Fallen Leaves:
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Joshua Carter Perkins' and Joshua Frye Perkins'
             Nebraska Pioneers 1872 ~ 1996  

 Taylor School
         1902 ~1905 
              Taylor, Loup County,    Nebraska

CLara Perkins'




  Clara Perkins was the fifth of Highly and Joshua' Frye Perkins' children, 
and their youngest daughter.

She was born in 1886 in Hall County, Nebraska.

And, like many young girls of her age, she kept an autograph book.

The following are her album entries - - beginning with her mother,
Highly Perkins - - just 100 years ago!

Taylor Nebraska ~  November10 1902

Miss Clara Perkins

When memory with her jeweled hand,
  counts o'er her gems by life's bright sea;
Drop not my pearl upon the sand,
  but keep it and remember me.

H. Perkins

Taylor Nebraska ~ November 25, 1902

Dear Sister Clara,

Remember me long,
Remember me ever,
Remember the school days,
That we spent together.

Your Sister Laura

Taylor, Nebraska   ~ April 11, 1905

Dear Friend Clara,

When you see a squirrel run up a tree,
Pull it's tail and think of me.

Fanny Moon

PS Remember school days we had together

 November 25, 1902

Dear Friend Clara,

Remember me when far away,
Remember me when near.
Remember me when in my grave,
And shed for me a tear.

Nellie Harvey

November 12, 1902


When the golden sun it setting,
And from sorrow you are free;
And of absent friend you are thinking,
Will you sometimes think of me.

(Brother) Sidney

Taylor, Nebraska  ~ November 12, 1902


Forget me not, forget me never;
Till yonder sun goes down forever.

Brother Perry

November 6, 1903

Dear Clara,

When I am old and cannot see,
Put on your spectacles and think of me.

Your friend and schoolmate,
Ethel Clay

November 25, 1902

Dear Friend Clara,

When I am dead and in my grave,
Sorrowly weave . 
It will be then and not before,
That I will weape any more.

Myrtle Patterson

When the distant sun is setting,
And your mind from care is free:
And of distant friends you're thinking,
Will you sometimes think of me?

(Brother) Claude

Dear Friend Clara,

I thought, I thought, I thought in vain,
At last I thought I would write my name.

Miss Edith  A. Poland
Taylor, Nebraska  ~ January 25, 1905

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  April 4, 1903


Sometimes I think, you think, I think,
And think I see your features thinking.
'Tis sweet to think, you think, I think,
Even though you only think I'm thinking.

D. F. Roach

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  October 17, 1904

Remember me when this you see,
And think of the one that often thinks of thee.

Your true friend,
Addie Campbell

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  February 2, 1905

When this you see, remember me;
And take a little catnip tea.

Yours very truly,
Ethel Clay
Remember me

Taylor, Nebraska  ~ September 21, 1904

Dear Clara,
Long my you live,
Happy may you be:
When you get married,
Come and see me.

Your friend,
Mary E. Scofield

The friends that love you
are sometimes true -
But often false - - so better have few.

Highly Perkins

Taylor, Nebraska

I love one,
I love two,
Best of all I love you.

Fanny Moon
Forget me not

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 22, 1904

Dear Friend Clara,

In the storms of life,
When you need an umbrella,
May you have to up hold it,
O'er some handsome young fellow.

Is the wish of your friend,
Faye C. Abbott

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  April 14, 1903

Dear Friend Clara,
Love no man,
Not even your brother;
If girls must love,
Love one another.

Your Friend and Teacher,
Mable Cassidy

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  April 4, 1903

Clara -
Today a lesson from the past we borrow,
A lesson from the lonely and the great;
The problems of today and of the morrow,
Shall find us waiting some new fate.

Mrs. Frank Roach

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  April 19, 1905

Dear Friend Clara,

You I love and shall forever,
Your heart may change but mine will never.
Friends may meet and friends may part,
But that will never change my heart.
Boys are sweet and girls are plenty
So don't get married until you are twenty.

Your loving Friend and Schoolmate,
May Bell L. Moon

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 24. 1903

Dear Friend Clara,

Oh fear not in a world like this,
And thou shalt know are long;
Know how sublime a thing it is,
To suffer and be strong.

Katie Britton
Taylor School

September 28, 1904

Dear Schoolmate,

As shure as comes your wedding day,
A broom to you I'll send;
In sunshine, use the brushy part,
In storms, the other end.

Your friend,
Florence Lewis

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 14, 1903

Dear Schoolmate,

Let truth be your motto while climbing
life's hill:
Truth conquers all, it is God's will.

Your friend,
Lulu Clark

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  September 22, 1904

Dear Friend Clara,
Think of me often,
Think of me long,
Think of me when I am gone.

Your friend,
Della Case

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  September 21, 1904

Dear Clara,

If ever a husband you shall have,
And he this book should see;
Tell him of your youthful days,
And kiss him once for me.

Your friend,
Martha Terugal

September 28, 1904

Dear Friend Clara,

The taller the oak, the thicker the bark;
The fairer the maid, the harder to spark.

Your true friend<
Elvira Williams

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 7, 1903

Dear Friend Clara,

Friendship is a silken tie,
That binds two hearts together;
If you never break that tie,
We will be friends forever.

Your friend,
Edith Wirsig

December 15, 1903

Remember the cat,
Remember the kitten;
And also remember the first fellow,
That give you the mitten.

Your friend,
Joseph Britton

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 10, 1903

Dear friend and schoolmate,

As the leaves fell from the pine,
I choose you as a friend of mine;
I choose you from all the rest,
Because I thought you was the best.

Your friend,
Christina Ebrans

December 14, 1903

Dear Clara,

Knew I the city in which to find,
The chain around our friendship to twine;
It would be there to find that chain,
My feet would travel in time to come.

Your friend & schoolmate,
Della Fay

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  December 1904

Dear Clara,

There is room for my name in your album,
There is room for my love in your heart:
There is room for us both in heaven,
Where true friends never part.

Laura Rainier

Taylor, Nebraska  ~  May 11, 1905

Dear Friend,

When you are old, and cannot see;
Put on your specks and think of me!

Your friend,
Maud Spencer

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