Hiram Mays

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1. Hiram Mays was the son of Winston Mays and Anna Walker.

Hiram W MAYS was born1 on 1 Jun 1820 in NC. He died on 13 Mar 1900 in Alexander Co, NC. He was buried at Rocky Springs Methodist Church Alexander County, NC. Hiram Mays Obit.

Hiram married Eliza A SCROGGS. Eliza was born on 2 Feb 1814 in NC. She died on 17 Aug 1905 in Alexander Co, NC. She was buried in Rocky Springs Methodist Church, Alexander County, NC.

Eliza's Obituary 8/25/1905
Eliza's 85th birthday.

Hiram Mays was Sheriff of Alexander Co, NC 1868 - 1886.

Hiram and Eliza had the following children:

2. Mary MAYS was born in 1847 in NC. She married Andrew John Taylor Elder, 23 Nov 1873, Alexander Co, NC. Story in the Landmark of Statesville, 4/12/1898.

John and Mary had the following children:

Charley Barrett Mays born 27 May 1883, Alexander Co, NC and died 27 Jun 1886, Alexander Co, NC.

3. Sarah Carson MAYS was born in 21 Dec 1849 and died 18 Jul 1907. Married Edward Baxter Bagwell, 21 Dec 1870, Alexander Co, NC. Edward was born 20 Oct 1851 and died 24 Sep 1918. (Kinfolks and Connections of Alexander Co, NC - Vol 3 No. 2 Sep 1985) Newspaper clipping from The LandMark of Statesville. Edward and Sarah are buried at Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Loray, Iredell Co, NC.

Sarah Mays Bagwell Obituary.

4. Martha Matilda "Mattie MAYS born 2 Jun 1860, Alexander Co, NC. Martha died in 1946, Kansas. Married J Thomas Flowers on 10 Nov 1875, Alexander Co, NC.

5. Margaret Clementine MAYS was born in 17 Jun 1855 in NC and died 22 Oct 1930. Married W F Patterson, Oct 1902. Margaret is buried at Rocky Springs United Methodist Church, Alexander Co, NC. W F Patterson Obit.

Margaret's Obituary 10/27/1930

Elizabeth "Bettie" MAYS was born in 15 Mar 1859 and died 24 Jul 1929, Stony Point, NC. Bettie married Isaac Newton Sharpe on 16 Feb 1904. Isaac died 29 Jun 1912. Bettie was step-mother to Isaac's 8 children. Isaac was married to Candice Drum.

Issac and Candice' Children:

Charles A Sharpe died 1956, Iredell Co, NC.
Nannie Sharpe died 1963, Alexander Co, NC.
Bessie Sharpe married M L Lackey. Bessie died 1964, Iredell Co, NC.
Ovella Sharpe married Floyd Smith. Ovella died 1956, Iredell Co, NC.
Delila Jane Sharpe married a Miller.
Zeb Beard Sharpe died 1939, Iredell Co, NC.
William A Sharpe died 1931, Iredell Co, NC.
Hayne Newton Sharpe.

6. James Mays died during the war.
1860 Taylorsville PO Alexander CO, NC # 619/619

Hiram and Eliza had two sons, one died in infancy and one died during the war.

H W Mays M 40 NC
EA Mays F 44 NC
A C Mays 14 F NC
JA Mays 12 M NC
S D Mays 10 F NC
MA Mays 8 F NC
E C Mays 5 F NC
E J Mays 1 F NC

1870 Sharpes Twp, Alexander Co, NC # 140/140
Hiram W Mays 49 M W Sheriff NC
Eliza A Mays 51 F W Keeping House NC
Mary ? Mays 23 F W Teaching School NC
Sarah C Mays 20 F W Teaching School NC
Martha Mays 18 F W Attending School NC
Clementine Mays 16 F W Attending School NC
Elizabeth Mays 9 F W Attending School NC
? Scroggs 14 M W Attending School NC
Linney Franklin 14 M B Farm Labor NC (Joseph F Linney) Mu

1880 Sharpes Twp, Alexander Co NC

Hiram W Mays 59 Sheriff NC NC NC
Eliza A Mays Wife 50 Keeping House NC NC NC
Margt C Mays Dau 22 At Home NC NC NC
Bettie T Mays Dau 18 At Home NC NC NC
Jos F Linney Other Single MU 23 Works on Farm NC NC NC

As you can see on the census' of Alexander Co, NC, Hiram Mays was Sheriff:

Sheriff from 1868-1886 according to the Commissioner's minutes. Records show that the Justices of Peace, in their meeting of July 31 1884, to appoint and elect officers did not give Hiram Mays any votes for Sheriff. R M Sharpe received 17 votes, A A Hill, 14 votes and Little 2 votes. E. B. Jones, Alexander County's Representive to the House introduced a bill in the General Assembly to extend May's time as Sheriff until 1886 and the bill passed. A very unusual happening in Alexander County Government.

Article in the LandMark of Statesville, 8/28/1885
Article in the LandMark of Statesville, 12/22/1892.
Article in the LandMark of Statesville, 2/16/1893.
Article in the LandMark of Statesville, 8/22/1899.

Another interesting thing about this man:
Article 509 Alexander County Heritage Book

Frank Mayes

Frank Mayes was born in Hiddenite around 1851, in Linney's Grove Community. He was a Linney descendant, however, when he was a small lad he and his mother were separated. The Sheriff of Alexander County took him and he then became a Mayes. He was told his father was the slave master. No one knew what his mother's name was, but she was sent to Wilkes County and was never heard of anymore.

His first marriage was to Ellen ?. To this union four sons and one daughter were born; James (Jim), John, William, (Bill), Edward, and Mamie. His wife soon passed away. He then married Mary Jane Walker. To this union one son and two daughters: Charlie (Newt), Ollie, and Bessie. This wife soon died. His third marriage was to Jane Linney. He then became step-father to her three children: Cordia, Beulah, and Avery (Gabe). After her death he married Carrie Hill. To this union was born three sons and two daughters: Leroy, Mack, Raeford, Savannah and Sarah.After a few years Carrie died.

He was a farmer. He along with his father-in-law, Tom Hill carried dead bodies to the church and cemetery. During the winter months he carried his axe and knives in a sack and walked many a mile killing hogs for the neighbors. He would get 50 cents and a mess of meat.

All of his children are now deceased except one daughter, Sarah Parker. Living grandchildren are James Children, Mamie Norman, Howard Mayes, Bill Children, Lou Barker, Curlee Mayes and Hattie Wellman.

Ed's children: Nellie Mayes. Newt's daughter Thelma Baily. Bessie's son John Howell.

Sarah Parker's children: Edward Mayes, Doretha Horton, Helen Anthony, Beulah Garland, Thomas Parker, Jason Parker, Lindsay Parker, Curtis Parker.

Sarah Parker's grandchildren: Veronia Mayes, Marnita Harris, Edward Mayes Jr, Toad Mayes, Shelia Carlton, Charles Horton, Ericha Horton, Zerric Garland, Sean Garland, Lee Parker, Courtney Parker.

Four great-grandchildren. Four generations are now living.

Frank Mayes died February 22, 1932.

Source: Family members. ---- Sarah Parker

(Note this explains why a mu or black male was living "with" Hiram Mayes and family on the 1870 and 1880 census.)

Tidbit about Hiram Mays, Landmark newspaper, Statesville, NC.

3. Sarah Mays and Edward Bagwell had at least four children:

Archey Bagwell born 1872 and died 16 Aug 1948, Douglas, GA.
Raleigh M Bagwell born 10 Apr 1874 and died 7 Apr 1921. Married Myrtle Lovelace Wade. Raleigh & Myrtle are buried at Concord Presbyterian Church, Loray, Iredell Co, NC.
Anna Bagwell born 1880.
Lillian Bagwell born 25 Jul 1894. Married John McNeely Lantz. Lillian died 1963, Iredell Co, NC.

After the death of Raleigh, Myrtle married Charlie L Shook.

Raleigh and Myrtle's children:
Mary Carson Bagwell born 10 Nov 1906. Married Fred Davidson Summers.
J Howard Bagwell born 1909 and died 11 Nov 1933. Buried at Concord Presbyterian Church, Loray, Iredell Co, NC.
Ruby F Bagwell.
Anna Wade Bagwell married Kay Luke Eller.
Raynal Morrison Bagwell born 21 May 1913 and died 19 Mar 1999. Raynal is buried at Concord Presbyterian Church, Loray, Iredell Co, NC. Raynal married Audrey Thelma Keever.
Louise Bagwell.

Hartwell F Queen Obit - Landmark of Statesville 10/15/1900. The obit states he was married to Hiram's youngest daughter, I believe that was Martha Matilda "Mattie" Mays. He was a son of Hartwell F Queen and Mary Adline Laws.


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