Calvin Hartly

According to North Carolina source records from the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, Calvin was born to Benjamin Hartley and Elizabeth Church on 3 January 1824 in North Carolina. He died in Grayson County, Virginia and is buried on Couch's Knob in Volney, Virginia. The cemetery is located in Grayson County, Virginia and is not too far from the North Carolina line near the small city of Independence, Virginia. It is noted that Calvin's tombstone records his birth date as 2 January 1827 and his date of death as 10 February 1902.

Calvin then must have been between the ages of 18 and 21 when he married Susannah Mayse/Mays in Ashe County, North Carolina on 21 December 1845

Census data reflects that in 1850 Calvin was farming 120 acres of land in Watauga County, North Carolina and that he and Susannah had two daughters ages three and one. By the 1860 census, Calvin and Susannah were residing in Carter County, Tennessee with six children whose ages were twelve, ten, eight, six, four, and two. According to the 1870 Carter County, Tennessee census, another child was born to them before August 1861. The census records as well as a property settlement signed by their children prove that Calvin and Susannah had seven known siblings. There may have been more children born who did not survive beyond infancy.

A copy of a military record indicates that a Calvin Hartley enlisted as a private in the 42nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment on 25

January 1862 showing a family of five and his residence as Jackson County, Alabama. He entered the service on 26 January 1862 and deserted on 27 January 1862. It is believed this Calvin Hartley is the same person of whom this resume is written. This belief is strengthened by the fact that:(1) Susannah wrote a brother in 1876 that Calvin had left the family at the beginning of the war and had not returned.

(2) There probably were only five children at home when Calvin left since the youngest child was born in 1861 about the "beginning of the war"

(3) The researcher of this story is adamant that the oldest child, who is her great grandmother, left home about the same time her father, Calvin, left and that she probably resided in Grayson County, Virginia before he second marriage in 1884

(4) No record of a divorce between Calvin and Susannah has been produced, even though Calvinwas later found with another wife and children.

The next knowledge of Calvin's whereabouts was obtained from a granddaughter by his second marriage. She was in awe when she learned that Calvin had had a previous marriage which had produced seven children.

It is not known where, when or even IF Calvin married his second wife, Widow Sallie (Foster) Ward. their granddaughter, Winnie, said they moved from Allegheny County, North Carolina to Grayson County, Virginia and lived northeast of Voleny, Virginia between Grant and Troutdale. In comparing birth dates of his first two children, it appears that Calvin may have married Sallie around 1867 and that they must have moved to Virginia between MaY 1868 AND February 1870. Traditionally, it has been said that Sallie hid Calvin in her home for three days during the civil war. Calvin and Sallie reared ten children. This marriage, or relationship, produced ten known children: which proves that Calvin fathered seventeen known children.

Whether Calvin divorced Susannah is not known as no record to that effect has been found.

In July 1870 in Carter County, Tennessee, Susannah married Solomon Bash, whom it has been reported came from Pennsylvania. Nothing has been traced regarding Solomon, but some not-to-reliable Hartley sources say he is buried in Johnson County, Tennessee.

Story by Brennan Hartley.

Calvin Hartley and Susannah Mays Children:

Minerva Evaline HARTLEY born 3 Dec 1847 in Ashe Co. North Carolina
Martha HARTLEY born 1849
Jesse Callaway HARTLEY born 1850 in Ashe, Watauga Co. North Carolina. Died 21 Dec 1919, Carter Co, TN and is buried Clawson Cemetery Carter Co. Tennessee.
Albert HARTLEY born 1854 in Ashe, Watauga Co. North Carolina
Mary E. HARTLEY born 1856 in Ashe, Watauga Co. North Carolina
Elvira HARTLEY born 1859
Luititia HARTLEY born 1861

Calvin Hartley and Sarah "Sallie" Foster Ward Children:

Almedia HARTLEY born 13 MAY 1868
John HARTLEY born 18 DEC 1871
Jesse Parks HARTLEY born 25 MAR 1874 and died 2 Aug 1957. Buried Oxford Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. Virginia.
James Center HARTLEY born 2 SEP 1881 and died 29 Jul 1953, Jefferson Oregon.
Creed HARTLEY born 4 Nov 1871 and died 18 Jul 1958. Buried Oxford Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. Virginia.
Mary Mazy HARTLEY born 31 JAN 1876 and died 1960 in Belle, California.
Lewis David HARTLEY born 28 SEP 1877
Rose Ann HARTLEY born 6 JUN 1879
Bettie HARTLEY born JUN 1884