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Fallen Leaves:
including the
Joshua Carter Perkins' and Joshua Frye Perkins'
             Nebraska Pioneers 1872 ~ 1996


ACT of May 11, 1912

The pension document has been provided by the Family of Harold Raymond Perkins.

State of Nebraska
County of Loup

     On the 27th day of May, AD, one thousand nine hundred and twelve, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and State aforesaid, Joshua Perkins, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 67 years of age, and a resident of Taylor, county of Loup, State of Nebraska; and that he is the identical person who was enrolled at Camp Dick Robinson, Kentucky, under the name Joshua Perkins, on the 7th day of August, 1861, as a private in Co. C, 4th KY Infantry. Volunteers, in the service of the United States, in the Civil War, and was HONORABLY DISCHARGED at Camp Decherd, Tennessee on the 8th day of August, 1862.

     That he also served enrolled at Covington, Kentucky, September 29, 1864, as a private, Co. E 53rd KY Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged at Louisville, Kentucky,
September 15, 1865.

     That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the United States otherwise than as stated above.  That his personal description at enlistment was as follows:

Height: Five feet, ten inches;
Complexion, dark;
Color of eyes, grey;
Color of hair, dark;
That his occupation was farming:
That he was born July 18, 1844 in Monroe County, Tennessee

     That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows:

From discharge to 1866 at Lewis County, Kentucky,
Then to 1867 in Clarke County, Kentucky,
Then to 1868 to Fayette County, Kentucky,*
Then to 1874 Putnam County, Indiana, **
Then to 1875 in Edgar County, Illinois,
Then to 1889 in Hall County, Nebraska,***
Then to Custer County, Nebraska,
Then to present time in Loup County, Nebraska

That he is a pensioner under certificate No. 703.300

That his post-office address is Taylor, Nebraska, county of Loup, State of Nebraska

Joshua Perkins

Attest: A. S. Moon
        Geo. Ewing

     SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me this 
27th day of May, AD, 1912,and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, etc., were fully made known and explained to the applicant before swearing, . . . and that I have not interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

A. S. Moon
Notary Public


Footnotes to Declaration for Pension
* Original discharge papers show that Joshua Perkins signed them
at Ramsey Twp., Fayette County, Illinois, as do other documents
included with Pension Application.
**  Family information of James Monroe Perkins would indicated that Joshua was with his brother during this time.
***  1880 US Cameron Twp., Hall County, Nebraska
enumerates Joshua, Highly, and their first two children,
Claude and Hannah living there.
  Also, the 1880 US Hall, Nebraska census 
enumerates that living adjacent to them was 
Nancy PIERCE Perkins,
Joshua Frye Perkins' mother.

Joshua Frye Perkins made claim for a pension earlier, on
1 July 1891 while living in Custer County, Nebraska.

Even at that point, his health had begun to fail.

"That the claimant further states that his crippled right hand was caused by accidentally falling from a step ladder up near the ceiling, in said fall his hand was pushed through the window cutting the cords in his wrist which crippled his hand."

Another 1891 affidavit states that Joshua was,
"afflicted with rheumatism, heart disease, kidney and 
liver trouble, lame back, and crippled right hand. . ."

And yet, some 25 years later, he would still write_

5 April 1917
Taylor, Nebraska

If I was a few years younger they would not have to call twist (twice) for me.  Where ever mortal man would dare to carry my country’s flag I would dare to follow.  I have followed it on a many a hard fought field and while I live and able to stand up it shall never lack for a defender__

. . . Joshua Perkins



Created and copyrighted for
Fallen Leaves: The Joshua Perkins' of Loup County, Nebraska
Patricia C. Ash  2 May 2003

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