Benjamin Mays Land Transaction

Recorded in Deed Book H Page 65 Amherst County, Virginia Circuit Court Clerk's Office

This Indenture made this 19th day of September in the Year of our Lord 1796 between Benjamin Mays and Susannah his wife of the County of Amherst of the one part and Eaton Carpenter of the said party of the other part witnesseth that the said Benjamin Mays and Susannah his wife for and in the consideration of the sum of thirty five pounds to show in hand paid the receipt whereof they doth hereby acknowledge and have granted bargained sold delivered and by these present do grant sell and deliver unto the said Eaton Carpenter one tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Amherst on the Southwest side of (Thrasters) Creek containing by estimation eight five acres be the same more or less and courses as followeth, to wit: Beginning on the creek running thence North seventy degrees one hundred and ten poles to a Spanish Oak north ten degrees west twenty eight poles to a Spanish Oak North twenty two degrees east thirty poles to left hand of fork of said Creek thence down the said creek and wanders of the same South sixty degrees East thirty poles South forty poles South six degrees East eighty eight poles SOuth thirty degees East one hundred seventy poles South fifteen degrees East ten poles to the beginning. To have and to hold the said land ? to the said Eaton Carpenter his heirs and ? forever and the said Benjamin Mays and Suasannh his wife doth for themselves their heirs and ? do consent and agree fo warrent defent to the said Eaton Carpenter his heirs the said tract of land ? free from all incumbunces and every claimant whatsoever. In witnesseth thereof the said Benjamin Mays and Susannah his wife have hereunto set their hands given the day and year first above written ? land delievered.

In presence of
/s/ Benjamin Mays
/s/ Susannah Mays

Robert Hambleton
James Carpenter
Cornelious Salo

In court held for Amherst COunty the 19th day of September 1796 this deliverance was acknowledged in open court by Benjamin Mays and Susannah his wife to the said Benjamin. She being first privately examined relinguished her right of dower in the said conveyance and ordered to be recorded.

Wm. E. Sandidge Teste