The Burtons and Lows  of Tennessee and Texas

 The Burtons and Lows of Tennessee and Texas

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Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We, Elsie and Clayton Burton, have been researching and searching for our family for about twelve years. We are making some progress, but we have learned that not a single member of our family ever served in public office, bought land, paid taxes, or made public documents. The only document we have found was an early will that had been taken to Europe and was being sent back to the family. It was on the Titanic.


Seriously, we have made some progress, but we still have a couple of walls we are unable to climb, but we are getting closer to the top of them. Some of the lines we are comfortable with the indications we have back to the 11th century, and some of the lines we can't even get past the 20th century. That is the challenge, and what makes this project interesting.


The Burtons came to Texas from Tennessee, but they came by way of Illinois. They left Middle Tennessee in 1850 and moved to Eastern Illinois. About 1885 my line left Illinois and came to Texas. I have about decided why they left Tennessee, but the reason for leaving Illinois is still dim. They came to Grayson County first, then moved to southern Texas and finally to Coleman County about 1890. They are mostly still there now.

The Lows and their in-laws, the Bentons, left Tennessee in 1866 and came to Texas directly, settling in Fannin County near Bonham. Then about 1885, they moved to Eastland County, then about the turn of the century on to Menard County. They are still there, but several have moved to other parts of the state.


We will post what we have, and hope that visitors will be able to help with more. We will always gladly share what we have with any and all who are interested. You can email me  or Elsie and we will get back to you.

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