My ancestor Louis Couillaud dit Laroque dit Roquebrune, also know as Vachignac or Gachiniac, would have been born after his brother François between 1686 and 1694. His baptism act was never found. A recent test performed on my DNA-Y and on an other descendant of Louis  proved without a shadow of doubt that our ancestor Louis Couillaud (Larocque dit Roqubrune) was from European descent and is the son of Philibert Couillaud.  The surnames Vachignac or Gachignac were also found in France.
So why do we think that Louis could have been born  beteeen 1686 and 1694 ? Looking at the repartition of the birth in this family we think that Catherine Laporte certain must had at least one child between the age 23 et 30. She had six children in 10 year before 1684. (See note at the end of this frame with an other hypothesis worth considering as well).  Louis would have been the seventh child of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune et Catherine Laporte dit Saint-Georges.   Louis married Marie Madeleine Sabourin in Pointe-Claire (Québec) on May 21st 1716. We can see the marriage act  in the  archives section.  In 1718 when is brother Michel get married Louis is said to be a miller the upper section of the Isle of Montréal. (West end of the Isle) in Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-l'Ile. He operates the mill of the Seigneur de Senneville in 1720 (Click here to see Senneville wind mill).   When his son Pierre is baptised the family is living at Isle Perrot. During the 1724 census he is at Isle Perrot on the south side of the Domaine. He is the owner of a plot of  3 x 18 arpents of which 20 are cleard and cultivated, one house, one barn and one stable.  He also own a smaller parcel of land a little ways from here about  3 arpents of  frontage and of an indeterminate depth which has no building on it. For those unfamiliar with Isle Perrot  the Domaine is the section that goes from Pointe-du-Moulin (Windmill Point) to the village of Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot (Link to the map ). One should not confuse the Domaine with La Pointe du Domaine. The plot my ancestor had was located approximately where Atlantide Golf club is now located. Click on the map on the left. The plots that Louis Larocque owned are numbered 4649 and 4668. 
Louis and Madeleine lived near the Windmill that can still be seen at  Pointe du Moulin on Isle Perrot (Picture above on this page). The first mention fo this windmill goes back as far as  1708 and was built by the Seigneur (Landlord) of Isle Perrot, Joseph Trottier Desruisseaux. On June 8 1742 Louis buys an other plot from Françoise Cuillerier widdow of the Landland of the island. Between 1743 and 1744 Louis sell his land at Ile Perrot and they move to Vaudreuil. Because there is no church in Vaudreuil, Louis et his wife go to the church in Oka which is the closest to them. It is accross the Lake of two Mountains.  Louis is buried in Oka on June 5th 1764 at the age of 80 years old and  Madeleine is burried in Vaudreuil on January 19 1784 aged 85.The Parish in Vaudreuil was founded in 1773 and Madeleine died january 19, 1784 (See the act). The present Church in Vaudreuil was built in 1791.
From  the couple of  Louis Laroque and Marie Madeleine Sabourin was born 13 children  (According to Mgr Forbes book of the families of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue). The children list appears on this page. 

(Note: The PRDH organisation place Louis’ birth in 1679 and here’s why. I translated an an explanation by Mr. Bertrand Desjardins of the PRDH (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique of the Université de Montréal))
In light of what we already know:
- The wife of Philibert, Catherine Laporte, was born October 12, 1663.
She gave birth October 15, 1677 to a son named Jean Baptiste
- The 1681 census shows two sons for the couple, Jean, age 5, and Baptiste, age 3.
Of these two we seem to trace the existance of only one married to Anne Celerier Desrosiers. He is named Jean at the baptism of 12 of his 13 children, et sometime Jean, sometime Jean Baptiste after that.
The hypothesis brought forward by René Jetté is that the couple would have had a son so called «Jean» about 1676 and «Jean Baptiste» baptised in 1677, as indicated in the 1681 census. This forces us to suppose that Louis is born after François, about 1688 or 1689. He would have been 75 at his death instead of the 90 written on the act, but such exaggeration were more then frequent for advanced death for this time. 
The problem with this hypothesis is that Catherine Laporte couldn’t have married before October 12, 1675 the day of her 12th birthday, supposing that she was still nubile (a pupescent girl in age to get married), which is not very frequent. It meant that she would have become pregnant almost immediately of «Jean» because she would have had a second child two year to the day after her marriage. Strong with my experience I can assert that many studies were conducted on the question of fertility of young women of this era that shows that two birth at her 14th birthday is an impossibility. Furthermore, the survival of the first one, the presumed "Jean" born in 1676 would have had for effect to produce a period of amenorrhoea post-partum (length of time before the ovulation can resume after a birth) because of her breast-feeding. These things, are known if demography that breast-feeding causes a stretch in the time a second birth can occur. 
I must reject this hypothesis ( the one of René Jetté). It appears most likely that the sons of the 1681 census are Jean (Baptiste), born in 1677, called Jean in the census, and Louis, called Baptiste in the census born in 1679. It is that way the this information will be dealt from now on in PRDH. (End of Quotation.)
This explanation seems very plausible. However me must consider that Louis would have to marry Madeleine Sabourin at the advanced age of 37, ten years above the average for this era. At the birth of his last child, Pierre en 1741, Louis would have been more then 60 , an age where normally a man is already a grand-father. We can add that Louis would have died at age 85 a very advanced age for a man in Canada in the 18th century.


The Wind Mill in Pointe-Claire
Louis Laroque and Madeleine Sabourin married in Pointe Claire May 21 1716.  When they came out of the wooden church they probably had in front of them this gem of early Canadian heritage.  It was built around 1708. It belonged to the order of the Sulpiciens between 1710 and 1837. The Sulpiciens were the Seigneur of the Island of Montreal. The Colony operated under the Seigniorial regime. The wind mill was used to grind the wheat ot the famers along Lake St-Louis. Louis Laroque was also a miller and it is not impossible he may have operated this mill. It ceased operation about 1860. Around 1900 the wings and the conical roof was gone. It was then used as an observation tower and a metal propeller was installed to pump water for the convent. In 1967 it was decided to restore this old mill to the state we now see it. 

Les enfants de Louis et Madeleine Sabourin


Baptism, Marriage, Burrials of the children of Louis Larocquebrune and Madeleine Sabourin  (from the WEB site of Marcel Larocque)

Louis 1718 on 21 février  B. (Baptême) in Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-l`Île,
(Copy of Louis Baptismal papers )

Louis married Marguerite St-Julien dit Le Dragon daughter of Jacques Julien & Marie Barbe Dupont in Ste-Anne-du-Bout de l'Île on January 26 1739. They lived on Isle Perrot. Marguerite St-Julien died at 99 years of age despite the death act stating that she was « about 106 years of age ». Louis and Marguerite had 11 children. They are my ancestors.

Jean-Baptiste, on February 21 1720 B. in Pointe-Claire. (Copy of Jean Baptiste Baptismal papers )

Marriage in Oka on January 27 1744 with Marie-Charlotte Séguin (Jean-Bapt. & Geneviève Barbeau). The couple had at least 7 children. 

Pierre,  le 3 juillet 1723 B. à Ste-Anne. (Le père dit Vachignac.)


Marie-Madeleine, on April 12 1725. B. in Ste-Anne. ( The father is said to be miller)

She married  first Pierre-Germain Duplanty (armourer) in Oka. on March 21 1746. On her second wedding once widdow she married  Pierre Borne on November 24 1760. 

Marie-Josephe, on January 12 1727 B, in Ste-Anne. (The father is said to live on Isle Perrot). 

She married Jacques Poirier in Ste-Anne on February 25 1743. They had 9 children.

Catherine, on August 12 1729 B. in Ste-Anne. (Parents live at Isle Perrot)

Antoine,  on July 15 1731 B. in Ste-Anne. (Parents live at Isle Perrot)

He married in Ste-Anne, Marie-Anne Poirier dit Desloges. Antoine is farming in Vaudreuil. He died in Vaudreuil S. 29  of October 1802 age 75. They had 13 children from 1754 and 1768. 

Françoise-Amable, on May 17 1733  B. in Ste-Anne. (Parents live at Isle Perrot)

She is buried in  Oka August 4th 1746 (13 years old)

François-Marie,  on April 6th 1735,
(Parents live at Isle Perrot)

Living in Ste-Anne in 1754. He married Marie Jeanne Pilon (Jacques & M.-Jeanne Messaquier) in Oka on October 21 1754. From this marriage nine children were born from 1755 to 1768.  They were living in Vaudreuil in 1762.

Angélique, on September 9th 1736

Burried in  Ste Anne September 16 1736 ( 7 days old)

Hyacinthe  on March 10 1738 (The father known as Gachignac from Isle Perrot)

Burried in Ste-Anne September 10 1738 
(6 months)

Joseph Mathieu  on September 21 1739

Il married in  Ste Anne February 20  1764 Marie-Joseph Sauvé ( Pierre & Marie-Louise Ranger) of Ste Anne. Tey add four children between  1765 and 1770. They were living in Vaudreuil in 1765. 

Pierre (sic) on May 12 1741

He married Catherine Séguin in Oka 
September 14 1761. 

Genealogy of Madeleine Sabourin wife of Louis Laroque


Madeleine Sabourin was from a family of 6 children. 

She was the daughter of Pierre Sabourin (Jean & Mathurine Renou) and Madeleine Perrier (Jean & Marie Gaillard). While Madeleine was born in Canada, Pierre was born in France in 1666 or 1667 and immigrated to Canada with his parents (See below).  Pierre and Madeleine Perrier were married in Montréal on May 24th1688. A mariage contract was passed two month prior to their actual religious marriage on March 27th 1688.Madeleine Perrier was the daughter of Jean and Marie Gaillard. (See below) After the death of Pierre Sabourin, Madeleine remarries with René Fortin.  Children of Pierre Sabourin and Madeleine Perrier are in order of birth;

  1. Jean-Baptiste baptized in Montréal on September 24 th1692. He died a few days later  on October 10th 1692. 

  2. Pierre was born on May 19th  1694 and was baptized the next day in Montréal. He married Barbe Charlotte Séguin in 1716. He enlist in the Compagnie du Nord-Ouest le 23 mai 1714. 

  3. Jean-Baptiste was born and baptized in Montréal on July the 6th 1696. 

  4. Marie-Madeleine wife of Louis Larocque was born and baptized in Lachine on January 26th 1699. 

  5. Jean Baptiste was born October 6th 1701 and was baptized the 8th in Lachine.  He had a son named Pierre born out of wedlock and baptized March 16th 1719 in Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-l'Île.  The boy's mother was Marie Josèphe Ouatagamie, a native woman, likely of the Outagami (Fox) tribe and servant of Sieur Paul Guillet for whom Jean-Baptiste Sabourin worked.   He then married Sarah Hanson (Ennson) from New England on 29 July 1727.  She had been captured by the French and the Indians and brought to New France.   

  6. Jacques born February 15th 1705 and baptized the next day in Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-l’Île. He married Marie-Jeanne Aumay in 1726. 

  7. Geneviève born December 9, 1709 in Lachine. She married Charles Julien dit Dragon in 1735 at Pointe Claire. 



Jean Sabourin was born about 1641 (son of Jean and de Antoinette/Thoinette Pinaud) probably in the village of Montalembert in the vicinity of  Niort (Diocese of Poitiers) in the Poitou province now the departement of Deux-Sèvres). Il se marie en France April 29, 1665 at La Rochelle (chapelle Sainte-Marguerite) with Mathurine Renou, daughter of Silvestre Renou and Judith Lauberthe (or Laubertre). Jean, is said to be a farmer and a widower of the village of Roncet (now Rompsay, outside La Rochelle) and Mathurine was of the village of Rié (now probably Notre-Dame de Riez in Vendée). The first mention or their presence in New France is dated February 20, 1670. At the 1681 census at the village St-Claude in Charlebourg Jean says that he is 40 years old and she said to be 38. Mathurine was confirmed in Québec City April 8th 1670. Jean died September 28th 1721 in Pointe-Claire and Mathurine died in Montréal April 14th 1681 probabebly just a few days after the census. Jean and Mathurine had 6 children. 

  1. Pierre born about 1667 in Montréal. He is a servant for the congregation of the sisters of Notre-Dame. He married Madeleine Perrier. They are Louis Larocque in laws. 

  2. Françoise born and baptized July 3rd 1670 in Québec City. She married Claude de Lamothe in 1685. 

  3. Marie-Madeleine was born August 31st 1672 and baptized the next day. In 1688 she married Jean Picard. 

  4. Jean was born September 23rd 1674 at the village of  St-Claude in Charlebourg and baptized  the next day in Québec.  He and Angélique Gibault signed a marriag contract before notaire Basset on October 27 1697. (The contract was anulled as the marriage was not celebrated). He married Catherine Chartier in 1698 then a secondly he married Françoise Venne in 1701 and finally a thrid marriage to Catherine Chartier in 1735. When Jean reached theage of 50 years, he started to use the name Chaunière dit Sabourin.  He is the only child of this familly to do so.  Jean is the patriarch of those who will later be known under the family name of Choinière

  5. Jeanne was born July 1st 1676 at the village of St-Claude in Charlebourg. She was baptized the next day in Québec City. She married Nicolas Périllard in 1695. 

  6. Guillaume né vers 1678 . Il a trois ans au recensement de 1681.

After the death of  Mathurine Renou in 1681, Jean married Marie Gaillard the widow of Jean Perrier.If you remember, Jean Perrier and Marie Gaillard were the parents of Madeleine Perrier, the mother in law of Louis Larocque. Jean and Marie Gaillard were married in Beauport  September 22nd  1682 (Marriage contract in front of notaire Vachon September 27th 1684). They had no children. 



Jean Perrier dit Lafleur was born about 1641 in France. He was the son of Jean and Marie Dervié of Pau (Diocese of Bayonne) in the  Béarn Province (now the departement of Pyrénées-Altlantiques). He declares to be 25 year old at the 1666 census at Côte St-Jean or St-François near Québec. He is a hired servant for Monsieur Jean Nault. At the 1681 census he says to be 35 years of age. He arrives in Canada June 30th juin 1665 as a soldier of the Company de LaBrisardière in the Régiment d’Orléans (Carignan). His is a weaver by trade. 

Jean married Marie Gaillard in Québec October 6th 1669 and in front of Notaire Becquet  pass a contract September 22nd  of the same year.Marie Gaillard's parents were  Pierre Gaillard and Marie Martin of Clermont des Ste-Croix (Archdiocese of Rouen), Normandy. She is  34 ans at the 1681 census. Jean Perrier died before September 22nd 1682. 

Jean Perrier and Marie Gaillard had 6 children. 

  1. Marthe born August 21st 1670 in Beauport and baptized the next day in Québec. She married Jean Charlebois in 1686. She is the twin of Marie who follows. 

  2. Marie born August 21st 1670 in Beauport and baptized the next day in Québec.  She married Guillaume Loret in 1683 and Jean Brunet dit Lestang in 1694. She is Marthe's twin. 

  3. Jacques born in Beauport et baptized December 10th  1672 in Québec. He married Marie Marguerite Paré in 1711. He enlisted in the Compagnie du Nord-Ouest (The North West Co .) August 9th 1700. Some sources say he was the first to hold the position of captain of the militia in Pointe Claire. (Source; Les capitairenes de milices  -  Mémoire de généalogie canadienne française, Montréal  ) 

  4. Madeleine our ancestor was born in Beauport. In 1688 she married  Pierre Sabourin. 

  5. Marguerite was born about 1677. She is 4 at the 1681 census . In 1692 she married Jacques Thomelet. 

  6. François-Madeleine was born February 21st 1680 in Beauport. He enlist in the Compagnie du Nord-Ouest/(The North West Co .)  August 9th 1700 with his brother Jacques.