie in Glen Lonan near Oban in Argyll. He appears never to have married, and the date of his death remains unknown.
(b) John Ulric Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 18th April 1804 and baptized there on 5th June following. He became a Lieutenant in the 43rd Regiment of Native Infantry. On 29th June 1826 at St.Georges Church, Madras he married Jane Maria daughter of Ebenezer Balfour and his wife Sarah. John died at sea on board the 'Alfred' sailing homeward on 6th May 1829. Jane Maria, who was baptized at Fort St.George, Madras on 28th January 1809, died at Bath in Somerset on 3rd January 1854. They had a son

Robert Hyde Colebrooke. Born at Wallajabad on 4th June 1827 and baptized at the Madras Missionary Chapel on 7th January 1828. He became an Ensign in the Army. He met an untimely death, drowning in the Jamshidji Band River on 21st October 1847 aged just 19. An inscription to his memory was placed in Ahmadnagar R.C. Church.

(a) Mary Ann Louisa Colebrooke, born in Calcutta in September 1796 and baptized there on 2nd October 1796.
(b) Elizabeth Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 10th February 1798 and baptized there on 5th March 1798.
(c) Henrietta Frances Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 24th December 1799 and baptized there on 14th February following. On 1st May 1819 in Calcutta she married (as his 2nd wife) Joseph Taylor, who later became a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Bengal Engineers. He died of apoplexy at Agra on 20th April 1835 aged 45.
(d) Emma Sophia Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 10th February 1802 and baptized there on 21st June following. Educated in England, she sailed back to India in 1820, and on 28th December 1820 at St.John's Cathedral in Calcutta she married her cousin William MacBean George Colebrooke (see below). Emma died in Barbados on 19th April 1851 and was buried in the Cathedral burial ground there.
(e) Eliza Colebrooke. Born about 1807, she died in Calcutta in August 1808.
(f) JULIANA LOUISA COLEBROOKE, who married at Poonamallee near Madras on 31st March 1828 THOMAS JAMES RYVES (1805-1875). Juliana was a victim of the Indian Mutiny, dying of exposure/sunstroke at Barwarie near Allahabad on the 9th June 1857. They had ten children (see RYVES).
Interestingly, Juliana's memorial inscription states that she died aged 45 years and 17 days. If correct, this would place her birth in May 1812 - more than three and a half years after her (alleged?) father died!

Robert Hyde Colebrooke also had two known illegitimate children by an Anjeemun native woman, namely

(c) Thomas Eliott Colebrooke, born in Calcutta on 21st December 1794 and baptized there on 16th March following. He became a Captain in the 13th Bengal Infantry, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He became a member of the Masonic Lodge known as the Himalayan Brotherhood at Simla on 2nd September 1846. Prior to the mutiny of 1857, he was Commandant of the Ferozepore Regiment of Sikhs. He retired to England, and resided at Beechwood House, Painswick in Gloucestershire, where he died on 9th December 1864. He was one of the first to be buried in the 'new' cemetery less than a mile distant from Painswick Church. On 12th July 1838 at Allahabad in India he married Eliza Harriet Wall. However, they do not appear to have had any children. Harriet, who was born in Kensington about 1815, went to live in Cheltenham after her husbands death, and later resided in Devon, where she died in 1902.
(g) Louisa Smith, born about 1791 and baptized at Fort William on 7th June 1796. She may be the Louisa Smith who married the surgeon John Bunce.

ii. Powlett Welbore Colebrooke, born about 1764. He was of Woolwich in Kent when he married (at St.Martin in the Fields, Middlesex on 27th October 1786) Elizabeth Jane daughter of Major-General Grant. She died in 1798. Powlett served as a Lieut-Colonel in the Royal Artillery and died at Shooters Hill, London on 29th September 1816, being buried at Plumstead in Kent on 7th October following. They had three known children

(a) William MacBean George Colebrooke K.B., born at Charlton in Kent on 9th November 1787. He served as Governor of British Guyana and Barbados. He returned to England and in 1861 census was described as a Lieut. Gen. in the Army and Colonel Commandant of the 1st Royal Brigade of Royal Artillery aged 73 living at The Rectory in Datchet. There is a good account of his life in the Dictionary of National Biography online and in volume 2 of the Biographical Notes in "Historical Records of the Survey of India". He died on 6th February 1870 at Salt Hill near Slough. On 28th December 1820 at St.Johns Cathedral in Calcutta he had married his cousin Emma Sophia daughter of Robert Hyde Colebrooke (see above). They had three known children

(1) William George Colebrooke, born in London or Kent on 14th September 1831 and baptized at St.Mary St.Marylebone Road, London on 28th October 1831. He appears to have died unmarried in 1875.
(1) Frances Elizabeth Colebrooke, born in 1822 in Marylebone and baptized at St.Mary St.Marylebone Road, London on 13th September 1822. On 8th October 1844 in New Brunswick, Canada she married (as his 1st wife) Alfred Reade, whose appointment as Provincial Secretary of  New Brunswick in 1845 caused a furore, leading to him being deposed the following year and returning to England. They had five known children before she died, her death being recorded in Eton District in the quarter January-March 1865.
(2) Charlotte Agnes Emma Colebrooke, born in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa about 1826. On 19th August 1856 at Datchet in Buckinghamshire she married Bouverie Alleyne, Colonial Secretary of Grenada and St.Vincent. Bouverie Alleyne died at St.Vincent on 25th October 1861. Charlotte returned to England and died on 24th April 1895. They had three known children.

(a) Henrietta Colebrooke, born at Woolwich about 1795. In 1816 at Plumstead in Kent she married William Miller (1794-1867), a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. She died in Eton District in 1882, leaving two known children

(1) Edward Colebrooke Miller, born at Millbrook in Hampshire in 1831. He married Julia Augusta daughter of William Lionel Pyne and had two sons before dying in 1901 in Australia, Julia dying in 1887.
(1) Jane Miller, who married (as his 1st wife) her first cousin John Harvey (see below) of Bargy Castle in Co.Wexford in 1837. She died on 17th April 1851 having had three daughters.

(b) Elizabeth Mary Colebrooke, who married 1stly in 1815 Lieutenant William Harrison Harvey of the Royal Artillery. William, who was 2nd son of John Harvey of Mount Pleasant by his wife Mary daughter of William Harrison of Castle Harrison in Co.Cork, lost an arm at the Battle of Waterloo, and died on 18th August 1826 having had four children

(1) John Harvey of Bargy Castle and Mount Pleasant in Co. Wexford. A Captain in the Royal Artillery and Major of the Donegal Artillery, J.P. and D.L.. He was born on 27th October 1816, and on 11th November 1837 he married his first cousin Jane (see above) daughter of Lieutenant William Miller by his wife Henrietta 2nd daughter of Powlett Welbore Colebrooke. They had three daughters before Jane's death in 1851. The following year he married Anne Hughes and had four sons and another daughter.
(2) William Henry Harvey. In 1845 he married Maria Black.
(3) James Colebrooke Harvey, a lieutenant in the 39th Regiment. He was killed at the Battle of Ferozeshah on 21st December 1845.
(1) Agnes Mary Harvey.

Elizabeth remarried at All Souls, Marylebone, London on 25th June 1832 to Alexander MacLachlan, then a Brevet Lieut.-Colonel in the Royal Artillery, a Knight of the Order of St.Maurice, and St.Lazar of Sicily, and subsequently a Lieut.-General and Colonel Commandant in the Royal Artillery. He died in Dublin on 26th February 1866.

iii. George Colebrooke. A Lieutenant in the Army. On 16th June 1788 at St.Clements, Sandwich, Kent he married Hortense Celeste Griere. They had issue

(a) Robert Colebrooke, born in Boulogne, France in October 1791 and baptized there the following month. In 1806 he was a Cadet in the British Army, becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the 22nd Madras Native Infantry on 3rd July 1807. He died on 31st May 1815, being buried that day at Akowlah.
(b) Thomas Colebrooke. Said to be "of weak mind" in his brother-in-laws (James Edward Colebrooke's) will, who left him an annuity of £60 per annum.
(a) Louisa Ann Colebrooke, baptized at Vespery, Madras on 26th January 1790. In December 1807 in Ceylon she married (as his 2nd wife) Henry Stewart, elder son of the Army Officer, Canadian politician and author John "Hellfire Jack" Stewart by his 1st wife Hannah Turner. Henry, who became a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army and was a claimant for the Orkney Peerage, died on 27th March 1814 at St.Helena. They had an only daughter

Helen Olympia Stewart, born at Trincomalee about 1810. She married at Benares on 25th June 1827 John Hunter Littler, subsequently a Major-General in the Army. There is an account of his life in the Dictionary of National Biography online. They had two sons and seven daughters before he died on 18th February 1856 at Bigaden, Buckfastleigh, Devon. He was buried at Tarvin in Cheshire.
On 9th October 1858 in Devon, Helen married Thomas Aston Cokayne. They resided at Beechwood House in Painswick, Gloucestershire (where her mother's cousin Thomas Eliott Colebrooke had previously resided). Helen died on 12th January 1885.

On 31st January 1820 at St.John's Cathedral in Calcutta, Louisa Ann married her cousin once removed James Edward Colebrooke, 3rd Baronet (see below). They were to have no children, and he died at Tunbridge Wells in Kent on 5th November 1838.
On 15th April 1841 in Chelsea, Middlesex, Louisa Ann married as her third and final husband James Bremridge of Tunbridge Wells. She died on 28th May 1867 in Horsham, Sussex, "after a short illness, the result of an accident", and was buried at Southborough in Kent.

iv. James Colebrooke, born about 1772. Joined the Army as a Cadet in 1790. He was appointed a Captain in the Madras Infantry on 7th May 1800, and a Lieutenant-Colonel on 5th January 1814. There is an account of his life in volume 2 of the Biographical Notes in "Historical Records of the Survey of India". He died in Madras on 18th January 1816 and was buried there in St.Marys Cemetery. By his wife(?), Harriett, who afterwards married the Rev. E Vaughan on 18th November 1816, he had three sons

(a) William Henry Colebrooke, born at Wallajabad on 2nd August 1810 and baptized at Fort St.George, Madras, on 20th December following. Nothing more is known of him.
(b) Thomas Colebrooke, born on 19th May 1812. Nothing more is known of him.
(c) Edward Colebrooke. Born on 5th January 1814 and baptized at Fort St.George on 25th January. He died on 23rd February 1816.

v. John Colebrooke, who joined the Army as a Cadet in 1790. He accompanied Malcolm to Persia and became a Captain in the Madras Cavalry on 13th September 1800, a Major on 2nd August 1806 and a Lieutenant-Colonel on 29th July 1815. He died "on board H.M.S. Liffey, off the Sand Heads", on 19th October 1823, having had (illegitimate?) issue

Charlotte Colebrooke, baptized at Vespery on 30th May 1800. On 17th January 1818 at Vespery she married John Burghall. They had at least five sons, including

John Joseph Adolph Colebrooke Burghall, born on 27th October 1818 and baptized at Vespery on 1st January following. On 13th January 1847 he married Jane, widow of ? Oliver and daughter of William Moore.

i. Henrietta Colebrooke.

3. James Colebrooke, born on 21st July 1722 and baptized in London on 7th August following. He was admitted to the Inner Temple on 29th April 1737. On 7th May 1747 in London he married Mary daughter and co-heir of Stephen Skinner of Hoe Street in Walthamstow and Leyton in Essex. He resided at Gatton in Surrey. On 12th October 1759 he was created a Baronet, however as he  was to die without surviving male issue, the Baronetcy passed by special remainder to his younger brother George. James died on 10th May 1761 and was buried at Chilham in Kent (his will pr. 21 May 1761) having had issue

i. James Colebrooke. He died in childhood on 20th May 1754.
i. Mary Colebrooke, born on 10th March 1750 and baptized at St.Botolphs, Bishopsgate on 16th March following. On 9th March 1771 she married (as his 1st wife) the politician Sir John Aubrey (1739-1826), 6th Baronet of Llantriddyd in Glamorganshire and Boarstall in Buckinghamshire.  Mary died on 14th June 1781 and was buried at Boarstall on 20th June 1781 having had an only child,

John Aubrey, born c 1772. He died in 1777 having accidentally eaten poisoned food.

ii. Emma Colebrooke, baptized at St.Martin in the Fields, London on 22nd December 1752. On 7th October 1771 at Gatton in Surrey she married the cricket patron, gambler, shell collector, landowner and two-times postmaster-general Charles Bennet, 4th Earl of Tankerville (1743-1822). Emma died on 20th November 1826 having had (at least) nine children, the most remarkable of whom was their 2nd son,

Henry Grey Bennet, born on 2nd December 1777. A notable politician, he was described by the political diarist Thomas Creevey as 'most amiable, occasionally most boring, but at all times most upright and honourable’. Disgraced by the threat of criminal prosecution for importuning a young male servant at Spa in August 1825, he died in exile at a villa near Lake Como in Italy on 29th May 1836.

4. George Colebrooke, 2nd Baronet, of whom presently.
1. Dionisia Colebrooke, born on 9th March 1707. In May 1729 in Cheapside, London she married John Walker, younger son of John Walker by his wife Cecilia eldest daughter of Sir Michael Heneage of Gray's Inn. The younger John, who was Chief Usher of the Exchequer, died on 27th April 1758. Dionisia died in 1759 and was buried in Lyneham, Wiltshire, leaving issue including an eldest son

John Walker alias Heneage. He too was a Chief Usher of the Exchequer, and resided at Compton House in Wiltshire. He married Arabella daughter of Jonathan Cope by his wife Arabella, eldest daughter of Henry Howard, 4th Earl of Carlisle. However, he died s.p. in 1806. His wife dying in 1818.

2. Mary Colebrooke. Born on 27th January 1711, she died unmarried.
3. Anne Colebrooke. Born on 11th April 1712 and baptized at St.Benet Fink in London on 1st May 1712. On 19th June 1735 at Mercers Hall in Cheapside, London she married John Symons, only son of Richard Symons, a citizen and merchant of Crooked Lane, London who purchased Mynde Park in Herefordshire in 1750 and died in 1753. John, who was born about 1708, was educated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford and the Middle Temple. He was elected M.P. for Hereford in 1754 and 1761. Classed as a Tory, his only reported speech in parliament was against the cider tax. He died s.p. on 30th December 1763, being buried in Meende Church. Anne died the following year and was also buried at Meende. The Mynde Park estate passed to their nephew Richard Peers alias Symons, who was created a Baronet.
4. Rachel Colebrooke, baptized at St.Benet Fink on 30th September 1716. She probably died unmarried.
5. Anna Maria Colebrooke., born on 28th May 1720 and baptized at St.Benet Fink on 16th June following. On 20th September 1744 she married William Payne King of Fineshade Abbey in Northamptonshire. He died s.p. in 1766. On 26th January 1769 in St.Marylebone she married Edwin 2nd Baron Sandys of Ombersley Court in Worcestershire. Said to be "immensely rich", he, who was born on 18th April 1726 and baptized at St.James, Westminster on 14th May following, died s.p. at Ombersley Court on 11th March 1797 and was buried at Ombersley. With his death his title became extinct. Anna Maria died at Ombersley Court on 1st November 1806 and was also buried at Ombersley. Her will pr. 1806.
6. Sarah Colebrooke., born on 13th May 1724 and baptized at St.Peter le Poer in London on 29th May 1724. On 13th September 1746 she married Jeremiah Cray, sometime Verdurer of the New Forest, of Ibsley in Hampshire. He died on 4th November 1786 and was buried at Ellingham in Hampshire. His will pr. 2nd December 1786 (P.C.C. Norfolk 589-645). Sarah died on 4th March 1797 and was also buried at Ellingham, her will pr. 26th February 1798 (P.C.C. Walpole 47-96). They had issue two daughters

i. Sarah Cray. In 1780 she married Alexander Grant, 7th Baronet of Dalvey, who died in 1825. They had issue, including the 8th and 9th Baronets.
ii. Margaret Cray. On 2nd September 1788 at Ibsley in Hampshire she married Percival Lewis, a Lawyer of Putney in Surrey and Downton House in Radnorshire who retired to a cottage near Lymington in Hampshire. His will pr. 8th March 1822 (P.C.C. Merschell 151-200). Margaret predeceased him. They had five sons.

7. Charlotte Colebrooke, born on 17th November 1725 and baptized on 3rd December at St.Peter le Poer, London. She married John Wicker of Horsham in Sussex. He died in August 1767. Charlotte died at Bath in Somerset on 31st August 1795. They had an only daughter

Mary Wicker, who married on 31st March 1766 (as his 1st wife) the Rev. Thomas Broughton, 6th Baronet, of Broughton in Staffordshire. She died on 7th June 1785 leaving 13 children.

8. Rachel Colebrooke, born on 22nd September 1727 and baptized on 13th October at St.Peter le Poer. On 13th April 1758 at St.Mary Aldermary in London she married Richard Latham.

The 4th (and youngest) son of James Colebrooke and Mary Hudson,
George Colebrooke, 2nd Baronet, was born in Chilham, Kent on 14th January 1729 and was educated at the University of Leiden. He entered the family banking business, which, following the death of his brother James (whom he succeeded in the Baronetcy in 1761) was left in his sole charge. He sat in Parliament as M.P. for Arundel between 1754 and 1774, and also used his financial and political links to embark on an attempt to secure control of the East India Company, serving as chairman in 1768, 1770 and 1772, in which latter year he purchased the Barony of Crawfordjohn in Lanarkshire. Unfortunately, Georges control over the company coincided with its financial collapse, for which he was heavily criticized. His own financial affairs also collapsed, and he began to speculate in minerals and raw materials, losing £190,000 on one investment alone. In 1773 his bank closed its doors, and the greater part of his property was sold the following year with him being forced to reside more modestly in St.James, Westminster. Unfortunately in 1777 he was declared bankrupt, departing to live in Boulogne on a small East India Company pension. Some of his property was later restored, indeed in 1790 he was confirmed in the Barony of Crawfordjohn, thereby becoming the Hereditary Keeper of the Castle of Crawford. George eventually returned to England, dying at Batheaston in Somerset on 5th August 1809. Will pr. 14th September 1809. An excellent account of his life may be found in the Dictionary of National Biography online. On 23rd July 1754 in Edmonton, Middlesex, he married Mary daughter and heir of Patrick Gaynor of Antigua by his wife Mary. She, who was born about 1738 was, at the age of almost 80, to experience being kidnapped (along with three of her granddaughters) by her daughter-in-law Belinda Taafe in 1817 (see below). She died at Hampstead on 13th August the following year. Her will pr. 23rd November 1818 (P.C.C. Cresswell 486-539). They had issue

1. James Colebrooke, born on 15th September 1758, he died on 26th September 1759.
2. George Colebrooke, born on 6th August 1759. He was admitted to the Inner Temple on 13th January 1775. Entering the Army, he became Captain of the Light Company in the Somerset Militia, and eventually a Colonel. In 1817 he was recorded as living at Crawford Douglas in Lanarkshire, a part of his fathers estate. He died v.p. in Hampshire on 22nd April 1809 leaving no legitimate heirs, as all his children by his mistress Belinda, daughter of Joseph Edwards, were born before their marriage (at St.Michaels in Southampton) on 1st June 1805. After George's death, Belinda embarked upon overlapping relationships with the Hon. Henry Butler (1793-1842) and John (or William) Taafe of Smarmore Castle. She apparently had a child by the former, and is alleged to have married both of them at various dates in "an irregular Scotch marriage". A record of her romantic trials and tribulations may be found in the account of the Butler v. Lord Mountgarret trial which appears in "The Irish Jurist". Abandoned by her lovers/spouses, she was to be separated from her children by George's mother Mary Gaynor ; In 1817, in a desperate bid to communicate with her estranged daughters, Belinda hired two men to intercept Mary Gaynor's coach as she travelled with three of her granddaughters (including Belinda's two daughters). A victim of a rather clumsy kidnap attempt, the 80 year-old Mary was somewhat shaken by the experience, and before long she had Belinda up in court to face charges. Belinda, who by all accounts was a lady of singular beauty and accomplishments, was born about 1783 and died in 1832 (her will pr. 19th February 1833 - P.C.C. Farquhar 101-150). Her children by George Colebrooke were

i. George Colebrooke, born on 27th February 1797, he was baptized at St.Peter Mancroft in Norwich on 3rd March following.
ii. Henry John Colebrooke, born on 1st May 1798 and baptized at Falmouth on 8th June following.
iii. James Edward Colebrooke, baptized at Gulval in Cornwall on 14th May 1799.
i. Belinda Sutherland Colebrooke, born on 11th July 1800. On 28th October 1823 she married at New Church St.Marylebone (as his 1st wife) Charles Joshua Smith 2nd Baronet. She died s.p.s. in Portland Place, London on 22nd January 1825.
ii. Georgiana Harriet Colebrooke, baptized at Woodbury in Devon on 27th September 1803. She died in London on 15th January 1822, unmarried.

3. James Edward Colebrooke, 3rd Baronet, was born on 7th July 1761 and baptized at St.Botolphs, Bishopsgate on 6th August following. He succeeded his father (as 3rd Baronet and Hereditary Keeper of the Castle of Crawford) in 1809. He became Senior Merchant on the Bengal establishment, Judge of Appeals at Moorshedabad, and was Resident and Commissioner at Delhi. However, he was suspended from office in 1829 'on account of various corrupt practices'. Returning to England, he resided at Colebrooke Park in Kent, and died in Tunbridge Wells on 5th November 1838. His will pr. 14th January 1839 (P.C.C. Vaughan 1-50). By his wife (and cousin once removed) Louisa Ann Colebrooke (noted above) widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Stewart, he had no children and was succeeded by his nephew Thomas Edward Colebrooke as below. However, whilst in India, James Edward had illegitimate issue

i. Edward Carshore Colebrooke. Born in Cawnpore in India on 1st December 1807 and baptized there on 16th January 1816. At the time of his "reputed" fathers will, he was living in Calcutta and was left a legacy of £2,500.
ii. William Henry Walton Colebrooke. Born as Henry Colebrooke in Cawnpore in April 1813 and baptized there on 16th January 1815. In 1840 he married Elizabeth, who died in Kent in 1859. William may have remarried later that year. He died in 1885.
iii. Henry Colebrooke. Born in Delhi about 1815. At the time of his "reputed" fathers will he was a Student of Medicine at Edinburgh University and he was left a legacy of £4,500. He became a General Medical Practitioner, residing in 1881 at 20 Pennington Road, Tonbridge, Kent. He died in 1885 aged 70, having married in Kent on 8th May 1856 Frances, 2nd daughter of Thomas Lotherington of Holden House in Southborough, Kent by his wife Harriette. She, who was born on 26th April 1824, died in Kent in 1909. They had issue

(a) Edward Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough in 1858. Educated at Charterhouse. He matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford on 19th May 1877, and became a Priest of the Church of England. He married Alice Mary Austen in Reading District in 1894, and died on 10th August 1939, apparently s.p.
(b) Henry Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough in 1864. Educated at Tonbridge School. In 1901 he was a Bank Clerk living with his widowed mother at 1 Park Road in Southborough.
(a) Catherine Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough about 1857. In 1878 she married Edward (or Edmund) John Hutchings, a General Medical Practitioner, and in 1881 they were living at 51 London Road in Tonbridge, Kent. They had four sons.
(b) Fanny Louisa Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough about 1861. In 1892 she married Samuel Martyn Bardsley, a Clergyman of the Church of England.
(c) Harriette Edith Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough in 1862.
(d) Emma Lovel Lotherington Colebrooke, born in Southborough in 1865.

i. Mary Colebrooke. Born in Cawnpore on 1st September 1804 and baptized there on 16th January 1815. No more is known of her.

4. Henry Thomas Colebrooke, the famous Sanskrit scholar, of whom later.
1. Mary Colebrooke, born on 29th October 1757. She married firstly Chevalier Charles Adrien du Peyron , who was killed in a duel by the Count de la Marck in 1784. They had a son

i. Charles Adolphus Mary Peyron, born on 18th January 1781. Following his father death in a duel as noted above, the King of Sweden is said to have conferred upon him his fathers office in the Royal Household, took him into his own family, and educated him with his own son, the Prince Royal. He became a cadet in the army in 1794, rising in 1805 to the rank of Captain in the 3rd Bengal Native Cavalry Regiment. He appears to have died in England on 4th December 1807. His will pr. 6th October 1809 (P.C.C. Loveday 730-785), having had an illegitimate (and only) daughter

Caroline Peyron, born in Calcutta on 11th July 1807 and baptized there on 2nd September following. She married at Fatehgarh on 21st March 1830 Frederick William Burroughs, then a Lieutenant in the 17th Native Regiment and later a Major-General in the Bengal Army. She died in 1863 having had several children including

Sir Frederick William Burroughs, later Traill-Burroughs, who succeeded to the estates of George William Traill (noted below). There is an account of his life in the Dictionary of National Biography online.

Mary Colebrooke married secondly in 1789 William Traill, who died on 22nd December 1813. Mary died that same year having had by her second husband

ii. George William Traill, born in France on 2nd October 1792. He entered the H.E.I.C.'s civil service, becoming Commissioner for the affairs of Kumaon. He held estates at Veira and Rousay in Orkney, but appears to have resided much of the time in Hanover Square, London. He died in the Oriental Club on 18th November 1847 of a heart condition, unmarried, leaving much of his estate to his great-nephew Frederick William Burroughs (see above). His will pr. 5th January 1848. However, by a native woman, George had a natural daughter

Mary Colebrooke Traill. Born at Almorah in Bengal on 4th January 1834 and baptized at Havelbaugh on 9th September 1834. She married in Cheltenham District about 1854 the Rev. Allan Gordon Cameron of Barcaldine and Foxhall, sometime Curate of Penkridge. According to Alexander Mackenzie's book the History of the Camerons they had two sons and a daughter.

i. Harriet Traill, who was dead by 1809.

2. Harriet Colebrooke, born on 19th September 1762. She died, presumably unmarried, on 11th June 1785.
3. Louisa Colebrooke, born in January 1764. She married Andrew Sutherland, a Captain in the Navy and subsequently Commissioner of Gibraltar. He died there in 1795. They had a son and a daughter.

James Charles Colebrooke Sutherland, born on 6th November 1792 and baptized at Walcot in Somerset on 18th December 1792. In 1807 he became a Writer in the Bengal Civil Service, and resided in Calcutta. In 1839 he was appointed Principal and Superintendant of Hooghly Mohsin College, on a monthly salary of 600 rupees, on the recommendation of Lord William Bentinck. He died in Calcutta on 1st February 1844. On 26th August 1814 he married Charlotte daughter of John Garstin, Surveyor-General of Bengal (in which role he succeeded Robert Hyde Colebrooke noted above) by his wife Mary daughter of the Rev. John Loftie, Chaplain of the Bengal Establishment. They had known issue two sons and three daughters

(a) Charles Garstin Sutherland, born on 17th August 1818 and baptized in Calcutta on 23rd February 1819. He became a Cadet in the Madras Cavalry in 1840, and was subsequently a Cornet in the 4th Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry. He died, presumably unmarried, on 10th January 1842 and was buried in Bishops College Burial Ground in Calcutta.
(b) Andrew George Colebrooke Sutherland, born at Alipore on 17th February 1820 and baptized there on 17th July following.
(a) Louisa Barbara Sutherland. On 3rd February 1836 in Calcutta cathedral she married James Colquhoun, a Merchant. They had issue, and were great-grandparents of the sometime Lord Mayor of London and disgraced financier, Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, 1st Baronet (1906-1975).
(b) Julia Mary Sutherland, born on 21st August 1817 and baptized at Benares on 25th December 1817. On 16th November 1837 at Monghyr she married the Hon. Edmund Drummond, a son of James Drummond 6th Viscount Strathallan. Edmund was from 1863 to 1868 Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Provinces. They had several children.
(c) Rosalie Caroline Sutherland, born on 13th December 1832 and baptized on 9th July 1833 at the Old Church in Calcutta.

Louisa Sutherland, born on 17th April 1791. She married Sir John Scott Lillie and had issue.

The 4th (and youngest) son of George Colebrooke and Mary Gaynor,
Henry Thomas Colebrooke, was born on 15th June 1765 and baptized at St.Botolph, Bishopsgate on 12th June 1765. He became a Judge at Mirzapoor and was a celebrated Sanskrit Scholar. There is a very good account of his life in the Dictionary of National Biography online, and in volume 2 of the Biographical Notes in "Historical Records of the Survey of India". On 9th July 1810 in Calcutta he married Elizabeth, daughter of Johnson Wilkinson of Portman Square by his wife Mary Anne Margaret daughter of Robert Osborn. Elizabeth, who was baptized at St.Marys, St.Marylebone Road on 11th July 1785, died on 31st October 1814 and may have been buried in South Park Burial Ground in Calcutta. Henry Thomas Colebrooke died in London on 10th March 1837. His will pr. 3rd May 1837 (P.C.C. Norwich 301-350). They had three sons

1. George Vernon Colebrooke. Born on 3rd June 1811, he died v.p. and unmarried on 5th February 1835 in Argyll Street, London.
2. Henry Herbert Colebrooke, born on 27th May 1812. He died on 17th February 1814.
3. Thomas Edward Colebrooke, successor to his uncle in the Baronetcy, of whom presently.

The Dictionary of National Biography online also notes that Henry Thomas Colebrooke had an illegitimate daughter and son who were born before his marriage to Elizabeth Wilkinson. Unfortunately it does not name them, nor reveal the identity of their mother.

The only surviving son of Henry Thomas Colebrooke,
(Thomas) Edward Colebrooke, 4th Baronet, was born on 19th August 1813. He succeeded his uncle in the Baronetcy and as Hereditary Keeper of the Castle of Crawford in 1838. He resided chiefly at 14 South Street, London ; Ottershaw Park, Weybridge, Surrey ; and at Abington House in Lanarkshire. Served as M.P. for Taunton in Somerset from 1842 to 1852 when he lost his seat, then as M.P. for Lanarkshire in three parliaments from 1857 to 1868, and was subsequently M.P. for North Lanarkshire. Appointed Lord Lieutenant for Lanarkshire in 1869. On 15th January 1857 at St.Pauls in Knightsbridge he married Elizabeth Margaret, 2nd daughter of John Richardson of The Kirklands, Roxburghshire. Thomas died on 11th January 1890 at his home in South Street, London. His widow died on 26th October 1896 at 18 St.James Place. They had issue

1. Henry Colebrooke, born on 3rd November 1858. He died an infant on 1st May 1859.
2. Edward Arthur Colebrooke, only surviving son and heir in the Baronetcy, of whom presently.
3. Roland John Colebrooke, born 22nd July 1864. A socialite in Britain and America, he wrote a piano solo entitled "The Wheel of Fortune". He died unmarried on 19th January 1910.
1. Margaret Ginerva Colebrooke, born on 19th November 1857 at Crawfordjohn in Lanarkshire. On 17th November 1890 she married the Marchese Di Camugliano-Nichollini. They resided at 16 Via del Fossi, Florence, Italy. The Marchese died on 30th January 1912.
2. Helen Emma Colebrooke. A minor author, she wrote "Winged Dreams" in 1909, "Fetters of the Past", and an article entitled "Poor Dick" for volume 45 of The Pall Mall Magazine in 1910. She died unmarried on 21st January 1916.
3. Mary Elizabeth Colebrooke, born in London about 1860. On 17th December 1894 she married Edmund Henry Byng, who later became 6th Earl of Strafford. She died on 2nd October 1951 and her husband died on 24th December following. They had issue.

Abington House in Lanarkshire

The elder surviving son of Thomas Edward Colebrooke and Elizabeth Margaret Richardson
● Edward Arthur Colebrooke
, was born at Ottershaw Park on 12th October 1861. Educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. He resided at 19 Green Street, London ; Stebonheath (alias Stepney) in Middlesex and at Abington House in Lanarkshire. An account of his career can be found on Wikipedia here. He succeeded his father as 5th Baronet and Hereditary Keeper of the Castle of Crawford in 1890, and was elevated to the Peerage, being created Baron Colebrooke of Stebunheath on 20th February 1906. On 7th June 1889 at St.Peter's, Vere Street, Marylebone he married Alexandra Harriet, 7th daughter of General the Hon. Alfred Henry Paget M.P. by his wife Cecilia daughter of George Thomas Wyndham. Lord Colebrooke died on 28th February 1939. His widow died in 1944. They had issue

1. Guy Edward Colebrooke, born on 17th September 1893 at Abington and baptized at Lamington. Educated at Harrow School from 1097-10, he served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during World War I before being appointed Honorary Attache to the British Embassy at Petrograd on 13th July 1916. He died v.p. and unmarried in Marylebone, London on 19th January 1921.
1. Mary Sydney Colebrooke, born in London on 24th March 1890. On 11th December 1909 she married Sir Edward Hussey Packe, K.B.E., D.L., of Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire. Edward, who was only surviving son of Hussey Packe of Prestwold Hall by his wife the Lady Alice, elder daughter of Sir John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley K.G., was born at 41 Charles Street in Berkeley Square on 6th January 1878. Educated at Eton, he became Deputy Lieutenant for Leicestershire. He died on 11th May 1946. They had issue.

i. Penelope Mary Packe, born in London in 1910. On 15th August 1936 she married (as his 2nd wife) Captain John Drury Boteler Drury-Lowe, and later from 1947 Packe-Drury-Lowe, of the Scots Guards. John died on 1st June 1960. They left issue.
ii. Ursula Sybil Packe, born in Loughborough District on 4th February 1913. On 2nd June 1934 she married Lieut-Colonel Peter Thomas Clifton of the Grenadier Guards. That marriage was annulled two years later, and on 24th May 1940 in the offices of a legal firm in Edinburgh she married by declaration Lieutenant Lord David Crichton-Stuart, later Stuart, a younger son of the 4th Marquess of Bute. Lord David died in 1970 aged 59. Ursula died in 1989. The couple had two daughters, the elder of whom, Flora, was considered the worlds foremost authority on the Belted Galloway breed of cattle and was President of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society. She died unmarried in 2005 and a good account of her life can be found here. The younger daughter, Rose, was killed in a motor accident in 1962.

2. Bridget Colebrooke, born in London on 29th January 1892. On 29th March 1922 in Marylebone she married (as his 2nd wife) Victor William Paget M.C., Captain in the Royal Horse Artillery, son of Lord Alexander Victor Paget by his wife the Hon. Hester Alice Stapleton-Cotton. The couple divorced in 1932, and Victor died on 11th February 1952. Bridget died on 27th January 1975, the result of an accident. Together they had issue

i. Nicholas David Paget, born in Hampstead on 16th October 1924. Educated at Eton College. He served in World War II gaining the rank of Honorary Captain. Thrice married, he died on 28th April 2003, leaving issue.
i. Ann Paget, born in Marylebone on 19th May 1923.


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