Brooks Family History
The BROOKS Family History


These pages are dedicated to the memory of Eleanor Shy, 1915-1997. My Aunt Eleanor researched and compiled this family history with the help and support of her husband and driver, Paul Shy. The main part of her research was completed in the late 1970's. Pictured at left is Eleanor, Paul, their children and grand-children about 1975.

The family history that Eleanor wrote is below.


Images from the Past

The BROOKS family came to the American Colonies in 1727. They came to the colonies from Ireland but were of English descent. Their native state was Georgia but eventually they came to Missouri.

      First Known Generation
      I.  Robert BROOKS - Born		Died
          A. Married
          B. Robert BROOKS came to the Colonies in 1727.  He was the father of
          Richard  BROOKS who was about 4 years old in 1727.

Second Generation Note*

  II.  Richard BROOKS - Born	1723		Died	Oct. 7, 1805
	      B.Richard was a farmer.  He was the father of 7 children.  He probably 
             married late in life since he was 48 years old when his oldest son Thomas was 
             born.  Richard BROOKS lived to be 82 years old.
     Third Generation  Note*
 III.  Thomas BROOKS - Born Jan. 29, 1771		Died Oct. 3, 1840
	        A. Married - Elizabeth Hardman - Jan. 29, 1801       More*
      	     B. Thomas and Elizabeth BROOKS were the parents of 11 children as follows.
		   1.Cebert or Robert BROOKS - Born	March 19, 1802	Died Aug.25, 1817,
                 aged 15 years 5 months and 6 days
		   2.Marcia or Marla BROOKS - Born	Nov. 27, 1803      Died
		   3.Lucia BROOKS - Born  Apr. 17, 1806	Died May 20, 1837.  Aged 31 years 
                 1 month 3 days
		   4.Allie or Alley BROOKS - Born May 19, 1808	Died
		   5.Bailly BROOKS - Born June 10, 1811	Died      More*    
		   6.Hannah BROOKS - Born 	Jan 16, 1814	Died
		   7.Elizabeth MARTIN BROOKS - Born	July 19, 1816	Died
		   8.Thomas Hardman BROOKS - Born Mar 2, 1819	Died  8/17/1896	
   		Aged 77 years 5 months 15 days
		   9.Francis BROOKS - Born Mar 2, 1819	Died
                10.John Calvin BROOKS - Born July 7, 1824   Died Feb  3,1867    Aged 43 years
                  6 months 27 days
	   	11.Benjamin Franklin BROOKS - Born Aug. 22, 1828 Died July 7,  1870   
                  Aged 41 years 11 months 16 days
      Fourth Generation      (Go to Menu)
   IV.  Thomas Hardman BROOKS - Born Mar 2, 1819	Died Aug 17, 1896
	   A.Married Deucilla McPeak on Tuesday August 11, 1840.  He was 21 years old. 
          Thomas and Deucilla were the parents of 10 children as follows.
	   B.Thomas was the son of Thomas BROOKS and Elizabeth Hardman. 
          He was a  farmer.  He also served as Postmaster of Reynolds Co. for 4 years.      
   		 1.James Thomas BROOKS - Born	Dec 5, 1841	
                      a.James BROOKS got up one night during the Civil War;  Took his gun and 
                      left home.  He was last heard of in Cape Girardeau, MO.  It is presumed 
                      that he was killed in the war.
		 2.Sarah Elizabeth BROOKS - Born Aug 25, 1843  Died Mar 11, 1897 
               Aged 54 years 6 months 14 days
			a.Sarah BROOKS married Jefferson Dickerson.  They were the parents of 
                      7 children as follows:
				(1)Louise Dickerson
				(2)Rose Dickerson
				(3)Thomas Dickerson
				(4)Nannie Dickerson*
				(5)Edna Dickerson*
				(6)Jimmie Dickerson
				(7)Nora Dickerson*               
           						(*our Mother remembers these)
		3.George Franklin BROOKS - Born Jul 22, 1845	Died June 3, 1929	
              Aged 84 years 10 months 12 days
			a.George married Mary Elizabeth Polk on April 14, 1869.  They were the 
                      parents of 11 children as follows:
				(1)William BROOKS - Born July 15, 1870	Died July 12, 1922	
					(a)William was born in Reynolds Co. MO.  He married Josie
                                     Hardin April 2, 1899.  They had 2 children.
						i)Orrin BROOKS- Born Mar 3, 1900 Died May 29, 1901	
                                          Aged 1 year 2 months 26 days
						ii)Clyde BROOKS	Born April 18, 1902
					(b)Josie Hardin BROOKS died on Jan. 21, 1904.
					(c)William BROOKS remarried in 1905.  He married Ollie Goings 
                                      in October 1905.  They had 2 children.
						i)Harold BROOKS	Born Feb. 16, 1907
						ii)Margaret BROOKS - Born July 17,1909	Died Feb. 25, 
                                           1912   Aged 2 years 7 months 8 days. Margaret had a twin 
                                           that died at birth.  Margaret burned to death.
					(d)William BROOKS was 52 years old when he was killed in a 
                                     steam  engine explosion on June 12, 1922.  He was an engineer 
                                     for the   Missouri Pacific Railroad and lived in E. St. Louis, IL.
                            (2)Oliver Nathanial BROOKS - Born Dec.4, 1873	Died Feb. 10, 1928	Aged 54 years 10
									 months 6 days	Never married.
				(3)Lucy Arminnie BROOKS- Born Aug. 30, 1875	Died Dec. 1877	
                             Aged 2 years 4 months
				(4)Mcdora (Dora) Jane BROOKS - Born Mar. 11, 1878	Died 1959		Aged 81 years
					(a)Dora BROOKS married William hedge on Nov. 25, 1900.  They 
                                     were the parents of five children.
						i)Pansy Hedge
						ii)Virginia Hedge
						iii)Cortez Hedge
						iv)Wilba Hedge *  								
						v)Margaretta Hedge
						*(Wilba has the Bible these records  came from) 
				(5)Samuel Walter BROOKS - Born Oct. 19, 1880	Died Oct. 14, 1934
                     	Aged 53 years 11 months 25 days.
					(a)Walter BROOKS married Hattie Rainwater.  They had 5 
                                     children as follows:
						i)Guy BROOKS - Navy Career
						ii)Mary BROOKS - 
						iii)Edward BROOKS -
						iv)Alma BROOKS - 
						v)  ?
					(b)Walter BROOKS was out with my father (Arthur MARTIN-  
                                     who  was squirrel hunting) when he died of heat prostration at 
                                    Greenville, MO. Aug. 6, 1932.  Walter died of infirmities suffered 
                                    from a gas attack in W W I.
                            (6)Benjamin Franklin BROOKS - Born Jan. 27, 1883 Died Nov. 27, 1899 
                     	Aged 16  years 10 months.  Benjamin was born at Annapolis, MO.  He 
                            died at Greenville, MO.
				(7)John Gordon BROOKS - Born Nov 3 1885      Died     
					(a)Born in Bunker, MO, married Pearl Sheets early in 1912, 
                                        had 1 son
						1 Paul Gordon BROOKS - Born  Dec  31  1912 
					(a)Paul was born in E. St. Louis, Ill,  Returned with his parents to 
                                    Ellsenore, MO.  He became an agent for the Missouri 
                                    Conservation commission.
				(8)Osa Ethel BROOKS - Born Feb. 12, 1888	
                                a)Osa was born at Bunker, Mo.
                                b)She married John W. Wilson on April 14, 1904.  They had a big 
                                beautiful farm near  Greenville, MO, close to the St. francis River. 
                               The original Greenville is now under Lake  Wappapello and the farm 
                                is part of the area.  Osa was allowed to live there until her death.  
				  Osa and John Wilson had 3 children.
						i)Paul Gordon Wilson - Born Feb. 16, 1906 Died June 17, 1907
                                            Aged 1 year  4 months and 1 day	
						ii)Edith Merle Wilson - Born July 3, 1908	Edith married 
                                           Herbert Young Jan. 14, 1929.  They had one child.
							a)Billy Young
						iii)DorothyLee Wilson - Born Dec. 10, 1910
                                 c)When John Wilson died Osa married Edward Williamson.  They 
                                  had 4 children.
						i)Wayne Williamson
						ii)Margaret Williamson
						iii)Edward Williamson
						iv)Patsy Williamson
				(9)Oscar Luther BROOKS - Born July 15, 1890	Died Oct. 14, 1910	Aged 20 years 3 months.  Oscar fell 
				out of a tree and broke his neck.
				(10)Bessie Mae BROOKS - Born Feb. 25, 1893	Died ? Bessie 
                             married and had 2 daughters.
				(11)Marion Polk BROOKS - Born Feb. 4, 1895	Marion 					probably died shortly after birth.
		4.John Leevia BROOKS - Born Oct. 19, 1847	Died  ?
			a.John married Margaret Gallagher.  They had 6 children.
				(1)Munson BROOKS
				(2)Anne BROOKS
				(3)Laura BROOKS
				(4)Thomas BROOKS
				(5)Rose BROOKS
				(6)Joe BROOKS
			b.John left his family and disappeared about 1887.  He was last heard of in 
                     Fredericktown, MO.
		5.Joshia Bailey BROOKS - Born July 18, 1850 Died  1924	Aged 74 years. 
			a. Joshia married Margaret Bailey.  They had 4 children.
				(1)Jessie BROOKS
				(2)Charles BROOKS
				(3)Lizzie BROOKS
				(4)Ollie Brooks
		6.William Cebert BROOKS - Born Oct. 18, 1851	Died Dec. 14, 1921
        	Aged 70 years 2 months 6 days.   Note*
   			a.William married Emily Hill .  Dec 13, 1874 They had 6 children.  
   			    (1)Thomas BROOKS
				(2)George BROOKS
				(3)Charles BROOKS
				(4)Eula BROOKS
				(5)Robert BROOKS
				(6)Lillie BROOKS
		7.Mary Jane BROOKS - Born Jan. 7, 1854.	Died Jan   1928 Aged 73 years 
               5 months.  She died in Colorado.
		8.Frederick McNeal BROOKS - Born Feb. 18, 1857. Died Mar. 29, 1859	
              Aged 2 years 1 month 11 days.
		9.Martha Isabelle BROOKS- Born Feb 16, 1859	Died Dec. 3, 1878	Aged 
              18 years 9 months 17 days. 	
			a. Martha married John Dillon March 17, 1878.  She probably died in 
		10.Amos Leander BROOKS - Born Jan. 24, 1863	Died April 20, 1940. 
               Aged 77 years 2 months 27 days.  Amos was born in Lesterville, MO.
	C.After the death of Deucilla, Thomas Hardman BROOKS married Obedience 
        Flippa on Jan. 7, 1875.  There were 3 children born of this marriage.
   Fifth Generation          (Go to Menu)
      V.  Amos Leander BROOKS	 - Born Jan. 24, 1863		Died April 20, 1940		Aged 77 years 2 months 27 days.
    A. Amos was born in Lesterville, MO.  He was 12 years old when his mother died.  
    When his father remarried Amos ran away from home and worked for farmers as a 
    laborer.  During these years he evidently married and fathered one son.  No one 
    seemed to know much about this period of his life.  Either this wife died or they were 
    divorced.  Even my mother knew nothing about this until her father died and she 
    received a letter from this son.  At any rate at 27 years of age Amos BROOKS married 
    Elizabeth  Rayfield, daughter of John Carter Rayfield and Nancy Mann.      More*
    B.Elizabeth Rayfield was born May 3, 1871.  She died Jan. 8, 1929.  Aged 57 years 8 
    months and 5 days.  She died of cancer of the colon.  Amos and Elizabeth were married
     on July 3, 1890.  They were the parents of 6 children.
		1.Mable BROOKS - Born Mar. 21, 1891	Died Oct 15, 1937 Aged 46 years 
                6 months 25 days
			a)Mable had one child
                                 (1)Ralph BROOKS McCaffery - Born       1911   Died  ?	
                                 Ralph married an Italian woman in 1934.  He had one child named 
                                 Michael born in 1938.
			b)Mable BROOKS was married and divorced 3 times.	
					(1)Clyde Sandifer
					(2)Neal McCaffery
					(3)William Ziesor
                 c)Neal McCaffery was a good man and adopted Ralph. William Ziesor and 
                 Mable were divorced in the early  '30's.  She disappeared for a 
                 while, and when next heard from was caring for Neil McCaffery who was dying 
                 of Tuberculosis.  Mable contracted pneumonia and died before Neil did.
         2.Clarence BROOKS - Born Oct. 8, 1892	Died July 6, 1922 Aged 29 years 
         7 months 28 days
			a.Clarence married Florence Kick on April 26, 1917.  They had one child.
				(1)Louise Elizabeth BROOKS - Born Mar.23, 1918	 
                              Louise Married Kenneth Dunford June 19, 1937.  They had 3 children.
					(a)Kenneth BROOKS Dunford
					(b)Patricia Louise Dunford
					(c)Elizabeth (Beth) Dunford
			b.Clarence contracted tuberculosis while working in a meat packing plant in 
                    Detroit, Michigan.  He went to Arizona to fight the disease but didn't get 
                    much better.  He was probably worried about his wife and child who were 
                    living with Florences' parents in Kirkwood, MO.  Clarence came home to his 
                    Father and Mother's home on Genevieve Ave. in St. Louis, MO.  In the
                    summer he stayed in a tent in the backyard. (Drs Orders)  On July 4, 1922 a 
                    skyrocket came down and set his tent afire.  He was not hurt but he died in 
                    the early morning of July 6, 1922.  He is buried in the Masonic Plots of 
                    Valhalla Gardens Cemetery in St. Louis County, MO.
                     c.His daughter Louise lost her husband Kenneth Dunford in June of 1976. 
                     He had decided to ride a bicycle to and from work to save gas and for 
                     exercise.  He was coming home one evening in January and was crowded 
                     into a curb.  His foot was caught on the curb and he was thrown over 
                     the handlebars and knocked unconscious.  He never regained consciousness. 
		3.Bessie Mae BROOKS - Born Aug. 7 1894	Died Feb. 28, 1975	
              Aged 80 years 6 months 21 days	Bessie was born in Reynolds Co. MO.
		4.Emmet BROOKS - Born         1896	 Died        1898   Aged 2 years
		5.Grace Estelle BROOKS - Born March 24, 1898	 Died  April 26, 1948	
               Aged 50 years 1 month 2 days
			a.Grace married James Henry Merker on Feb. 28, 1917.  They were the 
                      parents of 2 children.
				(1)Janet Estelle Merker - Born Sept.28 , 1919
					(a)Janet married Henry Eugene Stephenson Jan 21, 1939.  They 
                                     were divorced during World War II. 
					 Later Janet married Frank Reveira.  They have 5 children and
                                     make their home in Calif.
				(2)James Henry Merker Jr. - Born Jan. 9, 1923	
					(a)James married Mary Holt.  This marriage did not work out and 
                                    they were divorced after World War II.  Jimmie was in the Navy. 
                                    Had rating of Lieutenant Jr. grade.  He had service somewhere in 
                                    Hawaii and was a Naval Postal Censor. 
                                    He has never remarried; and after holding down good jobs all over
					the West has now returned to Ca where he lives close to Janet.
                    b.Henry Merker was a water inspector for the railroad and he and Grace 
                     lived in Topeka, Kansas,  Denver, Colorado and lastly, in Portland, Oregon.			
                    c.Grace died of cancer and was cremated and buried in Portland, Oregon. 
                    Henry Merker  died of a heart attack on May 1, 1948, less than a week after 
                   the death of his wife.  He too, was  cremated and is buried in Portland, Oregon.
		6.Merle BROOKS - Born Feb. 6, 1909  Died Jan. 6, 1985
			a.Merle grew up in the Walnut Park area of northwest St. Louis.  She 
                    graduated from the Walbridge School in June 1923.  She spent the next 6 
                    months living with her sister Grace and Henry in Topeka, Kansas.  After she 
                    returned home, she went to work with some of her friends in a syrup factory.				
                    b.Merle married Hester (Heck) Shelby (son of neighborhood friends) on 
                   Nov. 23, 1926.  Hester was about 9 years older than Merle.  He had a twin 
                   sister named Esther.  She married a man named Arthur Repple.  Hester
                   also had a much younger brother named  Samuel Merler Hester.  Merle and 
                   Hester had one child.
				(1)Daughter Shelby - Born Oct. 29, 1927
					(a)married  Smith on June 26, 1948.  They have two children.
						i)Son Smith  Jr. - Born Mar. 29, 1951
							a)married F    Feb. 1973.  This marriage ended in divorce 
                                                   and he remarried L K, later divorced
								b)Son Smith - Born
						ii)Daughter Smith - Born April 15, 1959 Married C D E.  They 
                                           have 3 children.
								a)Son  Estes
								b)Daughter Estes
								c)Son Estes
		    c.Hester had been a traveling salesman selling piece goods.  At the time he 
                  and Merle were married he was working for Ford Motor Parts and was a s
                   salesman.  Hester was the last man laid off by this company and this was a 
                   contributing factor to the mental breakdown he suffered.  He and Merle were 
                   divorced in 1933.  He died  about 1948.
			d.Merle married William H. MITCHELL Nov. 4, 1933.  They have one child. 
                     William died Jan. 26, 1990.
				(1)Son MITCHELL	Born - Dec 31. 1934
					(a) married N F on Feb.  1955.  They had 2 children.
						i)Daughter MITCHELL - Born Dec.31, 1957 married in 1977,
                                           to    K  J B.  They have 3 children.
							a)Son Bell
							b)Daughter  Bell
							c)Son Bell
						ii)Daughter MITCHELL-Born Feb.1,1961 married S D Ball in 1976.  They have 2 children and 
						are divorced.
							a)Son Ball Jr.
							b)Son MITCHELL Ball 
					(b)were divorced and T stayed single for a number of years.  He 
                                    married P T. A on April 14, 1973.
			e.William H. MITCHELL was born on Nov. 21, 1912. Died Jan. 26, 1990.
              	Bill retired from Carlstrom Food Company in 1974.  He had been a s
                     salesman for this company for more than 40 years.  He and Merle lived 
                     in Ferguson, MO.
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	C.Amos Leander BROOKS was a farmer and lived in various paces in South Central 
       Mo.  His eyes were very bad (due to whole family having bad siege with Pinkeye) 
       and in 1908 he moved his family from Greenville, MO. to St. Louis to try to get help 
       for his eyes.  There were no glasses for his eye condition and he went 96% blind 
       before his death.  He worked in the building trades in St. Louis.  He helped to build 
       the Chevrolet and Fisher Body plant on Union and Natural Bridge Rd.  He also
       worked on t he Union Ave. viaduct over the railroads in North St. Louis.  He did 
      mostly concrete finishing work.  Elizabeth Rayfield BROOKS died of cancer on 
      Jan. 8, 1929 at the Missouri Baptist Hospital on Taylor Ave.  She was buried at 
      Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Amos died of a series of strokes on April 24, 1940, in 
      Christian hospital of St. Louis, Mo.  After the death of her husband, Arthur MARTIN
      in 1932, Bessie bought a 6 grave lot in Memorial Park cemetery at Lillian and Lucas 
      and Hunt Rds.  She buried her father there and had her Mother moved and buried at 
      his side.  At the time of his death Amos was survived by three daughters, Bessie 
      MARTIN Carr of St. Louis, MO, Grace Merker of Portland, Oregon, Merle MITCHELL 
      of St. Louis, MO, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.	
      Sixth Generation
   VI.  Bessie Mae BROOKS - Born Aug. 7, 1894	Died Feb. 28, 1975	Aged 80 
   years 6 months 21 days.
     A.Bessie was born in Reynolds Co. Mo.  She was raised on various farms in same 
     general area.  She came to St. Louis with her family in 1908 when she was about 14 
     years old.  She did not return to school but went to work for a label factory. She 
     married Arthur Earl MARTIN on Nov. 12, 1913.  Arthur was the son of John Otha 
     MARTIN and Mary Bennett. After Arthurs' death in 1932, Bessie went to beauty 
     school. She attended the Marinello School of Beauty from September of 1932 to 
     May of 1933.  She  had her own shop for several years.  In 1937, Bessie married LeRoy 
     Carr on Sept. 1.  She bought a rooming house in 1939, and kept it until 1947. Bessie 
     broke her hip in Dec. of 1970, and moved to a small house on her daughter Eleanors' 
     property at 1414 Smizer Mill Rd. in Feb. of 1972.   Bessie and Arthur were the parents 
     of 3 children.   *More
        1.) Eleanor Marie MARTIN - Born Oct. 3, 1915	Died Aug. 20, 1997  Aged 81 years 
        10 months and 17 days	
        2.)Wayne Chouteau Arthur MARTIN - Born Aug. 18, 1918	Died Nov. 8, 1978  at 
         Normandy Ostheopathic  Hospital in Normandy, MO, of lung cancer Aged 60 years, 
         3 months
        3.)Daughter  MARTIN - Born April 14, 1923
 Seventh Generation	    (Go to Menu)
VII. Eleanor Marie MARTIN 	Born Oct. 3, 1915	Died Aug. 20, 1997  
			A.) Eleanor grew up in what was known as the Walnut Park area of 
                     St. Louis, Mo. She attended Walbridge Grade School and Beaumont High 
                     School.  When her father died in summer of 1932, she went back to school 
                    for a time, but finally decided to get a job.  That was during the worst 
                    depression the U.S. has had and jobs were hard to find.  She worked mainly 
                    as a nurse-girl.  She was baptized in Oct. 1932 in Calvary Baptist church 
                    where she kept her church membership until about 1949.  
			B.) Eleanor married Paul Francis SHY, son of William S. SHY and Bertie F. 
                     Shanks, on Aug. 7, 1936.  They were married by Rev. A. J. Johnson, pastor 
                     of Calvary Baptist.  Paul was a bus boy at Miss Hullings Restaurant, but he 
                     became a skilled baker before too long.  Paul was in the army during World
                     War II.  He served 11 months at Jefferson Barracks, MO; 11 months at Fort
                     Warren, Wy.; and 11 months overseas on the island of Luzon in the 
                     Phillipines.  He was discharged on Mar. 28, 1946.  Eleanor and Paul had 
                    2 children.  Paul died Aug. 4, 1985.
	           	(1)Daughter SHY Born Jan. 26, 1947
		(2)Son SHY - Born May 12, 1948
VII.Wayne Chouteau Arthur MARTIN - Born Aug. 18, 1918		Died Nov 8, 1978	
A.)Married Fern Thelma Eckhardt, daughter of Charles Herman Eckhardt and 
 Edna Louise Feldman on Nov. 7, 1942.
B.)Wayne grew up in Walnut Park area of St. Louis, attended Walbridge elementary 
school and Beaumont High School. Wayne (often called "Bud"), went to Louisiana in 1934. 
He came back for a visit in 1936, staying with his Grandfather MARTIN, about the time 
of his sister Eleanor's marriage.  When he was 18 he came home to stay.  His Mother had 
remarried and he didn't get along with LeRoy and moved to several different places. 
He moved into his Mother's rooming house after she bought it and stayed there until 
after his marriage. Spent army career at Ft. Knox, KY.  Was discharged Sept.,1947.  
Returned to St. Louis and opened TV repair shop.  In 1964 went to work for U.S.P.S, as 
had his father.  Wayne and Fern had 3 children.	
		(3)Laurel Ann MARTIN - Born Aug. 10, 1953
			(a) Married 1973. Divorced.
			(b) Married  R. Greer 1975. One 	child, Divorced   1982.  
			(c)Laurel Married Jeffrey L. Treat on Nov. 30, 1988.  
		(4)Gail Lynn MARTIN - Born May 27,1956	
		(5)Alan Wayne MARTIN - Born Sept 11, 1957
                   (a)Married V L M on April 15, 1978  Alan and V had 2 children, divorced  
VII. Daughter MARTIN - Born April 14, 1923
	A.).Daughter M was raised in the Walnut Park area of St. Louis.  The family lived at 
       5042 Beacon.  She attended Grade and Junior High school at Walbridge.
		(6)Son SCHNARR - Born Oct. 2, 1947
								Oct. 2, 1981
	B.)M was married to D for about 11 years.  They were divorced in 1958.  She married
       E. H. Hografe on April 10, 1959.  Edward died July 19, 1989.
	C.) M worked for Bettendorf SuperMarkets and K-Mart for about 15 1/2 years.  
      The stores were sold in 1956.  She retired from K-Mart about 1976. She worked for the 
      Rockwood School  District from 1980 to 1984.  She retired when E retired from his 
      profession of carpentry.
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