Lee County 1850 Mortality Schedule                               


                                             Lee County 1850 Mortality Schedule


Here are a few names from the 1850

Lee County Mortality Schedule.

Mortality schedules were taken in addition to the census, it recorded any Person that died within the year of when the census was taken.

*Note: The mortality schedules like a lot of information is only as good as the person who gave it. Some households may not have reported family deaths to the census taker. 



 Name                            State               Age            Sex               Month                         State                        Cause

                                                                                                                    of                                 of                                 of

                                                                                                                Death                          Death                         Death


Baines, John                VA          2mos         M              Jan                     VA                      Croup

Brewer, Mary             VA           24             F               March                TN                      Consump.

Bryant, David              VA         18             M               March                 VA                      Drowned

Thompson, Francis      Va         71              M               Feb.                    VA                      Typhoid

Thompson, Henry      VA         21              M                JAN                    VA                      Typhoid



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