Lost Clans

Lost Clans

Sawyer>Whitaker, Bowen, Gibson, Ammons, Treadway, Strickland, Spencer, Owens, Carter, Weaver, McCroy, Howell

Harrison>Haithcoat, Morris, Willis, Allstun, Burgess, Keasler, Collard, Sherley, Brumfield, Haney, Walters, Trousdale, Leathers, Fryer, Lincoln

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  Susan (Allstun) & Absolom Harrison

   This story is similar to many stories of pioneers in the early nineteenth century struggling through many things; the coming of the steam locomotive, past the telegraph era, and the Civil War; from black powder rifles to repeating rifles and pistols; from horse propelled transportation to the automobile; on into the twentieth century with airplanes, electricity and radios. But this couple and their children are OUR Family and this is their story; with their struggles, relocations, set backs, war, death and mishap on through to peace, good crops, productive years, births of children, marriages, prosperity, and grandchildren. They never gave up on hard work, trying to advance themselves, their patriotism, nor the good in man or the Love of God. AA & Susan have shown us what it means to be Americans, a family with a bond that even a war couldn’t tear apart.


 AA Civil War Letters to Susan

AA & Susan Marriage License

AA Death Certificate

Susan Death Certificate

Absolom A. Harrison's Army Declaration for Pension

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