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From Fern Eckhardt Martins's baby book - 1920

Fern Eckhardt


V-E day services at Soldier's Memorial in St. Louis, MO

V-E day at Soldier's Memorial in St. Louis. Fern Eckhardt Martin and some of her fellow employees are at the rear of the crowd. Upon hearing the news, office workers in St. Louis walked out of their offices in the afternoon and headed for Soldier's Memorial.



Wedding of Vera Wilma Eckhardt

and Salvatore Paul DiBartolo, June 11, 1955

Vera Eckhardt DiBartolo

Fern Eckhardt and friends. circa 1940

Obit of Edna (Feldmann) Eckhardt

Fern (Eckhardt) Martin (circa) 1950

Vera Eckhardt on Graduation Day with Mother, and sister Gloria.

Joe Hertz

Bobby Eckhardt

Vera Eckhardt

Fern's graduation day, Fern, Edna, Vera and Bobby Eckhardt

Infant Gloria with Godparents Fern Eckhardt and Joe Hertz

Gloria and Bobby Eckhardt

Vera Eckhardt

Club Wind-Up

Kingshighway at Delmar - St. Louis, ROsedale 9841, Photographs by Olga and Frank Welch

Sonny and June Borman, Russell Nothaker, Marion Martin, Wayne and Fern Martin, Joe and Donna Hertz



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