Fallen Leaves:
including the
Joshua Carter Perkins' and Joshua Frye Perkins'
             Nebraska Pioneers 1872 ~ 1996  



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Highly & Joshua Frye PERKINS
Loup County Pioneers

. . . read their Loup County bio above.

PERKINS Homestead, 1918
Front: Ronald and Gladys Clemens
Back: Joshua, Highly, Laura, and Perry
William A. and Clara PERKINS Land
Wedding at Taylor, Nebraska in 1918


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Laura PERKINS Clemens -
Loup County Public School Teacher
Loup County Historical Society
Founding member and Treasurer

Clara PERKINS - -
Loup County Public School Teacher
Lived in Oregon for 50 years

Gladys Hope CLEMENS, age 6 - -
Taylor High School Class of 1926
Loup County Public School Teacher
University of Nebraska Class of 1932



Hannah PERKINS and James KNUTSON
Married January 1, 1905
Loup County Public School Teacher
Lived in Washington State
50 years

Roger, Rita, and Jean KNUTSON
Children of Hannah & Jim Knutson
Hannah, Jim, and the children lived in Washington State.
Highly's letters to Hannah often asked about them.

Ronald Vernon CLEMENS
Taylor High School Class of 1930

Lived in Oregon many years


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Stay "tuned" as more photographs 
will continue to be added.

WW1 found Sidney Perkins, center, 
with comrades.  The WW1 Civilian Draft Registration listed Sidney Perkins' address as Round Valley, Custer County, Nebraska.

Sid also served in the Merchant Marine
in WW2

The realities of life often separated siblings for many years as they did Highly & Joshua's children. 

The 1940s found five of them together at 
Clara's home in Willamina, Polk County, Oregon.
L to R: Laura, Claud, Perry, Hannah, and Clara.

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