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Over a century passed after the Crown annexed the Angus lands, before history continues the saga of the clan. Gilchrist, who had established himself as the "Earl of Angus" raised an array in 1124 and attacked England. He captured the general of the English forces, along with other noblemen and prisoners and led them back to Scotland. While many leaders of clans merrily assumed the title of Earl, it appears that Gilchrist received it through proper channels. when King Malcolm Caenmor created the posts of Earls and Barons in 1061, one was for "Earl of Angus." The title also appears on legal documents back to 1150.
Gilobrist was the son of Gillebride and he, Gillebride, played a roll in the clan story that indirectly and strangely brought about the family surname.
Gillebride had married the sister of William "the Lion," and somehow he got the idea that she was unfaithful. In a fit of passion, he murdered the royal Countess at the Castle of Mains, near Dundee. Summoned to stand trial, and failing to appear, the Earl of Angus was outlawed, his castles demolished, and his lands confiscated.
Gillebride and his sons escaped into England, but soon England and Scotland agreed under laws that neither would harbour an enemy of the other. Thus, the father and sons had to return to Scotland and stay on the run from capture.
Finally, one day while hiding in the Glen of Ogilvy, they noticed a gang of outlaws preparing an ambush. Soon William "the Lion" appeared on a hunting venture. He had become separated from his party and just as the bandits were about to charge, the father and sons rescued the King and scattered the freebooters.
The King realized that his rescurers were of noble stock and demanded to know their identities. They replied and threw themselves at the feet of the King, asking for forgiveness. His Majesty was rnoved, and pardoned each there in the Glen. Later, the Earl of Angus title was bestowed upon the family once again and all of the forfeited possessions were returned. In addition, Gilbert, third son of Gillebride, was given the Glen of Ogilvy for his leading role In the rescue. This came at a time when surnames were just coming into vogue, and some Scotish clans were taking the name of their property as surnames.
Gilbert followed this practice and became "father" of all the Ogilvies. There, nestled in the bosom of the Sidlaw range of hills, was the home of the clan Ogilvy, which spread in the families of Airlie and Inverquharity over the greater part of Angus, Aberdeen, Banff and Perth.

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