Robert Mays Land Transactions

Land Transaction Records
October 1771- Jospeh Richards and wife Mary sold to Robert Mays 200 Acres crossing Stonehouse Creek. Witness Edmond Wilcox.
April 1790- William Fulcher sold to Robert Mays 179 acres on Stonehouse Creek, joining Charles Taliaferro, Jr., Ballenger Wade, and Robert Mays.
September 1795- John Mays and wife Franky sold to Peter Cash 150 acres on Stonehouse Creek.
joining Charles Tucker on the north and Robert Mays on the west. James Mays witness.

March 1799 - Ballenger Wade sold to James Mays, son of Robert Mays, part of the September 1768 patent to Pearce Wade, father of Ballenger Wade; original delivered to James Mays October 1799. 170 acres on Stonehouse Creek.

February 1804 - Robert Mays and wife Susannah sold to Hensley Carpenter and wife Rhoda for $1.00 and love, 110 acres on Stonehouse Creek. (Swapping probably involved a house.)