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Dear Ancestor

Your tombstone stands among the rest; neglected and alone. The name and date are chisled out on polished, marbled stone. It reaches out to all who care, it is to late to mourn. You did not know that I exist, you died an I was born. Yet each of us your cells are in, in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor, the place you filled one hundred years ago, Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so. I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew, That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you
Author Unknown


Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations:
ask thy father, and he will shew thee;
thy elders, and they will tell thee. Deuteronomy 32:7


But As For Me And My House
We Will Serve The Lord
Joshua 24:15

Pvt. James Madison Hinkle Sr.

Born: January 4, 1831 in Buncombe, North Carolina

Died: July 20, 1909 in Whitley County, Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Parents: William Hinkle & Susannah Treadway

GG Grandparents: Rev. Anthony Jacob

and Maria Elizabeth (Dentzer) Henckel/Hinkle

Military: Civil War Co., E. 32ed Union Kentucky Vol. Infantry Regiment,

December 24, 1862 to August 12, 1863.

Married: June 26, 1850 in Knox County, Kentucky to Delia "Dilley" Davis

Born: May 24, 1833 Cherokee Indiana Reservation, North Carolina

Died: April 7, 1881 in Whitley County, Williamsburg, Kentucky

Parents: Jobe Broughton Davis & 1st wife (?)

John William Sr. & Rebecca D. (Moberly) Siders

Born: September 12, 1799 in Washington County, Maryland

Parents: George Fredrick & Prudence Siders

Died: May 21 , 1871 in Marshall County, Kansas

Married: March 7, 1824 in Highland County, Ohio to Rebecca D. Moberly

Parents: Rezin & Eleanor "Fenner" Moberly

Born:December 12, 1802 in Pennsylvania

Died: March 22, 1872 in Marshall County, Kansas.

Just in September 08, 2007, By Nedra Dickman Brill, Certified Genealogist, Editor,Henckel Genealogical Bullentine, 2410 Northeast 58th Avenue, Portland, OR., 97213-4002, Phone: 503.282.1393, email: ndbrill@comcast.net. I had added Petirus Henckel,On Thursday August 24, 2006 With help from other Henckel/Hinkle researchers Anthony Henckel/Hinkle's (1500-1591) father Georg Henckel/Hinkle, Grandfather Johann I Henckel/Hinkle & Great Grandfather Jacob Henckel/Hinkle & Great Great Grandfather Petrius Henckel/Hinkle, PETRIUS HENCKEL/HINKLE is the 8th Great Grandfather of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel/Hinkle

I had wrote Nedra on September 8, 2007 and ask her if she could comfirm, that Petrius Henckel was our TRUE Henckel/Hinkle? With the information I had Nedra research and found that Petrius Henckel was not related to Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel/Hinkle. Her respones:


For starters delete everything before your Generation 9 George Henckel, father of the Rev. Anthony Jacob. If you read the diaries of Dr. Barker from his trips to Germany (shown in your sources), they found mention of these Henckels of the earlier generations in the church records but did NOT find any proof that they were related. Henckel is a common name in Germany so it would be like assuming that all Smiths in your phone book are related.

The Church Book for their town burned, and Dr. Barker and the German researchers who were in the town concluded that it would be doubtful they could get beyond Georg, the school teacher. The best bet would be to read the church registers of the surrounding towns, but I do not know of anyone who has done this and have never seen any citations to indicate records located in other towns.

The quotes from the history of Allendorf an der Lumbda are really interesting. Here it tells about the fire:

Page-41 " In the year 1634 on the Sunday after Easter, raging fireagain consumed the Kirchberg, the Borngasse and the Tower on the citywall. Altogether this fire destroyed 34 buildings of which only apile of rubble remained. This hit the inhabitants especially hardsince just at this time the Pestilence { Plague } raged in the area and also took its toll. Ia addition war was being waged there".

I have never heard of Petrius Henckel. I am not sure where this statement came from: The family surname Hinkel or as is most commonly use,HINKLE,is said in the German language to mean ' chicken '.

But our family was always found in the German records as Henckel, and actually the I and E would be pronounced differently in German.

Yes, sources are great, and these show research in the 20th century (1920 census WW2 service info, Social Security records) but I do not see any that document these early generations. One World Tree is hear say at best and certainly not a quality citation.

Hope this answers your questions. Can I use the quotes from the German book sometime in the Bulletin? Thank you for sending them.


Yes she answered my guestion, so I hope anyone that has the Petrius Henckel in your Henckel/Hinkle tree. I hope you have documentation that confirms Petrius IS our Henckel/Hinkle OR NOT. Do not want to offend anyone, just checking and making sure we all stay on the right TRACK. Yes we all can get off track but causes us researchers problems, sometimes sources do not pan out if we do not not check for ourselves.Recheck sources to play it safe. Please feel free to email me, if you have any question or corrections.

This in from the desk of Nedra Dickman Brill, Certified Genealogist, Editor, 2410 Northeast 58th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97213-4002, 503-282-1393, ndbrill@comcast.net. Henckel Genealogical Bulletin

Editor's Corner

We have very exciting news from our Henckel DNA Project. Early participants, Omar and Kenneth R. Hinkle realized that this tool could answer questions to their Hinkle ancestry. Both descend from Joseph Hinkle who was killed ca. 1792-93 at Covalt Station, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and may have migrated from New Jersey. Their Y-DNA test results confirmed that Joseph does not descend from the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel, an error published in The Henckel Genealogy. Another descendant, Robert Robb, shared his extensive search for Joseph's origins.
Norman G. Hinkle decends from Philip Hinckel who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1749. Norman published a genealogy that documents several generations of this family. Norman and Omar's Y-DNA test profiles are identical for 36 of the 37 markers tested. showing that Philip Hinckel and Joseph Hinkle of Covalt Station definitely shared a common Hinckel ancestor. Although this ancestor has not been identified, he probably lived and died in the area now known as Germany. As presented below, Philip's children and male grandchildren named Hinkle are well-documented, as are the children of his fellow immigrant Hans Lenart " Leonard" Hinkel. Neither had a son or grandson named Joseph Hinkle. Participation in our DNA Project by descendants of Leonard will further contribute to our knowledge of this family. For more information you can contact Nedra Dickman Brill her email address is above this information.

Went to my family tree and deleted all of Joseph Hinkle of Covalt Station, Cincinnati, Ohio and the cemeteries I had listed with his family laid to rest and pictures of his family, also deleted off of this website. This article was in the Henckel Genealogical Bulletine, A Research Compendium,ISSSN 0739N 6341, Hinkle, Henkel, Henkle, Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2007, Whole Number 75, received on May 08, 2007.

Added on Wednesday July 30, 2008 a picture of Luther Thomas Watson "Child Labor" picture taken by Lewis Hine click on link to read more.

Luther Thomas Watson

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