First Generation

1. David SHELTON was born in 1776 in Patrick Co, VA. He died in 1857. David married Catherine 'Katy" MILLER. Catherine was born in 1787 in TN.

They had the following children:

+2 F i.Nancy SHELTON was born about 1807.

3 M ii. Roderick SHELTON.

4 M iii. William SHELTON was born in 1809. He died on 3 May 1864 in Mossy Creek, Jefferson, TN. William married Chloe RIDDLE.

5 M iv. Issac SHELTON was born in 1812. Issac married Rachel TORRES.

6 M v. Eliphas SHELTON was born in 1814. Eliphas married Sarah RIDDLE in 1832.

7 M vi. Alex SHELTON was born in 1815. Alex married (1) Rhoda HALL. Alex married (2) Nancy RIDDLE. Alex married (3) Margaret HENSLEY on 16 Oct 1855. Alex married (4) Rhoda NORTON on 27 Nov 1886.

8 F vii. Margaret "Peggy" SHELTON was born in 1818. Margaret married John Hackley NORTON on 3 May 1833 in Greene, TN.

9 M viii. David SHELTON was born in 1822. He died on 1 Jul 1863. David married (1) Elizabeth GOSNELL on 9 Mar 1842 in Yancey Co, NC. David married (2) Elizabeth GOSNELL daughter of Morris GOSNELL and Jane LINDSEY. Elizabeth was born in 1824.

10 F ix. Catherine "Katy" SHELTON was born in 1824. Catherine married (1) Ray. Catherine married (2) John Hackley NORTON.

11 F x. Sarah "Sally" SHELTON was born in 1826. Sarah married David METCALF.

12 M xi. James "Old Jim" SHELTON was born in 1827. He died on 19 Jan 1863 in Madison Co, NC. James married Martha Jane "Patsy" MCCOY.

13 M xii. John SHELTON was born on 2 Feb 1828. He died on 12 Mar 1909. John married (1) Arta EDWARDS. John married (2) Melinda METCALF in 1847 in NC.

14 F xiii. Judith SHELTON was born in 1831 in NC. She died on 27 Aug 1911 in Madison Co, NC. Judith married Solomon CHANDLEY.

15 F xiv. Mary "Molly" SHELTON was born in 1834 in NC. Mary married TORRES.

Second Generation

2. Nancy SHELTON (David) was born about 1807 in Laurel Madison Co, NC. Nancy married William NORTON son of David NORTON and Sarah SHELTON. William was born in 1802 in North Carolina. He died in 1860/1870.

They had the following children:

16 M i. David NORTON was born in 1827. David married Margaret JOHNSON "Peggy".

17 M ii. James NORTON was born in 1829 in NC. He died in 1853. James married Susannah.

18 M iii. William NORTON was born on 24 Feb 1830 in Yancey Co, NC. He died on 14 Jun 1923 in Madison Co, North Carolina. William married (1) Judith GOSNELL "Judy" daughter of Joshua GOSNELL and Elizabeth Delila BOWERS in Jun 1849. Judith was born in 1828 in NC. She died after 1900 in Madison Co, NC. She was buried in Union Valley Cemetery. William married (2) Cordelia CUTSHALL on 3 Aug 1916.

19 F iv. Catherine NORTON was born in 1833 in Yancey Co, NC. She died in 1880/1900. Catherine married Charles GUNTER son of Joshua GOSNELL and Hannah Onor GUNTER in 1850. Charles was born about 1826 in SC. He died in 1915.

20 M v. Robert NORTON was born in 1841. Robert married Nancy Matilda RAY on 28 Dec 1865 in Madison Co, North Carolina.

21 F vi. Arta NORTON was born in 1844 in Yancey Co, NC. Arta married Gabriel S SAMS on 30 Nov 1865 in Madison Co, North Carolina.

22 M vii. Joseph Teter NORTON was born in Jul 1846 in NC. He died on 4 Dec 1921 in Madison Co, North Carolina. Joseph married Elizabeth C RAY on 3 Nov 1868 in Madison Co, North Carolina.

23 F viii. Melinda Lucinda NORTON was born in 1849 in NC. She died on 5 Sep 1873.

+24 F ix. Tennesse "Tennie" NORTON was born on 16 May 1856. She died on 2 Feb 1935.

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