The Graham family of Harrow

This family is popularly believed to be a branch of the Grahams of Gartmore in Scotland. It is possible they came to London around the time the Stuart Kings came south in the early or mid 17th century.

● Robert Graham, an apothecary of London whose will was proved on 7th May 1666 may have been father of

● Alexander Graham father of

● Thomas Graham. Born around 1666, he became apothecary to Kings George I and George II, and was apothecary general to the army. He had houses in Pall Mall and St.James's in London, and at Sudbury Green near Harrow on the Hill in Middlesex. On 30th August 1691 at Temple Church in London he married Anne daughter of John Portman. Anne died on 10th January 1724, in her 59th year. Thomas died at his house in Pall Mall on 14th May 1733, and was buried in St.Mary's Church in Harrow, where a very large wall monument commemorates them (see left). They had issue

1. Daniel Graham, of whom presently
1. Elizabeth Graham, who married Edward Pincke on 12th May 1715 in Westminster (Edward's younger brother Alured later married Elizabeth Thornicroft, Dowager Baroness Abergavenny). They had issue.
2. Sarah Graham, who married Henry Monger, perhaps of Faversham in Kent, on 8th October 1717 in Westminster. They had issue.





The son,
Daniel Graham, was born about 1695. He succeeded his father as apothecary to King George II and afterwards to King George III. He was also apothecary at Chelsea College Hospital. Residing at 11 Pall Mall, Daniel was twice married. His first wife (who he may have married at Westminster in April 1729) may have been named Elizabeth Sibbald. She probably died soon after giving birth to a daughter,

1. Henrietta Catherine Graham, apparently born at Wotton in Surrey on 8th November 1733 and baptized at St.James's, Westminster on 30th November 1733. On 6th May 1752 she married Sydenham Malthus of The Rookery and Albury in Surrey. They were second cousins, being related through the Portman family.

Daniel Graham married 2ndly, about 1734, Mary Crisp. By her he had issue

1. Richard Robert Graham, of whom later.
2. Thomas Graham, born 18th August 1740. He died young, probably in 1742.
2. Anna Maria Graham
, born 7th July 1738 and baptized at St.James's, Westminster on 1st August 1738. She was to marry (as his 2nd wife) THOMAS RYVES of Ranston Hall in Dorset at St.James's, Westminster, on 22nd September 1757.

In 1742 Daniel commissioned William Hogarth (1697-1764) to paint his children. When Hogarth began to sketch the children for the work, the youngest child Thomas was still alive. However by the time the painting was completed later that year, the youngster had died. This probably accounts for what are said to be some symbolic references to death appearing in the portrait, such as the winged cherub carrying a sickle above a clock in the background behind him.

The Graham Children as painted by Hogarth in 1742.

The children are (from left to right) the infant Thomas sitting in a gold-leaf gilded go-cart; Henrietta in a blue dress holding two cherries; Anna Maria in a flower-print dress; and Richard who plays the sérinette (bird organ). Celebrated for its somewhat idealistic portrayal of childhood, it is also said to be Hogarth's most ambitious portrayal of children. Measuring over 160 x 180 cm, It has become one of the most famous paintings of its genre and is now in The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London. It also shows what a comfortable lifestyle this family enjoyed.

Daniel Graham died in 1788 and was buried in St.Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill where there is a wall plaque to his memory (see right). Below it can be seen the arms of the Graham family. His will was proved on 27th March 1778.








The only surviving son and heir,
Richard Robert Graham, was born on 8th January 1735. Said to be of Aldenham Park in Hertfordshire. He succeeded his father as Apothecary at Chelsea College. He married (at North Alston in Oxfordshire) on 15th June 1767 Anne daughter of Charles Bowles. She probably died before her husband. Richard died on 31st May 1816 and was buried in St.Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill where there is a wall plaque to his, and his son Henry's memory (see left). His will was proved on 14th June 1816. Richard and Anne had issue




1. Charles Rives Graham. Born in Chelsea and baptized there at the Pensioners Army Hospital on 9th March 1774. He married Alice and became Vicar of Hayton in Yorkshire. He died in 1857 leaving known issue

(a). Richard Robert Graham, born in Hayton about 1816. In 1851 he was a farmer, living with his parents.
(a). Laura Sophia Graham, born in Yorkshire about 1814. In 1851 she was still unmarried and living with her parents.

2. Robert Thomas Graham, baptized at the Pensioners Army Hospital on 28th May 1775.
3. Henry Graham, born about 1778. He was killed at the battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815 and is mentioned on his fathers monument in St.Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill (see left).
1. Maria Uriana Graham, baptized at the Pensioners Army Hospital on 8th July 1768.
2. Henrietta Graham, baptized at the Pensioners Army Hospital on 3rd June 1770.
3. Maria Anne Graham, baptized at the Pensioners Army Hospital on 6th July 1770.
4. Emma Graham, baptized at St.James, Westminster on 20th December 1779. In 1806 she married, as his 2nd wife, her cousin Admiral George Frederick Ryves (1758-1826). She died his widow and was buried at Parkstone in Dorset. Her will pr. 28th November 1842. They had issue (see Ryves).
5. Margaret Graham, born 16th September 1781 and baptized at
Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road on 15th October following.

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