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Robert Lord House on High Street in Ipswich.
  Original house constructed about 1638, present 
house constructed about 1725


Robert Lord (1603-1683)

Robert Lord was among the earliest settlers of Ipswich. He arrived in late 1634 or early 1635 and took the Freemanís oath in Boston March 3, 1635/6. His name does not appear on any of the passenger lists of the ships of the time, but it is likely he came with others from Sudbury in late 1634. Robert was born in Sudbury, Suffolk, England in 1603. His line has never been verified prior to that time. On November 11, 1630 he married Mary Waite in Finchingfield, Essex, England. They arrived in Ipswich with four children and had five after arrival.

In September 1636, Robert was appointed Town Clerk and Clerk of the Court of Ipswich and continued to hold that position until his death August 21, 1683. His duties included what would now be considered Clerk of Probate and Register of Deeds. He was appointed Deputy to the General Court March 12, 1637/8. In the latter position he served on committees that fixed the boundaries of the towns surrounding Ipswich and private lands in Essex County. He served as Clerk of Courts in old Norfolk County in 1649, and in 1658 as Clerk of the Salem Court. He was also Marshal or Sheriff until succeeded by his son Robert on March 27 1660.


1. Robert Lord was born 1603 in Sudbury, St Gregory Parish, Suffolk, England, and died August 21, 1683 in Ipswich, Essex, MA1. He married Mary Waite November 11, 1630 in Finchingfield, Essex, England2,3, daughter of Samuel Waite and Mary Ward.

Children of Robert Lord and Mary Waite are:

i. Hannah Lord, m. John Grow, December 15, 1669, Ipswich, Essex, MA

ii. Mary Lord, d. October 03, 1676, Newbury, Essex, Ma; m. William Chandler, February 26, 1666/67, Newbury, Essex, Ma.

iii. Thomas Lord, b. 1633; d. June 04, 1713, Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma; m. Alice Rand, June 26, 1660, Ipswich, Essex, MA

iv. Robert Lord, b. 1634, England; d. November 11, 1696, Ipswich, Essex, Ma; m. Hannah Day, 1657, Ipswich,Essex, MA.

v. Samuel Lord, b. 1640, Ipswich, Essex, MA d. May 27, 1696, Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma; m. (1) Elizabeth Ted, October 15, 1667, Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma; m. (2) Rebecca Eddington, December 16, 1684, Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma

vi. Abigaill Lord, b. 1646; d. June 04, 1729; m. Jacob Foster, February 26, 1665/66, Ipswich, Essex, MA.

vii. Sarah Lord, b. 1647; d. Ma; m. Joseph Wilson, April 24, 1678, Andover, Essex, Ma.

viii. Susannah Lord, b. Abt. 1650, Ipswich, Essex, MA; d. January 1726/27, Berkley Co, SC; m. Thomas Osgood, May 22, 1674, Ipswich, Essex, MA.

ix. Nathaniel Lord, b. Abt. 1653, Ipswich, Essex, MA; d. January 18, 1732/33, Ipswich, Essex, MA; m. Mary Call, December 31, 1685, Ipswich, Essex, MA.

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