Images of The Past


Pearl Martin and Other 1909 Graduates of Greenville High School

From “History of Wayne County Missouri” by Rose Cramer,  Ramfre Press 1972

From left, boys – Grady Taylor, Roy Thornburgh, Charles Randall

Girls – Minnie Farris, Pearl Martin, Clara Daffron, Buehler Rhodes, Stella Sparks,

Grace Ing, Samantha Clark.


From “History of Wayne County Missouri” by Rose Cramer


Amanda Josephine (Ray) Martin

 Courtesy of C. Upton



In back, Nettie (Martin) Wilkinsons and John Wilkinson, with unknown child.    

 Courtesy of C. Upton


Elmer Edward Martin – Courtesy of C. Upton



Three Martins, Arthur Earl, John Otha, Wayne Arthur,

Generation II, I, III