Mary L Payne

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Mary L "Eliza" Payne

Job's Cabin Township, Wilkes County, North Carolina, 1880.
Mary L Payne White Female Age 37 Head of household and a Farmer.
Living with her 4 children:

1. Calvin
2. Rebecca
3. Frances M
4. Magdaline

There is no other listing anywhere (that I have found) of Mary Payne other than she was the mother of Calvin and Rebecca at the time of their marriages. She was listed as Eliza Payne. On Rebecca's death certificate it list Mary as her mother and Jordon Payne as her father. I don't think Mary was married to the children's father. There is no proof that Mary was married to a "Jordon Payne."

This is the Jordan Payne in question.

Mary Payne is supposedly buried at Camp Carolwood, Buffalo Cove community, Caldwell County, North Carolina.

Grave Photos at Camp Carolwood, Caldwell Co, NC.
Photos provided by Peggy Bolick. The little girl in the 3rd photo told Peggy that a ghost by the name of Mary comes there to the graves. The little girl is the daughter of the caretaker at Camp Carolwood. Peggy has 2 photos of the grave on the left and both had a thick fog in the picture. Peggy stated it was not the sun shining through.

1. Thomas Calvin Payne was born on 23 Apr 1867. He died on 31 Oct 1925. Thomas married Sarah Caroline Mays on 21 Mar 1891, Caldwell Co, NC. Sarah was the daughter of John Larkin Mays and Nancy Jane Cozart.

Thomas and Sarah are buried at Long Creek Memorial Baptist Church, Dallas, Gaston Co, NC.

Thomas' Obit - Gastonia Daily Gazette 11/3/1925. This is the only obituary I can find for Thomas and it is only a small mention of his funeral.

Thomas and Sarah's 10 Children are:

M i. John Everett PAYNE was born on 15 Mar 1892. He died on 25 Apr 1930, Cabarrus Co, NC.

John's Death Certificate.

M ii. William Francis PAYNE was born on 31 May 1893. He died at Kings Mt, NC.

William's Death Certificate.

F iii. Essie Levinia PAYNE was born on 11 May 1896 in NC.

M iv. Calvin Burt PAYNE was born on 19 Jul 1898. He died on 7 Jul 1964. Calvin married Velcie Elizabeth WHISNANT daughter of Richard WHISNANT and Mary. Velcie was born on 25 Jun 1903. She died on 12 Jan 1990 in Lincoln Co, NC. Calvin and Velcie are buried at Long Creek Memorial Baptist Church, Dallas, Gaston Co, NC.

Calvin's Death Certificate.

F v. Nancy Rebecca PAYNE was born on 4 Apr 1901. She died on 1 Nov 1986.Nancy married Luther Wince AVERY son of AVERY. Luther was born on 17 Jan 1892 in NC. He died on 11 Sep 1954 in NC. Note*** I was told that Nancy looks just like her Mother Sarah.

M vi. George Washington PAYNE was born on 18 May 1902 in NC.

George's Death Certificate.

M vii. Walter Raymond PAYNE was born on 20 Jun 1907 in NC. He died 20 Feb 1970 Statesville, Iredell Co, NC and is buried Oakwood Cemetery, Hickory, Catawba Co, NC.

Walter's Death Certificate.

F viii. Mary Clide PAYNE was born on 21 Jun 1911 in NC. She died on 31 Jul 1931 in Gaston Co, NC. Mary married a GATHERS.

F ix. Joyce Faye PAYNE was born5 on 4 Mar 1914 in Caldwell Co, NC. She died on 9 Feb 1972 in Gaston Co, NC. Joyce married Charlie Clarence AVERY was born on 27 Nov 1897. He died on 4 Aug 1969.
Joyce and Charlie are buried at Philadelphia Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dallas Gaston Co, NC. Photo's taken by Richard Jordan.

Joyce's Death Certificate.

M x. Woodroe Wilson PAYNE was born on 2 Jun 1916.

Woodroe's Death Certificate.

2. Anna Rebecca Payne born on 27 May 1869 in North Carolina. She died on 11 Feb 1936 in Caldwell Co, NC. Anna or Annie as she was called married Columbus Franklin Mays 21 Mar 1891, Caldwell Co, NC. She and her brother Thomas married the same day and married a brother and sister. Columbus was also the son of John Larkin Mays & Nancy Jane Cozart. Columbus and Anna are buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Saw Mills, Caldwell Co, NC. More on this family can be found here on the Robert Mays page.

3. Francis M Payne born 1872.

4. Magdaline Payne born 1877.

Here are some relatives that tie into this Payne family. All buried at Long Creek Memorial Baptist Church, Dallas, Gaston Co, NC:

Robert Burlin Wooten.Robert was married to Joyce Anline Payne dau of Calvin Burt Payne & Velcie Whistnant.

Calvin Frances Lee Payne. Calvin was the son of Calvin Burt Payne & Velcie Whisnant.

Christopher Charles Payne. Christopher was the grandson of Calvin Burt Payne and Velcie Whisnant and the son of Donald Jerry Payne & Bobbie Jean Jenkins.

Dianna Caroline and Danny Reed Payne. Dianna and Danny were twin infants of Calvin Burt Payne and Velcie Whisnant.

Ray Thomas Payne. Son of Calvin Burt Payne and Velcie Whisnant.

Richard Leon Payne. Son of Calvin Burt Payne and Velcie Whisnant.

Donald Ray Stiles. I'm not sure how Donald fits in just yet. He is buried in the Payne family plot and was the son of Marshall R Stiles & Annie C Spencer.

Calvin Payne and Rebecca Payne both married into the Mays family of Caldwell County. The other two children, Frances M and Magdaline have not been found on any census other than the 1880. If anyone has information on this family please email me!