Deed from Sarah Mays

Deed from Sarah Mays, widow of Joseph, to son, Robert

Nelson County Deed Book 1, page 51

Know all men by these presents that I, Sally Mays (widow and relict of Joseph Mays) of Nelson County for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which 1 have and bear towards my son Robert Mays of the said County,

and in consequence of his Attention and kindness towards me in managing my worldly concerns and in order to prevent disputes of and concerning the division of this part of my said Husband's Estate which was left to me during my life, by his last Will and Testament and the profits and proceeds which have been made and raised from said Estate by myself and with the aid of my said son Robert and for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Shillings to me in hand paid by the said Robert Mays the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged,

Have Given Granted bargained sold and delivered and by these presents give grant, bargain, sell and deliver unto the said Robert Mays and to his heirs the following negroe Slaves to wit: Jack, Ellis, and Daphney and the future increase of the said Daphney, they being the negroes left me during life by my said Husband Joseph Mays deceased; also the use and occupation of the land and Plantation on which I now reside,

and all stock, kitchen and household and furniture, now in my possession of every description whatever, also all the benefit of crops which have been made on the said Plantation and all property which may be absolutely mine by purchase or otherwise so that at my death the said Robert shall alone be accountable for such and so much of said property as was left to me by my said husband during life,

and not for any Crops which have been made since nor any benefit which may have derived to him in consequence thereof in any manner whatever ~ to have and to hold the said negroe Slaves and the use of the plantation to him the said Robert and to his heirs for and during my natural life and to hold the remainder of property, crops and above described to him and Ms heirs forever ~ Provided always and it is the express understanding between the said Robert my son and myself that 1 shall at all times have and be entitled to received from said estate a comfortable maintenance during my life and that at any time upon the refusal of the said Robert to furnish me with such maintenance,

that then I have it completely in my power to revoke and annul! this instrument of my writing and shall be at liberty to take full possession of all the aforesaid property in the same manner as if this writing had never been made ~ In Witness whereof the said Sally Mays and Robert Mays have hereunto set there hands and seals this 25th day of January one thousand eight hundred and nine.

Sally Mays, her mark Robert Mays

Signed and acknowledged in presence of Isaac White George Mays

At a court held for Nelson County the 27th day of February 1809 this bill of sale was proven in Court by the oaths of Isaac White and George Mays, subscribing Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded.

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