The Malthus family


Here is the information I have on them :

● John Malthus married Margaret daughter of Thomas Bullock by his wife Alice daughter of Justice John Kingsmill and had a son

● Robert Malthus, baptized at Binfield in Berkshire on 26th December 1561. He married Margery and died in 1646 (buried 24th January 1646) leaving a son

● Robert Malthus who married Sarah, daughter of John Evans by his wife Anne. They had a son

● Daniel Malthus, baptized at Northolt in Middlesex on 15th February 1651. He became an apothecary of St.James's, Westminster. He married Elizabeth daughter of John Portman. He was dead by 1717 (will proved 29th July 1717). His widows will was proved on 26th January 1725. They had a son and daughter

1. Sydenham Malthus, of whom presently.
1. Sarah Malthus, who married at St.James's, Westminster on 20th February 1705 James Tully of Charterhouse Square in London. They had, with other issue,

i. Sarah Tully (1709-36), who married on 24th April 1732 (as his 1st wife) Sir Richard Hoare, (d. 1754) Lord Mayor of London 1745-46. Their grandson,

Sir Richard Colt Hoare (1758-1838), 2nd Baronet, was a famous antiquarian considered by many to be one of the earliest practitioners of modern archaeology (see right)

ii. Anne Tully, wife of Thomas le Blanc.




The son and heir,
● Sydenham Malthus, was born at Northolt in Middlesex about 1678. He was a Barrister of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, residing in Lincoln's Inn Fields. He also held property in Charterhouse Square, London. He married (at St.Anne's, Soho, Westminster on 30th September 1712) Anne daughter of Richard Dalton of St.Martin in the Fields. He died at Lincoln's Inn Fields on 11th June 1757. His will proved 22nd June 1757. That of his widow proved 16th March 1762. They had issue

1. Daniel, of whom presently.
1. Anne, wife of Humphrey Hackshaw.
2. Katherine, who married at St.Mary's Woolnoth, London on 27th June 1745 George Eckersall (this may be the same George Eckersall who in 1760 was (re-?)granted a lease of Sir Christopher Wren's House near Hampton Court). They had a son,

John Eckersall of Claverton House and 17 Portland Place, Bath, Somerset. On 1st December 1774 at St.Marylebone in London he married his cousin Katherine Wathen (see below), and their daughter,

Harriet Eckersall, born in 1777, was to marry her cousin once removed, the Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus (see later).

3. Elizabeth, who married at St.Mary at Hill, London on 19th March 1750 Samuel Wathen. They had a daughter,

Katherine Wathen, baptized at St.Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London on 8th February 1753. She married her cousin John Eckersall as noted above.

The Rookery near Dorking in Surrey

The only son and heir,
● Daniel Malthus
, was born at Lincoln's Inn Fields in Middlesex in 1730. He inherited much wealth and property, later residing at The Rookery near Dorking in Surrey (see above) for some years. He sold it in 1768, later living at Hadstock in Essex. His comfortable lifestyle enabled him to travel and pursue many interests including the theatre, the arts and sciences. He was a friend and executor of the will of the great philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-78). Daniel married on 6th May 1752 his second cousin Henrietta Catherine (born 8th November 1733) elder daughter of Daniel Graham of St.James in Westminster and Harrow on the Hill, Apothecary to Kings George II and George III. He died on 5th January 1800 and was buried at Wotton in Surrey. His will proved 29th January 1800. Henrietta died shortly afterwards, on 5th April 1800. Her will proved 6th June 1800. They had issue

1. Sydenham, elder son and heir, of whom later.
2. The Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus (see right), younger son. Born at The Rookery in Surrey on 13th February 1766 and baptized there the following day. He is said to have had a hare-lip and speech impediment. He was a celebrated economist and author of the controversial work 'Political Economy' which warns of the dangers of population growth. He married (at Claverton Church in Somerset on 12th April 1804) his cousin once removed Harriet daughter of John Eckersall by Catherine daughter of Samuel Wathen (as noted above). In 1805 he was appointed professor of history and political economy at the newly founded East India College. He was well liked by the students there, who considered him both the favourite and the hero of the college and nicknamed him 'Old Pop' - an abbreviation of Population Malthus. Thomas Robert died on 23rd December 1834 at 17 Portland Place in Bath of heart failure and was buried on the 6th of January following in Bath Abbey. His will proved on 12th February 1835. Full details of his life can be found in the Dictionary of National Biography. Their children were

i. The Rev. Henry Malthus, only son and heir. Born in Bath, Somerset on 16th December 1804. He was Vicar of Effingham in Surrey. On 16th June 1836 at St.James, Westminster he married Sophia Marian Frances (born at Leatherhead in Surrey c 1807) daughter of William Otter by his wife Nancy Sadlier Bruere. He died childless on 6th August 1882.
i. Emily Malthus, born 5th July 1806. She married John Watson Pringle but died in 1885, childless.
ii. Lucy Malthus, born December 1807. She died on the 23rd May 1825, unmarried.



The daughters of Daniel and Henrietta Malthus were
1. Henrietta Catherine Sarah Malthus, born 19th June 1757 and baptized at the Pensioners Army Hospital in Chelsea on 15th July 1757. She appears to have died in 1784 in her 28th year, presumably unmarried, and was buried with an inscription in St.Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill (see right).
2. Charlotte Malthus, born c 1759. She appears to have died in 1820.
3. Elizabeth Maria Malthus, born c 1761. Resided at Shere in Surrey. She died on 8th April 1832. Her will proved on 25th April 1832.
4. Anne Catherine Lucy Malthus, born c 1762. She married (at Albury in Surrey on 10th August 1789) Samuel Man Godschall. She died on 14th December 1823.
5. Mary Catherine Charlotte Malthus, born in 1764. Of Shere in Surrey. Her will was proved on 3rd May 1821.
6. Mary Anne Catherine Malthus, born in 1771. She apparently married in 1789 Edward, 4th (but only surviving) son of William Bray (1736-1832), the antiquary of Shere in Surrey, by his wife Mary daughter of Henry Stevens. Edward died during his fathers lifetime in 1814. Mary died on 7th May 1852. They had several children.


The elder son and heir of Daniel and Harriet Malthus,
Sydenham Malthus
, was born c 1754. He married (at Edgeware in Middlesex on 11th December 1798) his cousin Mariana Georgina, widow of William Leigh Symes of Esher in Surrey, and daughter of the late THOMAS RYVES, formerly of Ranston in Dorset, by his 2nd wife Anna Maria, younger daughter of the forementioned Royal Apothecary Daniel Graham of St.James in Westminster and Harrow on the Hill. Sydenham died on 20th December 1821 and was buried with an inscription at Albury in Surrey. His will proved 21st January 1822. His widow died on 18th November 1830 and was buried with him. Her will proved on 18th March 1831. They had issue

1. Sydenham Malthus, elder (and only surviving) son and heir, of whom presently.
2. Charles Sydenham Malthus, younger son, born at Albury on 20th February 1807. He died aged 14 during his parents lifetimes on 25th March 1821 and was buried with an inscription at Albury.
1. Mary Malthus, born at Chalfont in Buckinghamshire on 30th April 1800. At the time of the 1881 census she was living with her niece Mary J Holt at Newfield House, Bexley in Kent. She died later that year on the 29th of August and was buried at Albury in Surrey.
2. Jane Malthus, born at Albury on 13th October 1802. On 11th December 1828 she married the Rev. Robert Fowler Holt of Postford House in Surrey. He, who was educated at Brasenose College in Oxford, was son of the Rev. Robert Holt, Rector of Finmere in Oxfordshire by his wife Sarah Fowler. Jane died on 9th May 1845 at Eton College in Buckinghamshire, and was buried in the Old Chapel of Ease Churchyard at Eton College. Robert died on 27th January 1870 at Reading in Berkshire and was buried in Old Upton Churchyard near Slough in Buckinghamshire. Jane and Robert had at least seven children, their eldest son William Harvey Holt emigrating to Australia.
3. Henrietta Malthus, born at Albury on 29th April 1804. She probably died young.

The only surviving son and heir,
● Sydenham Malthus, was born at Albury on 29th May 1801 and baptized at Chalfont St.Giles in Buckinghamshire on 30th November 1802. He married, at Clifton in Gloucestershire in 1829, Mary Ann daughter of the Rev. Samuel White, Rector of Brightwell in Oxfordshire, by his wife Isabella Saunders. Sydenham died at Clifton on 6th March 1868. Mary Ann, who was born at Hampstead in Middlesex on 5th August 1801, died at 8 York Place, Clifton on 6th November 1889. They had issue

1. Sydenham Malthus, of whom presently.
2. Charles Edward Daniel Malthus, born at Dartmouth in Devon in 1838. He emigrated to New Zealand, where he married (at Lethfield, Canterbury) on 25th April 1865 Mary Douglas. He died as a result of a fall from his horse on 16th February 1883 at Christchurch. His widow died on 16th December 1896 at Doyleston. They had six sons and three daughters.
3. Robert McNeill Malthus, born at Clifton in Gloucestershire in 1840. He died the following year.
4. Henry Perceval Malthus, born at Dartmouth in Devon on 27th June 1842. He emigrated to New Zealand, where he married (at Christchurch) on 26th April 1870 Elizabeth Caroline Somerville. He died on 29th March 1925 leaving seven sons and four daughters.
1. Mary Ann Isabel Malthus, born at Barmouth in Merionethshire in 1833. Around 1861 she married Arthur Gresley Hellicar.
2. Laura Jane Malthus, born in 1834. She died in 1857, presumably unmarried.
3. Katherine Jane Malthus, born at Clifton in Gloucestershire in 1834.
4. Lucy Harriet Beadon Malthus, born at Dartmouth in Devon in 1837. She married Albert Fry.
5. Caroline Louise Malthus, born in 1841, she died in 1862, presumably unmarried.
6. Henrietta Maberley Malthus, born at Clifton in 1843.
7. Letitia Morrison Malthus, born at Dartmouth in 1845.

The eldest son and heir,
● Sydenham Malthus, was born at Clifton in Gloucestershire on 29th May 1831 and baptized at Albury on 10th July following. Perhaps in 1867 he married Henrietta Maberley of Sussex. He was a Colonel in the Army, residing, at the time of the 1881 census, in High Street, Godalming, Surrey. He died at Dalton Hall, Godalming, in May 1916 and was buried at Albury on 30th May 1916. His widow was buried there on 24th December 1930. They had issue

1. Sydenham Henry Malthus, born and died in 1868.
2. Sydenham Malthus, born on 21st October 1869. He died on 1st February 1880.
3. Robert Malthus, born in 1881. He died in 1972.
1. Mary Malthus, born in 1872 at Brecknock in Wales. She died unmarried in 1906.

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