Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves:
including the
Joshua Carter Perkins' and Joshua Frye Perkins'
             Nebraska Pioneers 1872 ~ 1996  



One of the biggest problems that researchers face is the question, "How do I know?"  And, sometimes, we are asked that question by other researchers, "How do you know?"

And, the truth is, many times we don't know, or cannot find the answer - - and that becomes our brick wall.

The purpose of this page to publish documents, and materials, that can establish the history of the families of Joshua Carter Perkins and Joshua Frye Perkins of Loup County, Nebraska.

When a person is lost, sometimes the best way to find them is to return to the spot that they were last seen.  In genealogy, often a death certificate and/or obituary, together with cemetery records provide that information.

Also, probate papers, wills, and letters of administration will give information about heirs, and property.

The United States Census which is now available for researchers beginning with the first federal census of 1790 through 1930.

There are deeds and tax lists which can provide information as to when and where ancestors lived.

Additionally, there may be court records which detail marriages, divorces, births, and events that may have necessitated court litigation.

There are historical books, including county history books, as well as genealogical works, that enable us to reconstruct our past.

And for some, there are diaries, and old letters, and oral families histories that have survived that tell one's family history and provide a uniquely personal aspect to a family story.

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Letters from Loup, 
letters from home: 
Correspondence of
Highly and Joshua Frye Perkins


Joshua and Highly Perkins' 
Biography from the
Loup County Taylor Nebraska
Centennial Book 1883-1983
Joshua Frye Perkins' 
Civil War Pension Documents
Highly Perkins'
Widow Pension

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Highly and Joshua's granddaughters, Virginia PERKINS and Faye PERKINS, both contributed articles for the Loup County Taylor Nebraska Centennial Book 1883-1983 as well as Virginia helped in the editing process of the entire volume.  Additionally, Sam Perkins, Highly and Joshua's great-grandson was the artist who created the cover for the book.


Created and copyrighted for Fallen Leaves: The Joshua Perkins' of Loup County Nebraska
Patricia C. Ash - - 2003
    21 May 2004

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